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New Book: "God's NATO: Galactic Military Industrial Complex"

Nokodemion was an ancient patriarchal prophet from planet Sadr, Waron, Lyren who lived 9.6 billion years ago. Reincarnation science assumes that every new spirit has a different personality, and the real Nokodemion stopped being "Nokodemion" from Waron. He was reincarnating as wizard Merlin, prophet Henoch-Moses-Abraham, philosopher Democritus, Desiderius Erasmus and poet Dante Alighieri. All along, his 144,000 volunteers who misunderstood his Creation laws and recommendations, preserved the story of "Nokodemion" for domination and control. From Orion, "Nokodemion" had walk-ins as Adolf Hitler or Prince Charles, and clones as George Soros and David Rockefeller.

Plejaren Federation and prophet Eduard Billy Meier write very long Contact Reports about Nokodemion and his connection to the 144,000, Codex, multinational peacekeeping troops and patriarchal world order. The Contact Reports containing explanations for Nokodemion's mission of NATO, religion, politics and world order are disclosed in a new book "God's NATO".

Nokodemion was Peter Vincent Pry, who had clones from Orion, George Soros and David Rockefeller for the Catholic Democrat Western world.

Nokodemion's walk-in was Adolf Hitler and new Prince Charles, organized by Rothschild bankers and politicians as Barack Obama; Dr. John Campbell is a miscellaneous clone for promotion of vaccines



You’re joking. But now tell me, is it also known to you or your scientists when the first human life formed in the region of our Milky Way?


666. I can serve you with some information about that.

667. According to our research and according to the information from the Arahat Athersata level, the first humans, in their original form, came into being on the oldest planetary systems nearly 28,000,000 years ago, after which, then, about 27,000,000 years ago, the first physically recognizable humans emerged from them quite certainly as the life forms named hominids, which, however, first appeared very much later on the Earth.


Aha, and therefore that means that, until now, no human life forms whatsoever in our Milky Way system could have developed as far as those only in the form of the fluctuating Supreme Council, not to mention, also then being able to enter into a higher level, as, for example, in the Arahat Athersata level. As is generally known, it indeed takes 60,000,000 to 80,000,000 years until the form of spirituality is reached which leads to the Arahat Athersata level which comprises the first pure spirit level. But now the question remains open, where did, for example, Nokodemion come from, who not only established and engendered new peoples, rather he also created new peoples, who he then equipped with an advanced knowledge. It is generally indeed known that Nokodemion knows an age of 86,000,000 years and his oldest created people 29,500,000 years. Therefore he can certainly not stem from this Milky Way system, nor can the old Lyrans and their direct ancestors, nor can the Plejaren. The first genuinely recognizably human forms of life were created on the oldest planets of our Milky Way system about 9,000,000 to 12,000,000 years ago, and, before these then became real humans, who could really be designated human, certainly yet nearly another 1,000,000 years passed, or perhaps even more. Therefore Nokodemion and his peoples could never have stemmed from the Milky Way system. So, from where did he and his peoples come?


668. This question also occupied us, so we asked the Arahat Athersata level, who explained to us that Nokodemion was a creation of the planet SADR, which was in the WARON sun system, which moved in the LYREN galaxy, 3,816,000,000 light years distant from the SOL system.


You said it moved. Then does it no longer exist?


699. The LYREN galaxy also went the eternal way of coming into being and passing away.

670. It dissolved itself and turned into energy, out of which new stars and planets and a new galaxy came into being.

671. This happened 26,000,000 years ago, which is why Nokodemion left the home worlds with his peoples prior to that and settled on the worlds of the LYRA and VEGA star systems, however shifted a little and only about a fraction of a second from the present time.

672. So Nokodemion and his peoples therefore came very far out of the depths of the universe and settled themselves in the oldest space-shifted system area of the Milky Way galaxy.

673. However, this was already Nokodemion's third exodus, because before he established or created his people on the planet SADR, he came from other galaxies and planets that were older than the LYREN galaxy, and which also passed into the way of decay.

