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The End of Western Militia - Rise of BRICS+20

For millions of years on the Universe, Plejaren used a predictable and repetitive tactic of elimination of scapegoats and substitution of hegemons with the holy grail of God, Picard, Nokodemion, Abraham, Moses, Henoch or latest Hitler.

The same tactic is witnessed during the "liberation" of the solar system and Earth. After being defectors from Dark Fleet, Earth Alliance organized "liberation" from the scapegoats Dark Fleet, Cabal, Draconians and Greys in Antarctica, Moon and Mars. On Earth, the same "liberators" Earth Alliance are managing the US, EU and BRICS countries, for a nihilist World War III, dedollarization, fiat deleveraging and Great Currency Reset to digital currencies on Starlink, by Caligula's clone Elon Musk.

The goal of the space liberation was elimination of the Dark Fleet, Cabal, Draconians and Greys, but Earth Alliance continued working with the precisely same Cabal and Draconians, known as UN, NASA and the new invention of Intergalactic Super Confederation. It is important to mention that because of the mutually exclusive timeline for Second Jesus, the story of "Seeders" was introduced by the same Draconian Federation-Plejaren Federation, now emerging from Jupiter as Intergalactic Super Confederation. Incidentally, they also hosted the secret meetings for the Artemis Accords on Jupiter's Ashtar Command floating station.

The goal of Earth's liberation is substitution of scapegoat President Volodymyr Zelensky and reorganization of the G20 to BRICS+20, whereby Russia and China will become heralds of the hegemony. The early birds from Zelensky's closest circle signalized the scapegoat to the world, by visiting Billy Meier with diplomatic Mercedes, writing him antagonizing letters and calling him on his secret phone. Yet, the leaders of the Western democracies from the US and EU do not read Billy's Contact Reports and continue sending weapons and aid to Ukraine, thus deepening the list of war crimes and energy crisis. On multiple accounts, Billy Meier expressed that the politicians are unacknowledged and continue sending weapons to Zelensky, enabling the goals of US' direct confrontation with Russia.

Ukrainian politicians close to Zelensky foreshadowed the future scapegoat by complaining to Billy Meier

The US follows a path of premeditated self-destruction for the Biblical "Fall of Babylon", commanded by Barack Obama via clone Joe Biden, associated with Plejaren's Henoch prophecies. The EU is mostly unacknowledged and follows orders from the US, although they should be declaring Zelensky as their enemy and focus on the domestic interests of the population and energy crisis. Soon, even without Billy's Contact Reports, European governments will realize the repetitive scenario, reminiscing of the latest al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri , who suffered the same fate of CIA's trainee and later enemy-scapegoat.

Therefore, in the very near future, it can be certainly expected that most members of the G20 will join BRICS, who are already constituents of G20. They will change the name and power center of the hegemony, but the Great Currency Reset of petro-dollars will remain unaccomplished and unattainable goal, because Earth has ice age and Starlink is a blackout. Therefore, the role of the US as the global police officer, playing wolf and lamb, will cease. Russia and China will become the new leaders of the world, during the remaining time before ice age. Regardless of the BRICS currency basket, hyperinflation is irreversible and will worsen in the future, with China's unwinding debt tsunami and Russia's weakened economy from the war. Gold and silver are the only currencies. Going forward to the Artemis Accords, the signatories should draw wise lessons from Earth's World War III and BRICS restructuring, and stop the Star Trek movie.

Restructuring of the Luciferian hegemony from G20 to BRICS+20 with Artemis and Seeders story

Billy Meier's explanation about the declining role of US as world police officer

"Through the fault of America in its world police mania and in its crazy old world domination addiction, it has destroyed a flourishing country in its order through the Iraq wars, which was really very good, despite the dictatorship of Saddam. Iraq's clean order was really very good and safe, as I experienced myself when I travelled around the country. But the Americans have destroyed everything as a result of lies, world police mania, world domination addiction and war lust, as they are now also trying to do in the Ukraine war together with their lackey Selensky, who is in bondage to them, against Russia. The fact that America is secretly and directly involved in this war is something that should be known to every self-thinking human being, because the heavy weapons supplied by the USA to Ukraine can only be operated by American military personnel who have actually been trained in these weapons, but not by the ignorant and untrained Ukrainians or their military. This alone proves the direct involvement of the Americans in the Ukrainian war, because it is American military personnel who are firing the missiles supplied by the USA in Ukraine."


