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Ukraine's War Criminal: Scapegoat Volodymyr Zelensky

As it was already predicted from the latest Contact Reports discussing the anonymous Ukrainian politicians who visited, wrote to and called Billy Meier, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky is officially declared as a war criminal, looter, traitor, murderer and fascist to the Ukrainian people. Ukraine is an early signatory of the Artemis Accords, and the corrupt politicians must remain "innocent" for the future war scenarios, that are yet to be invented by NATO. The sacrificed people are Ukraine's naïve soldiers, civilians and foreign war mercenaries, who have been brain-washed to nationalism by Luciferian clones as George Soros promoting "democracy" and Western values. The war profiteers and weapons corporations plotted the seeds for war and significantly increased their wealth during this war movie. Ignorant soldiers, civilians and taxpayers are losing their lives and wealth, until they will "own nothing and be happy" with the nihilist war from the Bible and Henoch prophecies. After World War III, Earth has ice age, from the same Henoch prophecies.

Ukrainian Prisoners of Wars direct accusation of traitor and war criminal Volodymyr Zelensky

"Vladimir Zelensky, we appeal to you. We are soldiers and officers of the Ukrainian army that you used to let them die as cannon fodder. With lies you forced us to follow your criminal orders and to fight against our own people (Donbas). You paved our homeland with corpses, burned down houses, bombed schools, hospitals and churches. You have taken away the peaceful lives of Ukrainians. You abandoned us like animals. Without food, clothing or communication."
Zelensky is briefly played in and asks, “Who am I?”
They reply: "You are a killer and butcher. A looter and a traitor. A murderer and fascist. There is no forgiveness for you. You destroyed our country and you will have to answer for it. Russia is not our enemy. You are our enemy."

Billy: Hello, Bermunda. – I least expected to see you today. But welcome and greetings.

Bermunda: Greetings also, but I cannot stay long. My coming here is mainly because I want to inform you of various things that are probably important for you to know about.

Billy: If you think it is important?

Bermunda: Yes, I think it is.

Billy: Well, go ahead and shoot. What’s so urgent to report?

Bermunda: First I want to address what you asked Ptaah to find out a long time ago, what the truth actually is regarding the poison attack on the Russian Nawalny. We were able to find out only two days ago. Consequently, it is to be said that the presentation of the poison came from within the man’s ranks, and that …

Billy: Aha, otherwise I think he would have simply been shot if …

Bermunda: That is to be assumed, because that would have been more efficient and moreover … But that is not so important that we have to talk more about it, because there are important things to mention, namely the man Zelensky and the Americans – with their … working in the background, which for certain reasons you should not name openly this time – are effectively playing with fire. Ptaah will tell you more about this when he comes to see you next Wednesday.

We have tried to find out the exact reasons and backgrounds of the whole very unpleasant events in Ukraine, whereby we have also analysed the protagonists in detail and explored their true nature, which, unfortunately, has very discarded aspects in all of them. It took 3 months, but it is undoubtedly the case, according to our very precise findings, that none of the persons we analysed ever made an effort to create true humanity within themselves. All of them are obsessed with power and devoted to evil and crime as well as to all injustice and thus also to killing as soon as something contrary to their desire arises and what they fundamentally want is not done. This is the case with the protagonists on the Russian side as well as on the Ukrainian side, so the only difference is in the way of acting and the personal upsurge of feelings and emotions etc. as well as the general behaviour.

In the whole of what is happening in Ukraine in terms of war, all the irresponsible states who are supplying weapons to this warmonger and war criminal Zelensky are cooperating in a totally non-thinking way; – – – he is really the real war criminal in this war. And it is to him that the irresponsible leaders of many states are supplying weapons and are complicit in the war in Ukraine, which would never have started if this criminal had not wanted to betray Ukraine to the NATO organisation and the European Union. Together, with the Americans and their … underhandedly responding to Zelensky’s request, it resulted in the eventual war. The whole negotiation was deliberately dragged out by America because it was expected that Russia or Putin would lose patience and start the war that America and … secretly wanted. This was because it fulfilled their ulterior motives, namely that this would make it easier for them to achieve world domination over time and through war, and to be able to quickly implement their plans in this regard. This, if they can severely damage, humiliate and force down Russia through war, which inevitably had to come because Putin did not want to wait and wait and wait, on which even certain persons in America made bets among themselves.