674. But he established, engendered and created his peoples shortly before he became a purely spiritual form, whereby he attained that form at 58,000,000 years, which today the Supreme Council possesses, in order to then transform to the Arahat Athersata level in the same rapid way.

675. He spent several million years there before he again took on a material body to create order among his peoples and to give the creational laws and commandments attention, because his peoples had degenerated.

676. Thus he came back out of the Arahat Athersata spirit level for the sake of his peoples, who followed no creational laws and commandments at all, to bring his peoples to reason and therefore to rationality.

677. That was 12,000,000 years ago.

678. As he had to recognize his peoples’ lack of understanding, he decreed a logical use of force, because the people were so degenerate that their senses and aspirations were, with all murderous means, only after boundless power.

679. Uniformly, as one, the peoples had the audacity to violently spread out in the universe, and, autocratically and usurpingly, named themselves representatives of Creation.

680. An insane idea that they had already tried to actualize, in that they attacked foreign planetary systems, bestially murdered millions of people or clapped them in chains and enslaved them.

681. Thus Nokodemion was faced with the choice of leaving his peoples to degenerate into universal monsters or command a halt to their murderous and power-hungry deeds.

682. Naturally he decided to command a halt, accordingly he issued his decree.

683. This was based on his sense of justice and his loyalty to Creation. Accordingly he sought a solution which was anchored in the powers of the creational laws and commandments.

684. First, in the course of only a few decades, he established gigantic armies which were of an exclusively android nature. Then he armed them with all conceivable weapons and robots, whereby hard-hitting armies arose, sworn singly and alone to Nokodemion's high command.

685. The single leaders of the individual armies and troops finally were taken over and managed by the leaders and war-experienced of the different planets, whose governments united and were able to defend themselves against the criminal and unhesitatingly murdering conquerors.

686. With these war-experienced ones and leaders, stemming from many different planets, and together with the robots and weapons built with the help of governments, and with the androids, Nokodemion constructed a multinational peacekeeping troop, so veterans instantly appeared everywhere, and fought the criminal conquerors, or imprisoned them, where these led their conquering campaigns.

687. Within fewer than eight years all of the criminal peoples were in the custody of multinational peacekeeping troops, deported to a distant planet that was hermetically barricaded and guarded so that nobody could escape, even if anyone possessed flying machines capable of space travel.

688. In conformity with the law of logical force, Nokodemion issued the decree that both sexes of the peoples were ordained to sterility in a lawful and humane way.

689. And thus the order and decree was passed, through the engagement of the Arahat Athersata level, that those who passed away in the course of time to a natural death should not be ordained a reincarnation, rather that their spirit-forms had to stay as long in the realm of the other side until they, one day, through a new decree of Nokodemion, could again find an existence in human bodies.

690. However this had to continue for a very long time and, in addition, led thereto, that almost all knowledge had to escape out of the storage banks of all personalities, and new personalities were created through the collective consciousness block.

691. Thus this process of exhausting the greatest part of all the knowledge stored in the storage banks continued for almost 4,000,000 years before Nokodemion, with the help of the Arahat Athersata level, again called the aforementioned spirit forms, and newly ordered them into human bodies, and indeed in his newly engendered and created peoples who found their origins 8,000,000 years ago on LASAN.

692. That, my friend, is the answer to your question, yet that may all indeed be known to you.


Perhaps, yes. But now since the entire knowledge out of the storage banks was not exhausted, which corresponded to the intention, naturally some soon broke through again, and over 8,000,000 years later there was again, as ever, a stink. Not only that an Ischwisch (God/King of Wisdom) created the Ring Nebula in his megalomania, which has since then been named the Eye of God, but his most distant descendants finally also came to Earth and terrorized this world here, and so on, which, at any rate, as a rough measure happened essentially for the first time only 389,000 years ago when one disregards those deportations and conquests and other skirmishes that go back to around 20,000,000 years ago.