And again we are back, like last time. Although we have not been gone for long, it is possible that I was being looked for. There is no one here except Bernadette, Mark and Jacobus, which is why I have to look after the building and, as usual, supervise the outside work. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time away from me, consequently I can only do my writing work intermittently.


And this is further hampered for you by the energies that have become independent and hinder you in your work and can become additionally hazardous to your health.


Unfortunately, that is why I have to go back to the hospital in Wetzikon on the 4th of August, because the lump and blood clot on my elbow does not want to get better the way I want it to, even though I am trying. Apparently it takes longer than usual with this accident, so I guess I will have to consider self-healing for longer.


What is wrong with you? So far I have not noticed, also you have not said anything to me about the fact that on your arm …


… it is not that important, which is why I did not say anything, and actually … There was just another hue and cry made about it that is not necessary.


What was it?


If you must: It is probably 3 weeks ago when I was literally 'blown off' to the side in front of the house, about 1.5 metres and fell over the greenery in front of the aviary. I tore my back open, injured my right knee and thigh, hit my head on the right side and hurt my arm and elbow. As a result, everything became swollen and purple-red all the way to my wrist, which is why I always moved my arm so that no one could see that it was damaged. On Monday it was time for Eva's constant 'tiredness' to take me to the doctor, who immediately notified the hospital and I had to go there.


– As usual –, you do not pay enough attention to yourself, you cannot fix everything yourself in such a manner that …


… that it what? I have never been snivelling, and as long as I can still crawl, I am still alive.


It has already happened to you that you have to the side …


… yes I know, it was in the parlour when Michael was there and I suddenly ended up by the stove at the back without going there. It was just like that outside the house too, only this time it was so I fell and hurt myself.

How I was suddenly a good 1.5 metres to the side and fell over the green structure – well, you do not have to ask me, because I do not know that either, as it also happened in the parlour when Michael was there. Somehow, both times, I was apparently just 'beamed away', which I guess happened so that I was harmed.


That is probably also the purpose, because as the little ones, as you call them, reported to me, the energy that has taken on a life of its own is designed to harm you health-wise as well.


This is something I have noticed for a long time, but if already the little ones cannot do anything about it, how can I? So the only thing left for me to do is to be careful.