Through the irresponsible arms deliveries to Zelensky, the war can now be continued and protracted and prolonged all the more, which is certainly in the interest of the Americans and their war economy, but also in the interest of the war criminal Zelensky, who is unthinkingly and consciencelessly sacrificing the Ukrainian military in order to satisfy his greed for power and lust and his urge to kill.

Everything is done, on the one hand, according to their will and that of the equally conscienceless Ukrainian leader, this conscienceless malefactor who takes pleasure in war and killing and feels more than comfortable as the leader of what mischief he causes and the death of many human beings. On the other hand, in his stupidity he is nothing more than a figure placed in front of the whole thing by the Americans directing him, who strive to bring Russia under their control and thereby the world all the more easily under their domination.

War is always very evil and, moreover, a crime against the respective human beings as a whole, so that not only those human beings come to harm or are killed, but also the living beings that occur in those areas in manifold ways are criminally affected, killed or even finally exterminated, because they inevitably become involved in the consequences of the acts of war.

Billy: I realise this myself, but the stupid and dumb of all the arms supplying governments do not realise this either, nor do those from their populations who equally only see the Russians and Putin as the bad guys and do not realise what is really going on and that the USA with NATO, together with Zelensky, are behind it all.

War is always a crime, no matter who starts and leads it, so in the case of the war in Ukraine it is also irrelevant whether Putin has lost patience and the powerful in the USA and those who secretly influence them in the shadow government are playing their dirty game. War is war, and war involves the killing and murder of human beings, as well as the destruction of many hard-won human achievements, the destruction of much of nature, as well as the killing and eventual extermination of natural life of all species and kinds. Either way, war is always a crime, and it does not matter who starts and wages it. So it is also on the side of the defenders in a war, because they do exactly the same as the attackers do, namely kill, murder, rape and destroy. And the fact that the enemy and the defenders commit war crimes and massacre their own people in order to then blame the enemy is part of the daily routine and is always the same dirty game, just as false reports are constantly spread in order to make the other party look bad and to praise themselves. But the fact that humanity is making life on Earth more and more impossible and ultimately completely impossible through its criminal activities and constantly growing overpopulation, as well as with the wars, hatred, revenge and retaliation and the ever more modern technology, is something that the majority of humanity does not think about, because there are truly only a few individuals who seriously think about it responsibly. The earthlings have already become so addicted to ‘modern’ technology at a young age that they can no longer get along and exist without it, precisely exist into the future, because it can already no longer be said that they consciously live into the future, because this has not been done for a long time. The young human beings of today merely exist. In their delusion of being young and dynamic, they do not notice that their so-called dynamism will sooner or later lead to them pulling the rug out from under their own feet and falling into the abyss. This is precisely because their dynamism is nothing but an illusion that cannot be realised. It is already so far that many youths, adolescents and young ‘adult’ human beings have ideas in their heads and think that they no longer have to work as they did in the old days, but have to be lords and masters with their own companies and inventions, etc., and be bosses themselves.

Many are already trying to do this today – in Switzerland at present about 50,000 per year – only to fail miserably and plunge into debt, the end of which is crime, dissipation or psyche misery – or suicide. Many of the young orientate themselves on the ‘greats’ who often make a lot of noise about themselves in the newspapers or on television, celebrities, actors, sportsmen and women, footballers, music makers, singers, presenters and many others. Many of these ‘celebrities’ pair up and marry, only to break up again shortly afterwards, with all the hassle of a court battle, with sums of money amounting to tens and possibly hundreds of millions in ‘damages’ or ‘repentance money’ and ‘severance pay’ being brought into the dirty game. Others simply fall into prostitution for the sake of mammon, young women as well as men, because it is easier for them to make money this way than to earn what is needed to live through honest work. Many young people are of the stupid belief that they have to do as the celebrities do, so they try and fail miserably to become psychological ruins and a burden to their fellow human beings, to end up in the loony bin – or 180 centimetres under the Earth, because they die miserably as unfit to live or kill themselves.