693. Indeed, I knew that you know the connections.

694. You have surely only wanted to test how familiar I am with this story myself.

That was not quite so, my friend.


695. It appeared that way to me.


But it was not so. But yet a question about the first people on the Earth. From which point in time can one speak of terrestrial primal humans effectively as higher developed hominids?


696. The point of time moves around from about 4,800,000 to 8,000,000 years.


Therefore very much more than the Earth scientists accept. They indeed reckon with only about 2,500,000 years, in the highest case with 3,000,000 years.


697. I know that the terrestrial scientists and researchers are in error in this regard, as much as in many other things.


Nicely put. Now, but yet something in regard to Nokodemion's peoples: Essentially he indeed twice imposed on himself the mission to engender and create peoples, and indeed once in that fluctuating material state in which he found himself, that today the Supreme Council also possess. I mean therewith the fluctuating condition between course matter and fine matter form. Thereafter Nokodemion moved to the first stage of the purely spiritual form, and indeed to the Arahat Athersata level. Nokodemion established his first peoples at the age of a total of 56,500,000 years, in this form; that he engendered a lineage which then independently further increased itself. As he then entered the transitional level of the fluctuating material state at the age of 58,000,000 years, he created there, through spiritual potency, a further people, after which he seemingly spent precisely 2,000,000 years in the transitional level. Thereafter he remained for a further 4,000,000 years in that level, after which he shifted in a rapid manner and entered the Arahat Athersata level, where he remained during the next 10,000,000 years, before he determined, as a result of the degeneration of his begotten and created peoples, and in unanimous accord with the entire Arahat Athersata level, to change himself back into a material human life form, in order in this way to command a halt to his degenerated, criminal, usurping peoples and to bring them to reason. Thus, 12,000,000 years ago he came back into the coarse-matter universe out of the Arahat Athersata level in order to fulfil his mission. But his return meant for him that a new evolutionary course of 60,000,000 to 80,000,000 years was ordained, entirely in accordance with the creational laws and commandments, with all the suffering, pain and need and all things which also, through the creationally-determined given course of evolution, belong to every other human life form. Nokodemion himself was entirely conscious of this, yet in spite of that, he decided to take this step, accordingly therefore, because his sense of duty was so pronounced that he knew the obligation which he took upon himself with the engendering and creation of his peoples, who he had to again bring onto the correct path of the recognition and fulfilment of their duty to creation and its laws and commandments, and regarding all life. Therefore Nokodemion now lives a second series of material lives and reincarnations, in order therein to resolve a material part of life into purely spiritual form for a second time and enter into the Arahat Athersata level, which appeared to him more as the real homeland the longer he was in a material life.


698. It has been clear to me for a long time that you know much more about these events than I myself or indeed any one of us.

699. And your allusion to the Arahat Athersata level as Nokodemion's homeland, that I can fully understand.

700. Nokodemion must feel very foreign and uncommonly lonely on the worlds and through all the times which have passed, in our coarse-matter universe, even if humans from his own peoples, engendered and created from him, who he loves and who love him, stand at his side.

701. But he will certainly remain a stranger for all times, and lonely as well, which will only be alleviated when he returns again to his real homeland in the Arahat Athersata level.

702. For my part, I do not, and would never, want to have to take up his position, which also certainly no reasonable person would ever want, if he knows Nokodemion's history.

703. Also with our people, who are likewise indeed the distant descendants of Nokodemion's engendered and created (ones), you would never find anyone who would want to take his position, of that I am absolutely certain.

704. For my part sometimes feelings of sorrow move inside me for him when I think about him and recognize that he must be arranged into yet almost a further 50,000,000 years of his self-chosen duty, and uncountable reincarnations, before he again has the possibility to return to his real homeland which he constantly misses.


A powerful speech, my dear friend Ptaah. If Nokodemion has, however, already withstood uncountable reincarnations during his first 58,000,000 years of comprehensive course-matter development, and therefore also the uncountable reincarnations of the last 12,000,000 years, then he would still accomplish the remaining 47,000,000 to 48,000,000 years.


