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Artificial Intelligence and the Clones

Human cloning has existed almost as long as the Universe. The first human clones were created after the Luciferian rebellion and the creation of Anunnaki. The original founders of Anunnaki were Lucifer (God Hitler) and the Beast. Anunnaki's nature was traitorous, eventually leading to betrayal and substitution, even of the original founders.

Artificial intelligence was also a very ancient technology. The ancestors of Plejaren used multi-duplicators which replicated all matter in cold processes, from the atomic patterns. The AI technology on Earth is focused on the incumbent military industries and labor, especially after the advent of the Internet, social media and entertainment.

The two ancient technologies of clones and AI are mutually exclusive and pose ethical dilemmas. The labor of the majority of clones is entertainment from Hollywood's movies and the red carpet. The clones are employed as actors in movies or politicians in the US. Collectively, they work with the military-industrial complex and corporations.

Hollywood's clones are keepers of soul contracts from God's illusion with bankers and corporations, with the promotion of a lavish lifestyle and extravagant consumerism, resembling "Royal" standards. The lifestyle of the clones is one of the reasons for environmental pollution, hyperinflation and income inequality.

AI technology can replace every function and service provided by people in the labor market. Numerous AI applications are already replacing various aspects of entertainment, such as music, film, literature or photography. If AI can replace all labor forms of people, it should also replace the labor of the clones on the red carpet. The clones seem irreplaceable, because the corporations that profit from them, also control the development of AI technologies. However, the clones do not possess a soul and magnetic field for manifestation of time with emotion, thoughts and belief. The Bible ended and the empty clones will not create new time. Therefore, a true ethical dilemma arises, regarding the courage for a future of humanity without the illegal clones.

Original soul with AI technology

Illegal clones Meghan Markle, Tulsi Gabbard and Tamara Kalinic


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