However, talking about this and also about the war etc. is really useless, because the dumbness, dimwittedness, partisanship and lack of understanding cannot simply be shaken out of the skulls of those in power and the people crying with them, who are incapable of thinking and reasoning. In my opinion, we should not talk about this anymore, because all that is said is of no use, because the stupid and the foolish, and that is to say those who cannot think for themselves, do not allow themselves to be taught and continue to be biased and so stupid that they only realise this when it is already …

Bermunda: … is too late to contain the fire that is threatening to break out, as I said. It …, but you are not to mention that, either privately or publicly, because … You know …, and that is probably … I am still to mention that explicitly, as Ptaah instructed me, because …. And on that …

Billy: Yes, I know that, which also prompts me to say that we should not talk about it any further. At the end of the day, it’s still said that I’m biased towards Russia and Putin because I’m just saying what the US is really doing with its secret … and Zelensky and continuing to plot. It will probably be best if we don’t talk openly about everything in future, then hopefully I won’t be telephoned or written to any more. In general, it is strange that I am being approached, because I have nothing to do with all the fuss that is going on in Ukraine. In any case, it is unpleasant for me to have been approached, because I neither want to get involved in the banter, nor do I engage in any political activities. This is also not the case when I say for this and that what corresponds to reality and its truth and must be said. But I think that we should really stop talking about what America really wants, what is behind everything, what is really going on with Zelensky and what …, and certainly not that. The …, and they the USA …, are ultimately running into their own knife, and I have nothing to do with that, and I don’t want to have anything to do with it later. That alone and various other things, like …, make me not want to talk openly about it any more. What is to come is not my beer, but that of those who are stupid enough to go along with Zelensky’s desire, which is controlled by the US anyway.

Bermunda: I understand that and I am endeavouring to see that it is arranged that none of us raises this issue again in such a way that it should be listed in the reports of the talks.

Billy: That at least.

Bermunda: That shall be so, that is what I will endeavour to do.

Billy: Thank you. – The whole thing is really repugnant to me and I don’t need the fuss. Let those who are stupid enough not to be able to see the truth and make things worse and worse deal with it. Sanity and reason are unfortunately quite obviously not the strong points of those in power who are stupid, let alone that part of the population that hangs on the lips of the stupid.

Bermunda: Then I will explain further what Ptaah has instructed me to tell you: you should not and under any circumstances be misled regarding the really irresponsible and thoughtless statesmanlike instructions of not wearing respirators, as well as not being too close in contact with persons foreign to you. The Corona epidemic is by no means yet so under control with vaccines that would be really highly effective in the resurgence, with the epidemic becoming more prevalent in those areas that have so far been less affected.

Billy: We will take Ptaah’s advice into account, even if it is not easy for us sometimes, especially when visitors show up who do not wear masks, although we point out in the display case at the biotope that masks are necessary.

Bermunda: People just don’t think for themselves, as you keep saying, consequently they also don’t take personal responsibility.

Billy: That is unfortunately the case, and it probably can’t be changed. But something is happening: Wild animals are hunted down and killed without thought, and only rarely does anyone care. But if, for example, a domestic animal, and I’m talking specifically about dogs and cats, is run over by cars, taken by foxes or birds of prey, or if they disappear in some other way, such as simply running away, going feral or somehow perishing in the wild through some circumstances, then a huge fuss is made about it.