705. Sentiments speak through you that demand respect and reverence from me.


I just wanted to make sure. You know, a G. G. in America claims that he or someone else knows that he or someone else would have contact with a certain Commander Hatoon of the Pleiades or somewhere else, but also with Jesus Christ, who under the name Santana or under some other such crazy name is supposed to be crazy enough to maintain contact with an upper-mad earthling, to let him loose with half-slavish idiocies on the otherwise already mostly sectarian enslaved earth humanity.


56. Now I understand.

57. You speak of that monstrous deceitful machination in America, which is spread by the mentioned G. G..


Exactly, but with that you have already given the answer. It's not worth talking about it any further. I would rather be interested in your opinion on the following: When Nokodemion returned from the Arahat Athersata plain to the material world in his time, he found conditions on the planets that were decisive for his peoples that were quite devilishly similar to the political conditions that prevail on earth today. The countries had degenerated into monarchies and dictatorships and other unfair regimes. Many countries warred against each other, murdered and enslaved, tortured and exploited. Nokodemion did not torch for long and founded a multi-national peace-keeping force, which was built in such a way that each responsible country maintained an armed permanent army of a certain strength of combat-capable men, at its own expense, which was only intended to create and maintain peace in combat-capable form on all worlds. However, each army of a country was only just large enough to ward off an attacking enemy, but no revolution or war of aggression could be waged against another state. The total number of combat-capable men of all armies of a planet amounted to 3 million men, distributed on all countries involved, which were individually however trained and armed according to a uniform system. These multinational peace-struggle troops were under the direct command of the multinational army command. If a unrest, revolution or fratricidal war broke out somewhere in one country, or if one country attacked another, the red button was pressed on the multinational army leadership. This meant that the command was issued immediately, that so many men of the multi-national peace-struggle force within 24 hours appeared together and in one fell swoop in sophisticated coordination at the scene of the revolutive or belligerent events and put an end to every revolution and every war within a few hours by force of arms in completely logical consequence of the application of the law of self-defence. Hesitant and indecisive and false-human actions were never tolerated, whereby such sloppiness could not come to light, as is happening, for example, in Iraq right now, whereby here, too, indulgence is completely wrong, because only logical force could or could have solved the problem in a matter of hours. The human being on earth, however, is already so effeminate that he can no longer think clearly and thinks that such an action is hostile to humanity and therefore unhuman. But this is not the case, because it is precisely those who are in truth effeminate and unhuman and therefore inhuman who are vehemently opposed to such actions and procedures. If such a multi-national peace-struggle force were to exist on earth, then, depending on the case, so many men would be thrown into the respective trouble spots that a threefold superiority of men and war material over the rioters would arise, whereby all madness of the madmen would be nipped in the bud. However, the way in which today on earth people think and act in softness, hypersensitivity and false humanity, peace can never arise and be preserved, because madmen and power-hungry people are always there.


58. What you tell me is known to me; and I know that peace was actually created by this measure at that time.

59. But in the course of time people softened and abolished the army of multinational form, as soon as wars broke out again over the worlds and power-hungry people rose into the governments.

60. That lasted then again millions of years, before 52,000 years ago the same system was introduced again with a multi-national peace fighting troop.

61. Then it lasted 67 years, after which there really was peace everywhere again, which has remained until today, not least because of the Multi-National Peace Battle Force, which has been an integral part of our entire Federation ever since.

62. Weapons may only be manufactured for this troop and for leisure purposes, whereby however the hunting and killing of animals of all kinds is forbidden, as this unfortunately does not apply on Earth.

63. Animals may only be shot in our Federation in self-defence or in their form that impairs the environment.

64. The so-called illegal black market or private trade with weapons of any kind known to you is not permitted, but every person has the granted right to possess and use one or more weapons in a legal form, if the weapons are registered in a central computer and checked for their respective individual characteristics and features, whereby it can be proven at any time where and when and whose weapon was used.