What I want to say, however, is that the time has come for the USA to murder again and to praise itself for what 'sievesièchè' it is and simply shoot human beings. This time precisely because they are vengeful and are taking revenge for what Al-Qaeda did in New York on the 11th of September 2001, when this criminal organisation destroyed the two monumental towers by hurtling passenger planes into them. Now it is time again for America to take revenge, as I know from my time with Sfath. America will go on killing and gunning down Bin Laden's successor, thereby further inciting Arab hatred. Sawahiri or so is the name of the man who is currently the leader of Al-Qaida, but who will be assassinated by the Americans in Afghanistan in the next few days, for which a proud adulation of the Yanks will again break out and the USA's revenge behaviour, under the guise of state security, will be lifted to the skies. The fact that a murder is committed in this act of revenge is of no concern to the Americans; on the contrary, they are proud of it because it serves America's security. So, once again, the Americans, in their desire for revenge, will go on a murderous rampage in Afghanistan, where they will unlawfully carry out their murderous work, as they did years ago in Pakistan when they murdered Bin Laden. But the Americans do not care about that, because in their addiction to hegemony they simply do not know anything about military inviolability with regard to foreign states, because they simply do what they want and think that it is their right. In their addiction to hegemony, they think that they can do and afford anything they like, but in reality they have no right to do so, not even if they want to take revenge on a criminal organisation that has flatenned their towers in New York. But what will happen in this revenge behaviour, what actually has to happen in the present day, I saw for myself together with Sfath when we were also with the Neanderthals, where Sfath taught them how to make fire. The provocative visit by the US-Pelosi to Taiwan will also have unpleasant consequences, as will the murder in Afghanistan, because there will be reactions that will cost human lives. Likewise, the consequences of the American crime of war invasion in Iraq will continue to increase, because the Americans have completely destroyed all order in this state, which is now still continuing through the Iraqis themselves. Through the fault of America in its world police mania and in its crazy old world domination addiction, it has destroyed a flourishing country in its order through the Iraq wars, which was really very good, despite the dictatorship of Saddam. Iraq's clean order was really very good and safe, as I experienced myself when I travelled around the country. But the Americans have destroyed everything as a result of lies, world police mania, world domination addiction and war lust, as they are now also trying to do in the Ukraine war together with their lackey Selensky, who is in bondage to them, against Russia. The fact that America is secretly and directly involved in this war is something that should be known to every self-thinking human being, because the heavy weapons supplied by the USA to Ukraine can only be operated by American military personnel who have actually been trained in these weapons, but not by the ignorant and untrained Ukrainians or their military. This alone proves the direct involvement of the Americans in the Ukrainian war, because it is American military personnel who are firing the missiles supplied by the USA in Ukraine. However, everything is concealed and denied, just as it is concealed from the last world war that the Americans very often simply shot masses of prisoners of war, just as the Ukrainian army also does, which simply shoots Russian prisoners without further ado, as Bermunda and I have seen for ourselves. On the Russian side, things are no different in this respect. This is what the Americans did in the last world war, as Sfath and I saw when I was a boy and only 7 or 8 years old. Back then I also saw with Sfath one night the fire hell of Dresden, when the Yanks dropped enormous masses of bombs over the city with whole squadrons of bombers and manufactured a hell of fire such as I have never seen since. Sfath said that the Yanks destroyed everything with their catastrophic bombing because there were large weapons factories in Dresden and that was why the Americans razed the city to the ground and started the firestorm. It did not matter to them that they bombed the residential areas en masse and murdered the people, because they 'excused' themselves with the fact that they would work in the many weapons factories. The same thing is also happening in Ukraine, where the residential areas are being bombed and the human beings are being murdered because they are the very forces that work in the weapons production plants and manufacture war material. This is actually the real reason why residential areas are destroyed and civilians are killed in a war. This is the case with all armies on Earth, and has been since time immemorial. It is also the case that everything is denied or glossed over, and that one side is made better and praised to the skies, while the other side of the warring parties is reviled and blind hatred is generated against them. Thus, hatred is stirred up by idiots who are biased instead of neutral, and sanctions are taken by such idiots and applied against one of the warring parties. And also – and this should also be said – in Switzerland, the neutrality of the country is made a pig of by idiots in the government in Bern, as well as by those from the people who, as just such idiots, go along with it in a partisan way.


That is indeed the case, because it is not considered that this exposes the state to the danger that because of this a foreign army can wage war against Switzerland, which with its small pseudo-army cannot offer much resistance and will very quickly be overrun and taken. Switzerland's army is in any case only useful to those who, in their military fanaticism, are under the delusion that they could do something useful in the event of war. Billions of financial sums are invested for this purpose, which will be completely useless if one day Switzerland is really attacked by a foreign army.


Idiotically, a 'cooperative neutrality' is now to come into being, as idiotic rulers who cannot even think up to their own noses in their delusions of grandeur are stupidly dreaming up. With lies, fantasies and idiotic wishful thinking, they deceive the bulk of the stupid and non-self-thinking population, which is in bondage to the rulers and allows itself to be driven into misfortune by them.