Bermunda: Unfortunately, the human beings don’t see that the wild animals are shot during the hunt, consequently they don’t care about it, just as they don’t care when they eat the meat of wild animals, because for them it is only food whose origin they don’t know and which they also don’t investigate. The same goes for meat of any kind, which human beings do not bother to find out where it comes from, how the animals have been kept and killed.

Billy: Yes, often – despite animal welfare laws – they are treated miserably, tortured and abused before being beaten to death or otherwise brutally killed. Often they die of thirst, are trampled to death by their own kind because they are crammed together in such a way that they can hardly move.

Bermunda: Yes, we have seen that many times, also during transports where no consideration is given to them at all.

Billy: Yes, and the animal transporters are so hardened that it doesn’t affect them at all that animals die miserably in the process. But the human beings among themselves are already so depraved that they get a kick out of seeing someone die, for example, in an accident on the road. It often happens that many rubberneckers immediately gather when a car crash or some other accident etc. happens, but these rubberneckers usually do not provide emergency aid, but watch callously as others die miserably. And if I continue to let my thoughts run, then I come back to the fact that a great deal is done meanly, e.g. that evil is deliberately done, such as deliberately doing everything to make someone strike in order to then appear to be the saviour, as is often done in war and acts of terrorism, in order to appear better than the enemy, who can then be blamed for everything bad. Just as is happening now in Ukraine, where crimes are being committed against one’s own people and blamed on the enemy.

Bermunda: But now, unfortunately, I must go, because I have already exceeded my time. Farewell, but I will be back very soon. Goodbye.

Billy: All right, then. Take care, and see you soon.

Billy: Hello, Ptaah. – Welcome as usual, and greetings too, of course. Bermunda told me on Monday that you were coming here today, but I didn’t know you were coming so early.

Ptaah: Eduard, greetings too, and thank you for coming. But since you have changed your working hours and no longer work until the early hours of the morning, I will also work according to those hours, just like the others do. I also have to tell you that I can only come here for a short time today and cannot stay too long. Bermunda and I are very busy at the moment, which also applies to Florena and Enjana, which is why we all cannot come here as often as we have been able to do so far. But if something urgent comes up, then you can always call Bermunda, because she is always ready if you have something that you need to speak to one of us about.

Billy: I want to remember that and also follow your lead. What you have to do does not interest me, but that I can reach you if it becomes necessary for me. But if I want to come to that first, that I have changed my working hours a little: I was not in good health, so I changed my working hours. It was simply that I needed more sleep than just 2, 3 or 4 hours, so it is just that now I see that I can sleep about 6 to 8 hours. It’s not every day, because I have to get used to sleeping more, but with time it will work out. Then I can look ahead again and think about whether I should go back to the old pattern for 2 or 3 days. But this, what Achim beamed to me, corresponds exactly to what Bermunda said on Monday and what we all know, but which is ignored by those in power who supply weapons to Zelensky and make themselves complicit in the war in Ukraine and this is being dragged into the lie, as Bermunda already said. Also the pathologically stupid and dimwitted from the populations can take a nose full of it. This also applies to those who go to Ukraine from foreign countries, as adventurers or out of other craziness, in order to shine as ‘fighters’. But if they run afoul of the Russians, they will be shot on the spot. But it is not worth hoping that the rulers and their equally roaring part of the population will become wiser, because those partisan and government-affiliated earthlings who are not capable of thinking for themselves cannot separate the wheat from the chaff.

Video message from Ukrainian Prisoners of War shows that the Commander-in-chief has lost face in the eyes of many Soldiers (, 7th June 2022)

A video posted on the website shows Ukrainian POWs describing Zelensky as a war criminal.

Translation of the video:

Vladimir Zelensky, we appeal to you. We are soldiers and officers of the Ukrainian army that you used to let them die as cannon fodder. With lies you forced us to follow your criminal orders and to fight against our own people (Donbas). You paved our homeland with corpses, burned down houses, bombed schools, hospitals and churches. You have taken away the peaceful lives of Ukrainians. You abandoned us like animals. Without food, clothing or communication.

