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The Chicken and the Egg, Nokodemion and NATO

The prophet Nokodemion from Plejaren Federation was the proverbial God, who wanted to impose tyranny, domination and control over people, as Adolf Hitler. Nokodemion founded the first multinational peacekeeping troops, which became modern NATO. Nokodemion was Lucifer, who caused the rebellion in the Universe, and corrupted the spirits of warriors. The power-hungry warriors did not understand Nokodemion, but nevertheless followed his crazy ideologies and murdered millions of people in colonies, as Antarctica, 51 million years ago. From the genocides, the warriors accrued Codex spiritual debt on the Akashic Records, with guilt frequencies.

The ensuing Codex spiritual debt of guilt frequencies became money, when Nokodemion was Abraham in Babylon. Modern monetarist fiat money is used for mind control in the nihilist monotheist world order from the Vatican with Plejaren's prophets Jesus Christ (Immanuel), Muhammad and Billy Meier, and CIA's blame game.

Plejaren Federation created the 7 prophets after Atlantis, as middlemen for the Codex mission. The Codex methodology assumes that the murderers will live in the same time-space configuration with their victims, to return the life energy. Codex is impossible and only serves the labor purpose of the Military Industrial Complex and Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate.

Prophet Jesus Christ (Immanuel-Caesarion) had a Codex mission for banking and taxation with the sect Essenes, from the Roman Catholic Church (Vatican-Federal Reserve). The Biblical fiat money is premeditatedly collapsing. The terrestrial goal is mutually exclusive and counterintuitive deleveraging of incalculable debt, with hyperinflation. The parallel extraterrestrial goal is the restructuring of Codex spiritual debt of guilt frequencies on Earth and Alpha Centauri planet. Both goals are mutually exclusive and lead to terrestrial ice age and cosmic heat death (Big Freeze).

The devout Christians believed that Jesus Christ was crucified, after the Jews betrayed him to Pontius Pilate, for claiming he was the "King of the Jews" and tax evasion. After 3 days, Jesus was resurrected from the dead on the day Christians cherish as Easter. On the occasion of Easter, Christians celebrate blood-red eggs, symbols of new life and Jesus' resurrection from the dead.

The egg is a symbol of new life and the Creation of species in the Universe

Plejaren Federation claim that Nokodemion was the first Creator of all life and species, older than the oldest, wiser than the wisest. Nokodemion was not the first Creator, but a psychopath with extinction.

The egg is a true symbol of new life and Universe creation, whose origin has not yet been discovered by scientists, physicists, philosophers and priests. According to Plejaren Federation and the prophet Nokodemion, older than the oldest, wiser than the wisest, the Universe was created with 7 steps. First, there was thought for Creation, followed by fluffy matter(dust), gases, minerals, flora, fauna and lastly people. If only the human species were capable of Creationist thought, and humans arrived last in the Creation process, who was the first intelligence who started Creation? Chickens are not capable of thought for the Creation of a Universe, with species more complex than them. The mystery of who came first, the chicken or the egg, is still unresolved.

Plejaren Federation became modern NATO and stole the ancient Akashic Records, with older than the oldest, wiser than the wisest Nokodemion and his globalist clones. It can be discerned that Nokodemion was neither oldest, nor wisest, for had he been, Plejaren would not have been stealing the Akashic Records with clones for millions of years. Therefore, Plejaren Federation and NATO are merely a genocidal hegemony of the Nazi Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate. They control Earth for a nihilist extinction mission with stolen Akashic Records and regressed time from the Roman Empire, for the Second Jesus Christ, and Star Trek Artemis Accords.

Plejaren Federation, NATO and the globalists do not know who was the first Creator of all life and species, but they know who will be the last. If NATO and the globalists proceed with the nihilist World War III for Nokodemion's Codex, they will truly witness the last life on Earth and the Universe.

Humanity should be wise and empowered to stop nihilist, megalomaniac war profiteers, from stealing the ancient story of Nokodemion's Codex with externalities of money, mind control from religion and fear from war. Discovering who was the first intelligence who created all life and species, when and how, is much more exciting sovereign future time with freedom and free will.

NATO does not know who was the first Creator of life, and is recycling ancient timelines for extinction


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