To go into this and say anything is of no use because the might regarding the delusional and believers who court the power-obsessed state leaders because they are not self-thinkers will never want to admit the truth. This is not only the case with the majority of the non-thinking Swiss population, because the majority of human beings on Earth are so in bondage to their leaders that they only rarely take action against them, but when the fallible leaders can be deposed, the majority of the people are so stupid that they put the next incompetent leaders in charge. Furthermore, it should also be said that the majority of many peoples, mainly in Europe, are so dependent on America, such as Germany and the entire European Union in general, that they do not dare to oppose America and its evil and world-dominating machinations. This is in addition to the fact that many human beings are so stupid, so non-thinking and so blinded that they are unable to recognise that America has been striving for hegemony since time immemorial and, in order to do so, commits such inhumanities and crimes all over the world that far surpass anything of the same kind committed by all other states on Earth and, moreover, can never be done in the American way. Now however, that my father and you were in the time of the Neanderthals, I have read some of that in his annals, what was that like?


Let's leave it with the Yanks, for all that is of no use, for the earthlings do not want to be instructed by the truth. But with regard to the facts about the Neanderthals, it is to be said that what I experienced and learned with Sfath at that time was completely different from what was taught in school. It was and is a lie what was told and is still told today that the early earth-born human beings would have started fires with a so-called 'flint'. In truth, they first took resin-rich tree branches and lit them on fires created by lightning. They carefully guarded these tree-branch torches and carried them around with them, but they also tended fires in the caves they inhabited, for it was not the case that lightning struck all the time and started fires. To help these human beings – real Neanderthals – Sfath took great pains to teach them how to make fire with 'flint'. But the whole thing was very tedious, because first the correct stones had to be found, flint stones or so Sfath called them. With one stone, a heap of material had to be cut off from another, so that when the stone was cut off again, one of the sparks would eventually fall into the heap of cut-off fine material, which was then placed in a clump of dry grass and blown on, causing it to smoke and then burn. But the whole thing was really very tedious, because some fine material had to be knocked off one of the stones with another stone with up to 200 or 300 blows. This also always produced sparks, but in the end a spark settled in the pile that had been created, which was then taken and used to ignite a thin tuft of grass by blowing on it. It was really a very laborious method of making fire, besides, I remember Sfath saying that only a few rocks could be used, such as pyrite or marcasite, but only tiny particles were knocked off.


Your question precedes me, because I wanted to bring up what we have explored in this contact conversation anyway. It turned out – I put it carefully – that the American … sought advice from a scientist in virology named …, who is now deceased. Then … travelled to China, where he agreed with Mao to commission researchers in suitable laboratories, who then began their work according to the order. This was the actual beginning, from which the first laboratory successes resulted and it also happened towards the end of the 7th decade of the 20th century that one of the laboratory assistants became infected with the new artificially created virus and spread this first variation in a disseminating manner. In addition, at the same time as the laboratory worker, 2 female bats of the diverse species Rhinolophidae were infected with the Corona virus, which as a result of the accidental circumstances escaped into the wild and joined their own kind. Consequently, these were also infected, but they remained only carriers of the disease virus, but were themselves immune to the outbreak of the disease. This laboratory-generated and released virus mutated thousands of times until the end of the millennium, infecting human beings who fell ill with a wide variety of ailments, causing many to die, like the laboratory worker himself who was infected by the accident. In the meantime, however, research and tests have continued since then, resulting in the Corona virus. This – again caused by a carelessness of a laboratory accident – again infected a laboratory worker in January 2019, who by infecting himself carried the virus and in this way spread the Corona plague, which very quickly spread on Earth among the peoples and became a pandemic.


Interesting – then, as I understand your explanation, the Corona virus is not a virus that came from bats and was further developed, but is effectively a true spawn of human laboratory work, or rather a product of human ingenuity?


If you want to call it that, but the basis or the initial basis was a human pathogenic virus that has existed since ancient times, belonging to the tribe Coronaviridae, whose habitability by way of …, but you shall not call that openly.


If it is to be, then I will make the known dots when calling off the conversation. But it is important to know, I think, that no bats were involved in the laboratory work and were test animals, just as it is also important to know that the Corona plague did not originate with bats and was transmitted from them to human beings.


Yes, we have now been able to fathom that. As a result of what had happened with the 2 infected Rhinolophidae, we were too quick to just assume the possibility of the origin before we could finally clarify everything to the satisfaction and correctness of the whole thing. Unfortunately, we were only able to carry out this most precise clarification now, which you also urged me to do several times.