Zelensky is briefly played in and asks, “Who am I?”

They reply:You are a killer and butcher. A looter and a traitor. A murderer and fascist. There is no forgiveness for you. You destroyed our country and you will have to answer for it. Russia is not our enemy. You are our enemy.

Ptaah: That really clearly states what really is.

Billy: Right, but I don’t want to deal with it any more in the way that we openly talk about this war any more, I already told Bermunda on Monday. What I am doing is that I am still publishing letters and newspaper articles, but I don’t want to make any comments on them that relate to reality and its truth, etc. In the future I will refrain from writing about it. Henceforth I shall refrain from any further public discussion in this regard, for I have become weary of dealing with this spawn of unreason and hatred and revenge and retribution.

Ptaah: That is also correct, because it is not your place to comment on these unpleasant happenings in Ukraine.

Billy: I said that clearly to Bermunda last Monday. I don’t want to have anything more to do with the whole thing, because it was already unpleasant for me to be contacted by government people from Kiev with letters and by telephone, once even when someone was in my office, so I simply disconnected the telephone. It is very annoying for me to have to deal with all this because I don’t want to get involved in politics in such a way that I have to take a position on it. I am happy to say in a completely neutral way what the reality and its truth is, but I do not want to and cannot express my own opinion. This also applies to Switzerland with regard to neutrality, which is being trampled underfoot by our government, because apparently only a few in the government are educated enough to understand what neutrality actually is and means and that it allows absolutely no dodges, whereby something is done that is no longer in conformity with neutrality. But this is what is being done in Switzerland by some of those in power, whereby neutrality is being completely disregarded and so seriously violated that it is practically worthless. It is incomprehensible to me that in Switzerland, of all places, people can get into government who are not educated enough to know what neutrality really is, consequently they simply make a pig of it.

Ptaah: That you are surprised about this, we are too, because it is also incomprehensible to us that such persons are admitted to the business of running the state who are so uneducated that they do not even understand what rules, oaths and agreements etc. laid down in treaties say and mean, such as neutrality, which was guaranteed by Switzerland in a treaty on the 20th of November 1815 as the perpetual neutrality of Switzerland and recognised under international law by the major European powers. However, today’s rulers of Switzerland break this written treaty without hesitation and twist neutrality to the wind, just in such a way as seems personally beneficial to them, regardless of the fact that they thereby betray not only the neutrality treaty, but first and foremost Switzerland, respectively the country and its constitution, as well as the entire citizenry of Switzerland, and portray them as a nation of liars.

Billy: What you say is probably true.

Ptaah: That is not my personal view and judgement alone, but of all of us who have endeavoured to fathom what was originally included under the term neutrality in all of this, stating that no exceptions or changes were to be made and saying that under any circumstances, never deviate from it in any way.

Billy: That’s how I also learned and understood it at school. I still remember very clearly that teacher Leemann said that Swiss neutrality did not allow any changes and was therefore the guarantee that Switzerland would never interfere in the foreign affairs of foreign states and would thus alone remain unchallenged. But if only one iota of this was disregarded and changed, then neutrality would thereby be broken and Switzerland would no longer be neutral and therefore vulnerable to attack.

Ptaah: We also understand that in this way. – Now, however, I would like to explain that you should not allow yourselves to be misled with regard to the state decrees which are irresponsibly given in the respect that the wearing of respiratory masks and also the keeping of distance between you and foreign human beings is no longer necessary. On the contrary, everything in this regard is still necessary, for the Corona epidemic has neither ended nor become less dangerous. In the coming time it is on the increase again, just as the compulsory vaccination with insufficiently effective vaccine will again cause the danger of health damage and possibly deaths. This is what I wanted to explain to you, so that you can act accordingly. But this is also the end of my time, since I was able to be here, which is why I say goodbye to you and bid you farewell. If you need us for any reason, call Bermunda. Goodbye, Eduard.

Billy: I do. So goodbye then. We will stick to what you said, thank you Ptaah.


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