65. In addition, it is so important to us that any weapon can only be used by the owner, as their personal vibration is necessary to use the weapon at all.

66. Although this is not yet possible on earth and will not be the case in the near future, a suitable control could nevertheless be carried out.


Which would be very necessary. But also this topic we should leave now, because I have still some other, which should be brought to word. You telepathically told me that you wanted to tell me something about the future that would move you a lot. The event could not be avoided, but you would simply have to get rid of your knowledge, so to speak.


But tell me: You talked about war because of the bombings etc., so I would like to ask you how you actually managed to end the wars among your people and to pacify everything?


28. Our actions were based on the actions of Nokodemion and Henok, who were our role models.

29. So you also know our way of acting and the way we have gone.


Oh, I see, you created – like Nokodemion and Henok at that time – 'Multinational Peace Corps', which pacified the battle areas to large masses. If I am to fall back on my knowledge, then such a pacification was always preceded by a purge by special forces, in which the rulers responsible for the wars and all their army leaders were removed from office, deposed and taken into safe custody. In this way the armies became leaderless, ended the wars and surrendered and were disarmed.


30. That is correct.

31. Those responsible for the wars were banished for life to places of execution.

32. So it was not the armies that were fought and warred against, no destruction and bloodshed were caused, but only those responsible were taken into custody and banished, whereby all pacification processes could be solved to a large extent through acts of 'non-violence'.

33. The fact that all the leaders of the political government that started the war and of the military forces that started the war, as well as all the ringleaders in revolutions, etc., were taken into custody and banished for life, created a headlessness or lack of leadership in the armies, and consequently the armies disbanded.

34. The armies were then placed under the new and peaceful government, which was formed immediately after the end of the events and which was under the supervision of the supreme suzerainty or sovereignty which was responsible for ending the wars and bringing peace to the countries and peoples.


Multinational Peacekeeping Forces did not actually wage wars, but they did carry out pacification, which included, however, the detention and exile of those responsible for failing governments and armies. Non-violence was the watchword. The system was also to be introduced and applied on earth among all peoples.


35. That would be the way to pacification of the Earth and earthly humanity.

Billy's teaching of life and the spiritual teaching are not products of modern times, but lead back to the most distant primeval times of man, to Nokodemion and Henok, the founders of the teaching of life and the spiritual teaching, which deal with the creative laws and commandments as well as the creative-natural laws as they are given in life and in nature.

Billy's teaching does not refer to something new, but to the traditional teaching of life and to the spiritual teaching as it was created by Nokodemion and Henok and handed down from the same great line of prophets to the present day. The teaching of life refers to all the facts of human existence, the conscious and total mental evolution, but also to the virtues, the development of personality and character, the right way of life, interpersonal relationships and partnership, etc. etc. The spiritual teaching, on the other hand, is directed to all creative and natural laws in every respect, as well as to the creative commandments which are recommendations for observance in order to do justice to the laws of creation.

In ancient times, the teaching of life and the spiritual teachings were only presented according to the respective understanding of the former people of that time, whereby many words and terms had to be used which were familiar to people at that time and inevitably led to misunderstandings, despite the laborious attempts of the old prophets to explain them. In modern times, however, the old terms and words have lost their validity due to the modern languages and have been or will be replaced by new terms and words that correspond to the understanding of modern people. In the old days, when people in general were not yet very well educated, it was impossible to explain and teach the teachings of life and the spiritual teachings in such a comprehensive language and in such a detailed and explanatory way to those interested, as is possible today with the much better languages, which are more comprehensive in word.