It's good, I was not accusing you. First of all, I just wanted to know what the real origin of the plague was. I knew that … there was hate behind it, but I did not know what the actual origin of the whole thing was. That's what interested me. You explained that many human beings react differently to viruses than other human beings, for example to corona viruses. Is that because not every vaccine is suitable for everyone, if any is effective, or is there another reason for the whole thing?


It actually is, because the behavioural type of human beings also plays a part in determining how the immune system works.


With what you say, I understand that the thinking of the human being plays a decisive role, because you speak of the 'behavioural nature of human beings'. By this I mean that the more cautious the human being is against the environment, the less susceptible he is to an epidemic or contagious disease. Sometimes, however, this is of no use if other human beings somehow infect him by having close contact and may not know that they are afflicted with an epidemic or disease. Then also all prudence has the downside of bad luck.


That is the point of my explanation.


Say something about vaccination, though, because Sfath told me at the time that it was very harmful to the immune system, as was swallowing medication if done too often. He said that in case of continuous medication, care must be taken to ensure that a drug is also taken practically to prevent bad effects.


So, if a vaccine is really effective and is vaccinated more often against the same viral infection, then it loses its effectiveness and the immune system no longer reacts well or at all, just as it reacts only partially or not at all to new mutations of the same virus and thus no longer offers protection. A vaccination twice is acceptable for the immune system, but already a 3rd vaccination within less than 12 months is usually already too much and can no longer prevent a new infection. The reason for this is that if the immune system is vaccinated too often for a particular viral mutation, it loses mobility and the vaccine becomes ineffective. This is true for any human being of any age, so there is no difference between a child, an elderly human being or a human being of any age.

If a vaccine is used – provided that it is really effective – then it must be used in a targeted way, just like any other medicine, and care must also be taken that it is used with moderation and purpose, and therefore not too much. This is particularly important in the case of vaccines, because they have a spreading effect and can very quickly impair the immune system by overloading it if too much of a substance is administered. The reason for this is that an addiction develops very quickly, which weakens the immune system, which is usually not noticed by human beings, which is why they can be infected again, even though they have been vaccinated several times against the same virus.

The fact that recently on Earth everything of medicine and thus of vaccinations is very much directed towards the original mutation of the Corona virus is wrong, because the vaccines, which are already half-valid anyway, are unsuitable for the new mutations of the plague. The immune system reacts dismissively with regard to the new mutations, whereby the mutations are simply and irresponsibly called 'variations', which are in fact new mutations.

The immune system's defence rapidly decreases and generally blocks itself through too many vaccinations, whereby the body also falls prey to other diseases and can no longer ward them off because it loses mobility.

If the immune system is too strongly imprinted on something specific, such as by vaccines or medicines etc., e.g. with regard to an infection or actual disease, it is less able to adapt to a new attack by a virus and is only less able to form specific antibodies against a new infection or pathogen. As you say in each case, "Too much is unhealthy", and this is also true of vaccination and medication.


That is clear to me. And I stick to the instructions Sfath has given me as far as possible, which is why I have learned, for example, to grit my teeth when in pain instead of taking anti-pain medication. In the process, I also learned not to be snivelling. He also taught me to help myself whenever possible, which I have done all my life. When I was thrown by two ponies 3 or 4 years ago and broke my right shoulder, the surgeon at the hospital told me that a new socket and ball joint would have to be fitted. However, when the assistant doctor explained to me that I would not survive the operation due to the circumstances of my 'heart conduction operation', I 'travelled' from the hospital and fixed everything myself. Today I'm glad I did, because I can use my arm again as I did before, when everything in my shoulder was so broken and fractured that … well, it's just working normally again. Eva, she had a bad fall and suffered the same thing as I did, and Michael, who had a bad fall on his bike, suffered the same thing. Both had to undergo the operation, and both can no longer use their arm as fully as they used to. However, my self-healing brought back my full freedom of movement of the arm. But what interests me now is how a teratoma actually comes about in human beings. Could you explain that to me? I do not take what our medical science says about it at face value. As Sfath explained to me, it is a so-called 'trapped foetus' that is misguided or has wandered astray, a 'twin foetus', so to speak, which can settle anywhere, and may even move into the brain of a human being, although this is very rare. Very often such a 'twin foetus' is not recognised at all, but only when it grows and becomes noticeable through pain. At least that's how your father explained it to me, if I remember correctly. You as a doctor, can you, please, refresh my old memory with an accurate explanation?