If the whole of the old teaching material is examined in detail, it must be said that the old teaching material, as a result of the linguistic expressions, was presented in a way that in itself can be described as very banal. This is also proven by the very often extremely banal teachings and expressions of innumerable ancient prophets of various directions, as well as by the ancient sages and philosophers, whose traditional works are brimming with banality. The old prophets, philosophers, sages and founders of religions etc. could not satisfy the explanations of the doctrine of life and the spiritual teachings, because they knew the one and the other doctrine only from hearsay and on the other hand they could only offer them according to the understanding of the people of former times. But even this was often too much, which is why the proclaimers of the doctrine of life and the spiritual teaching were often persecuted, threatened and even killed, especially with regard to the lineage of the prophet Nokodemion-Henok. But this has been preserved up to the present day, which is why true proclaimers continue to be persecuted and threatened, including assassinations, while false prophets are glorified, worshipped, legally protected and left unchecked as religious leaders of sects etc. True proclaimers or prophets have been frowned upon since time immemorial and are still frowned upon today, because man neither wants to hear nor knowingly take note of the effective truth. So it is also the case that people who believe themselves to be very clever and clever, even today, denigrate true proclaimers or prophets and their teachings in every possible way and make stupid sayings about them, such as, for example, "These are only old-fashioned teachings, as they have already been brought by this or that prophet, wise man, founder of religion and philosopher, etc., etc. These vilifying people, however, do not recognize in their self-delusion and in their self-importance that the respective teachings are being reprocessed and presented to the people of modern times in a detailed and explanatory manner according to the latest knowledge and understanding, whereby all banality of words, terms and forms of interpretation as well as inadequate explanations of the earlier times are sorted out.

Just as in earlier times everything has resulted with regard to the persecution and threat to the prophets, so in every respect exactly the same results also in the present time, because in the same way know-it-alls make the same stupid speeches and believe that with their meagre knowledge they are above everything and above all other men. And indeed, such self-important know-it-alls believe that they must criticize Billy's new presentation of the doctrine of life and the spiritual teaching in great knowledge and wisdom and degrade it to a simple repetition of the traditional teachings of old religion founders, wise men, prophets and philosophers. Your mind is not sufficient to recognize that Billy's teaching is far more advanced, comprehensive and explanatory than ever before of all the teachings of the philosophers, sages, founders of religion and prophets of former times. Nonetheless, these mindless people believe they are called to criticize and denigrate a very great and hard work of a denunciator, although it is obvious that their minds are not sufficient to grasp even a small part of the real truth. This is also true of people who claim to be very well-read, but who nevertheless do not have the penny to realize that both the teaching of life and the spiritual teaching, as Billy teaches and explains it in a comprehensive way, has never been taught on earth. He teaches them in such a detailed way and explains everything so clearly as it has never been since ancient times, surpassing all the traditional banal teachings of the old and ancient times to such an extent that no comparison can be made at all.

Billy's teaching, in its detail and comprehensibility, is a work that cannot be compared with the teachings, statements and explanations of the ancient prophets, sages and philosophers. Furthermore, his teaching is not based on hackneyed, stupid phrases, as many are based on old so-called wisdom teachings, but they have demonstrably got their hands and feet and testify to a comprehensive knowledge and understanding as well as great wisdom with regard to the whole matter of the teaching of life and the spiritual teaching. Contrary to the old teachings of the old prophets, sages, founders of religion and philosophers, Billy's teaching shows a fundamental depth in a comprehensive understanding, whereby he is able to explain everything down to the smallest detail to such an extent that no misunderstandings can arise. A fact that the old sages, founders of religion and philosophers as well as many old prophets are missing.

Billy's spirit form originates from the oldest and most famous line of prophets on earth, Nokodemion and Henok, and what he brings, teaches and accomplishes with his teaching in modern times is the continuation of the ancient teachings of life and spirit from the pen of the earliest prophets Nokodemion and Henok. So he does not bring a new teaching of life, but the most ancient teaching of life, which he explains comprehensively and in detail according to the understanding of the people of modern times, as no proclaimer of his own line of prophets before him, no other prophet of another line, no wise man, no philosopher and no founder of a religion has done. Therefore, when self-proclaimed wise men claim that Billy's teachings are nothing more than the teachings of old wise men, prophets, philosophers and founders of religion etc., this cannot be accepted or claimed in any way, because it is simply not true. In fact, no prophet, wise man or philosopher etc. has ever appeared before Billy who has presented the teachings of life and the spiritual teachings in such a comprehensive and detailed and explanatory way as he can claim. So there can be no question of him simply reproducing the old and inadequate teachings of the old wise men, prophets and philosophers etc., because this simply does not correspond to the truth, because he basically brings immeasurably much more with his teaching than has ever been done before by other proclaimers. This is not least because, at least in his line of prophets, the former proclaimers on earth could not explain the teaching and the whole truth about life and about the creative laws and commandments as well as the creative-natural laws etc. to the former and still very uneducated people, because the former people simply lacked the necessary knowledge and understanding. But when self-proclaimed know-it-alls nevertheless claim that Billy simply reproduces the traditional teachings of various prophets, wise men and philosophers as well as founders of religion, then he is maliciously denigrated and slandered, not only with regard to his work and mission, but also in his person, honesty and dignity.


40. From the records of the control device I know that you have written something about some explanations from Nokodemion's memory banks regarding the creation of the non-space.


Yes, I was able to extract some information from the memory banks. Do you want to read it?


41. Of course, because obviously these are records that are unknown even to us.

42. We cannot use Nokodemion's memory banks.


The way I see it, I should be able to write the end of the book on Tuesday, the 5th of February, which will be about 260 A4 pages. That is assuming that there is not something in the memory banks that comes out of the background again, which destroys my assumption. The actual old 'Teaching of the Prophets' resp. the 'Goblet of the Truth' comprises 14 sections, after which comes my duty, which comprises another 14 sections which I had to write myself, according to certain thematic specifications, which Nokodemion has already recorded in the memory banks. The first part of the 'Teaching of the Prophets' resp. The first sections 1 to 14 of the 'Goblet of the Truth' were designed by Nokodemion himself and were offered and taught by the individual prophets Enoch, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jmmanuel and Muhammad according to their time and according to the respective understanding of the language of the humans of the earth, after which I had to write the next sections 15 to 28 myself, first in the old style of writing and then in the good written language of today, according to the topic specifications in the memory banks by Nokodemion.


28. Jmmanuel's spirit-form, which originated from the Nokodemion line, naturally revived all the old prophets of the same line in their time, but also Semjasa, the father of Adam, who was a cousin of the ringleader Semjasa, the leader of the sons of heaven.

29. Now as for the Prophet Muhammad, respectively Abdul Kasim Muhammad ibn Abd Allah, as his correct name was, his lineage did not trace back to your lineage, because Muhammad's birth and life took place outside your lineage, as was also the case with the Prophets Enoch, Elijah, Isaiah and Jeremiah, who all came from various other lineage outside the lineage.

30. So, apart from Jmmanuel and you, the remaining five prophets of the Nokodemion line each descend from five other family trees, which do not trace back to Semjasa, the father of Adam's procreation.

Contact Report 511 - Plejaren Federation and prophets for Nokodemion mission (resembling the Galactic Federation Prime Directive with non-interference)


58. Our task and our coming to Earth is based on a very old mission, which is based solely on assisting the prophets of the Nokodemion line, so that they can fulfil their difficult task and teach the Earth human beings in the 'doctrine of the prophets'.

59. For this purpose, however, no public contacts with governments, the military, and also not with the population of the earth itself are necessary, but only direct cooperation with the respective true prophets.

60. A public appearance would be very counterproductive, for if such an appearance were to take place, we would be seen and worshipped as gods by delusional believers, while governments, the military and scientists would be eager to get hold of our technical achievements.

61. But this would not only put ourselves and our homeworlds and humanities in danger, but also worlds and humanities that do not belong to us, not to mention the fact that an enormous chaos of warlike power would be created on Earth, because everything would be evaluated in terms of warfare.

62. This is because the Earth human beings in their barbarism are still far from being able to use high technology, which is ours, in a peaceful and humane way.

63. So we are not allowed to confront the Earth human beings in an open manner, but only secretly and with you alone, to whom you, as the last prophet of the Nokodemion lineage, are fulfilling your duty.