I can. My father must have explained to you correctly what a teratoma is and how it develops, because he also had a medical education. He also saved your life when you were 6 months old and had severe pneumonia and the family doctor, Dr. Strebel, stated at the time that you would not survive the night.

How a teratoma develops is determined early on in the early stages of conception, shortly afterwards, and is thus congenital, whereby it can move as a result of various organic effects and physical changes and become lodged or deposited somewhere in the body, also in the brain. This is very rarely the case, but it can actually happen. First, the developing teratoma is so tiny that its developing existence can only be determined with special equipment, which, however, is not yet available to earthly medicine on Earth, consequently the whole thing cannot be determined in its real origin for a long time yet. This will only be possible when the corresponding development makes it feasible.

A teratoma, which has astonishing characteristics, is an autonomous structure or an autonomous ulcer in the body of the human being, which has an inner independence of development and thus its own administrative unit, if I may explain it this way. In this form, it is able to create bones, hair and even teeth in its interior, which are deposited inside the structure. It is usually, but not always, an autonomous benign structure or tumour that can form from the stem cells or germ cells of the ovaries in women and from the testicles in men, which is possible by nature because the stem cells have the property of forming themselves into any kind of tissue. As a rule, with a few exceptions, this must be explained, teratomas are benign tumours that have nothing to do with any form of cancer, because fundamentally only stem cells are the real originators that are capable of creating structures that are not desirable for human beings and that can be deposited somewhere in the organism, mostly harmless, but on the other hand also causing difficulties or pain, depending on the case.


That is, on the whole, what Sfath also explained to me. I remember that well now, after what you said. At that time I was about 10 or 12 years old when your father taught me these things. It is in my memory that he said at that time: "Creation created the universe, all its heavenly bodies, etc., nature, fauna and flora, and human beings. It is the Creation of all things, but not a God." In addition, I also learned from him that how the human being treats his fellow human beings is an indicator of how his own character is formed, how it can even be recognised how the human being relates to the environment, to nature and its fauna and flora and to life itself. Truly, this is indeed so, only the human being does not want to know all this and also does not want to understand it, and not even in the context of this that he is becoming stupid.


What you say goes a very long way and brings with it consequences that can by no means be disputed anymore. Overpopulation and anthropogenically caused climate change, which already found their origin in 1844, are now the main protagonists of what evil Earth-humans can expect in the coming future. It is only since the 1950s that the correct beginning of the actual impact has been found, and since then everything has developed in such a way that now the really visible impact is emerging, which will greatly expand and intensify in the time to come. What is already spreading and will expand in the future, I will briefly mention in points:

1. Poisonous influences and also actual chemistry have poisoned all plants on Earth and all life-forms of all kinds and species to such an extent that there is nothing left on Earth that is not contaminated by some harmful substances. This also includes the Earth-humans themselves, which is indisputable, although earthly scientists nevertheless deny this.

2. For decades, especially since the mid-1980s, the degeneration of logic, intellect and reason in Earth-humans has been spreading more and more as a result of gross and rapidly increasing overpopulation. The strength of knowledge has already sunk to such an extent that a stultification is recognisable, which is not only noticeable in the field of learning and in grasping reality and truth as well as in not thinking for oneself, but also in general dealings with fellow human beings. The stultification, however, also shows itself in the senseless and meaningless and very often ridiculous talk and in the primitive forms of expression in the use of language. The stultification of human beings, which also reaches into the world of science and produces nonsensical things, is also becoming more and more conspicuous in our judgement, behaviour and dealings with fellow human beings, the animals, the creatures, the very diverse other life-forms, the environment and nature, the trees and plants of all genera and species and the waters, as well as the planet itself, the atmosphere and thus also the vital air we breathe.

3. The degeneration caused by the consequences of overburdening Earth-humans or overpopulation through the uncontrolled procreation of offspring has an effect on the bodily organs, especially on the fertility of women, who become more and more infertile and unable to conceive.

4. The degeneration of overpopulation inevitably leads to a decline in the potency and fertility of men as well, and to such changes in their organism that they too become increasingly infertile.

5. Due to the negative effects of overpopulation, namely degeneration in the form of organ changes, women will be more and more affected by breast cancer in the future.

6. Thousands of aerohormones or environmental hormones floating in the air, of which, moreover, very few are known to earthly science, will be the origin of the increase in diseases, whereby they will have very rare or unknown manifestations, so that they will be known in human medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine only by hearsay or not at all.

7. Organ changes resulting from degeneration will cause more and more attention disorders in Earth-humans, which will result in much mischief.

8. Earth-humans will lose more and more control over their psyche, consequently this will lead to widespread illness and to ever-increasing life crises and more suicides as well as murders, because human beings will also lose control over their behaviour and actions.

9. The emerging consequences of climate change for many human beings will be that they will suffer from rising heat, fall ill with skin cancer due to the sun's radiation, or succumb to death from heat stroke or heart failure.

10. The religious faith of all religions will be so fanatically promoted again that hatred will arise among Earth-humans against one or the other religion, just as racism and acts of murder will also arise from it.

11. Tiny plastic particles, as tiny as micro-organisms, or from other artificial substances and chemical poisons etc. endanger the health of Earth-humans, animals, wildlife and all other life-forms, which also includes all flora, trees and all plants, which in one way or another ingest, inhale or otherwise take up the particles.

12. Climatic and over-breeding changes in the internal organs of the body and brain cause ailments which were normally age-related but which will affect more and more younger human beings in the future, because degeneration affects various organs to such an extent that regulation will no longer be possible.

13. Furthermore, there will also be cognitive deficits, which will occur more and more in the future, such as limitations of memory as well as of speech itself.

14. Preterm births and very low birth weights of newborns will increase, and also hundreds of thousands of babies will die worldwide as a result of life-threatening air and environmental pollution, in addition to the increasing incidence of stillbirths.

15. Autism and heart disease will increase in the future, as will diseases of consciousness, depression and the suicides that result from them.

16. Hyperactivity disorders will also become more and more prevalent in the future, because environmental pollution and air pollution automatically mean that everything will be subject to degeneration.

17. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco will also be the cause of many health-damaging factors in the future, which will continue to cause much evil among Earth-humans for a long time to come.

Overpopulation and climate change will bring such unimagined changes that Earth-humans will no longer be able to cope with them. It is also to be noted that the extinction of species of fauna and flora will continue very rapidly because Earth-humans in general do not care to put a stop to all evils – above all the anthropogenic evils, mainly the gross overpopulation.

In addition to overpopulation and the destruction of the planet, of nature, its fauna, flora and waters, the production of chemicals is also responsible, as well as the poisonous substances and their spreading into nature, namely into the fauna and flora, as well as into the waters and the atmosphere. More than 13 million Earth-humans are killed every year by the poisoned air we breathe, most of which is still full of unknown aerohormones or endocrine disrupters for Earth-humans. And the great evil is that no Earth-human can escape these aero-hormones and thus the air pollution that has been and continues to be created anthropogenically. And truly and actually, global air pollution is the leading cause of death of all forms of environmental pollution, as we sadly see time and time again.


This is probably as you say, for the same thing was said by your father Sfath when we saw in the future that the great mass of dead human beings from air pollution alone was so frightening that it seemed to us as if a viral plague was rampant.

This proved to us that with absolute clarity earthlings were regularly inhaling toxic pollutants, which in fact proves to be the truth today. The world's air quality has become miserable, so dangerously bad that many human beings are dying from breathing it. It carries micro-fine particles of toxic fine dust, which as aerohormones or environmental hormones poison the whole body of human beings and rob them of life.