64. You alone do not mean any danger to us, for you are a like-minded person and one who is like-minded in our mission, who, as a result of your great knowledge and wisdom concerning the laws and commandments of creation and the knowledge of the spirit, is deprived of all that which creates war, strife, humility, dishonesty, subjection, greed, addiction to power, domination and disharmony, as well as unfreedom, revenge, hatred and lack of love, etc., respectively.

65. Unfortunately, we cannot say this about another Earth human beings in the context of what you have, which is not surprising, since no one else is classified as a prophet.


4. We all think that it will be necessary to publish something special about your person in the book, namely how the human beings around you see you, i.e. what their personal impression is of you in terms of your personality, your actions and behaviour.

5. We have advised and found that this will be necessary in order to show the readers who, how and what you basically are, as our contact person, as well as the herald of modern times and last from the Nokodemion lineage, as well as the human being as such and in dealing with fellow human beings etc.

6. We think that with regard to this, at least twelve persons should write a short or longer description of themselves and include it in the photo book.

7. As a heading we have found the following:

8. 'About the person of 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier, called BEAM'.

9. Of course it would be desirable if more than twelve persons would also contribute to the whole, but we would like to consider especially the following persons and ask them to openly express their opinion and words in a spoken way for the book.


Probably he thinks very wisely, but for himself wise thinkers there is an old Nokodemion theorem, which says the following: "He who presents himself as wise and displays wisdom, but is not wise, does not thereby become wise, but remains stuck in his imprudence, learns nothing valuable, and gradually falls into stupidity.


Of course. Then the following, which would interest me, namely the matter of the little more than 144,000 extraterrestrials who came to Earth from the subsequent peoples of Nokodemion and also died here. Their spirit-forms were and are since then on Earth of course always classified as reincarnation, even in bodies of newborn personalities again and again. It must be said, however, that these 144,000 or so people must in no way be associated with the alleged 144,000 'light beings' from the 'Santinians' who are supposed to live on Earth, which, however, corresponds to complete nonsense. Also absurd is the Christian-religious assertion that allegedly 144,000 are 'Chosen' – according to Christian faith, of course, only Christians should be the ones who are therefore favoured by the Christian religion and its sects – who are to be 'deprived' and 'saved' when the world perishes, as already absurdly claimed in the Bible. But what interests me now is: Where do the 144,000 spirit forms enliven today's people, or where do the associated personalities live today who came to Earth about 13,500 years ago? And my question only refers to these 144,000, but not to others of the same number. To my knowledge, they should at the present time be scattered all over the entire Earth, indeed mostly one by one, as it emerges from the Nokodemion storage-bank.


4. We have detailed records of this, which lead back to the prophet Henok and which also say exactly what you just said.

5. The little more than 144,000 spirit forms of the then distant descendants from Nokodemion peoples, who immigrated to Earth about 13,500 years ago, exist at present partly in living personalities, which are scattered all over Earth practically in all peoples, whereby they usually live their lives individually.

6. Today there are also a few small groups, but they are really very small and consist of only a few people and are concerned with the 'teaching of truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of life'.

7. These new personalities have come together in modern times – whose primeval ancestors came to Earth from foreign worlds at an early age – to form small groups from the 144,000 or so Nokodemion peoples, as a result of the missionary spread emanating from you and the FIGU.

8. Thus it is said that these small groupings have arisen from the ongoing mission efforts, whereby among these groupings there are of course not only personalities who come from the 144,000 or so former successors of Nokodemion, but there are also persons among them who possess pure Earth-created spirit forms, following that they are pure Earth people.

9. But also these – or at least a part of them – are oriented towards the creative-natural laws and commandments as taught by the doctrine, and also with them everything happens apart from religions and sects.

10. In any case, these are our findings, which we have arrived at as a result of our curiosity through clarifications and observations.

11. And it must still be said that of course only a certain part of each of the 144,000 or so spirit forms enlivens new personalities who are in current lives, whereby we assume an estimate of about half in this respect.


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