It is not at all surprising that the air quality caused by toxic aerohormones is increasing in mass, mainly in areas where industrialisation and agriculture are spreading, as well as in poor countries where industry and agriculture are being established. In residential areas, especially in large cities where many human beings live, the increase of toxic endocrine disrupters is as dramatic and dangerous as in industrial areas and agricultural zones. The main source is fossil fuels, which produce the finest particles of toxins, such as from heating systems and motor vehicles of all kinds.

The question really arises as to where healthy air still exists and can be breathed, because where is really still healthy air? The question can easily be answered by saying that the air is not equally unhealthy everywhere, but globally it is consistently and without exception polluted and poisoned with toxic particles or with harmful aerohormones or endocrine disruptors. In fact, the effects of the poisonous air we breathe are not only worrying, but truly deadly for many human beings, as well as for animals, creatures and other life-forms of the entire fauna and flora.

Every year the bad air claims about 13 million human victims, as you say, not counting the animals, the creatures, the rest of the life-forms and the genera and species of fauna and flora, but these are probably huge numbers that cannot be easily calculated. And when you consider the death toll of the Corona plague, there is no comparison.

The majority of the human beings on Earth do not care about environmental pollution and thus also about air pollution, and so they also do not know that the cause of death of 13,000,000 human beings every year is air pollution and environmental pollution.

No doctor or other medical practitioner ever gives environmental pollution and air pollution as the reason for death, although a great many human beings die from the consequences of bad air and the aerohormones or endocrine disruptors contained in it. This is simply kept quiet, and that because very few earthlings care about the truth and speak up because of it. But those few human beings who do care, but practically all of them – with very, very few exceptions – do not mention the main evil of what is the real cause of environmental pollution and air pollution. They only talk in general terms about the fact that earthlings are causing all the pollution, but not about the fact that the whole thing can only happen because there are too many human beings and therefore human overpopulation is causing all the pollution and air pollution, which has also caused climate change.

As you have discovered through your research, as you recently explained to me, the Earth's air is polluted with more than 32 micrograms of pollutants per cubic metre on average. However, pollutants in the air are not just about defining them, because on the whole, the bad air we breathe, contaminated with chemical toxins, causes a whole range of ailments and even death. Respiratory diseases are still relatively minor ailments, while Alzheimer's disease is also somewhat dependent on the air we breathe, as are heart diseases, Parkinson's disease, dementia and cancer, as well as strokes and other consequences of bad air that impair health and life.

Phasing out the burning of fossil fuels will bring some reduction in terms of CO2 emissions, but it will not fix pollution and air pollution, as many deaths will continue to be caused by these evils, with cancers continuing to increase, as will all other evils and ailments. The greatest evil of CO2 creation is human beings themselves, for their breathing inexorably produces CO2 on a large scale, and indeed by breathing in the air about 0.04% carbon dioxide or CO2 is inhaled, but the exhaled air then contains 4% and consequently only about 15.5%, but at most 16.5% oxygen, as Sfath explained to me in the 1940s. This may not be very much in terms of CO2, but if you take the whole amount that is produced by diffusion or by the constant mixing of oxygen and CO2, then in a whole year it adds up to an average of about 2 tonnes per human being through breathing. If we now take the entire mass of humanity for further calculation, which currently amounts to more than 9.2 billion (9,200,000,000), i.e. more than is calculated by the human count clock of erroneously only 8 billion (8,000,000,000), then this results in a high number of tonnages of CO2, which is enormous. As a rule, however, no human being thinks of this, especially not of the fact that he himself produces CO2 by his very existence and thus creates the carbon dioxide that damages the environment. If the Earthling wants to reduce CO2 to a level that is tolerable for all the diverse life on Earth and bring it back into halfway order, then he must work on reducing the mass of humanity. And this is to be handled in the form and manner of radically stopping the generation of offspring in such a way as to very quickly reduce overpopulation, thereby solving, among other things, countless other problems that may or may not have to do with CO2 production.


Unfortunately, I have to end our conversation again for today, because I am being called again. We will therefore have to postpone your explanations regarding witchcraft again. Goodbye, Eduard, dear friend.


So be it, because it is not going to run away. Goodbye, dear friend.

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