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Shrinking Prophet "Nokodemion" of Old Universe

The reason for all conflicts, rebellions and galactic wars on the Universe was the problematic and weak Vega race that has been extinct after billions of years. The matriarchal household was founded by the first twin flame with Nokodemion, from Lyra and Vega races. Nokodemion was demonized by the Universal Draconian demon Tiamat, and caused rebellion of Lucifer. After the conflict and expulsion from Angelic management, the new twin flame continued with Angelic management of the Universe and worlds.

Pop culture and documented historical mythology in fictional novels, movies and cartoons as "Atlanta", "The Smurfs" and "The Little Mermaid" are indicative of the truth of rebellion.

Princess Andria was an undestined love to the evil wizard Gargamel, Queen Athena was killed by Captain Hook

Nokodemion was demonized as Lucifer, evil, egocentric and megalomaniac wizard who experimented with faster biological evolution. Even more evil successors inherited the "Nokodemion" management position of the Akashic Records and followed his legacies of eugenics, extinction and extermination, until the deadliest depopulation prophecies from the Bible and Henoch on Earth.

The Akashic Records are controlled by the Reptilians and Archon hackers who disorganized the timelines by erasing, blacklining and adding data for anarchy, dysfunctional people, psychiatric disorders, diseases, addictions, inhibitions and weaknesses. Their goal has been to unplug and block the population with lower frequencies (1st and 2nd chakras with double helix DNA). Lower frequencies enable the Reptilians to harvest the electricity that would not transmute along the energy bodies of crystalline people (alkaline batteries).

Eventually, Earth's population in the matrix is very unplugged and electricity blockages cause decoupled electrons with a proton barrier on the North Pole, where the sine wave should return to the Sun for recycling. The free electrons create electricity circuits and overheating of the ozone layer, which contributes to rising temperatures, in addition to greenhouse gases.

Ancient civilizations kept Dream and Air cities for recovery of memories, after destruction and wars. The Reptilians destroyed the technologies and the last viable opportunity for completing a puzzle of history is reliance on pop culture, mythology and movies.

"The Smurfs" portrayal of Gargamel is of a Satanic giant wizard to the little gullible, naïve and good people of unconditional love, faith and hope. On Sirius, Merlin was assessed as a Satanic wizard. On Earth, Adolf Hitler had Gargamel's obsession for eugenics, experimentation and extermination of little people, arbitrarily selected Jews, from a leapfrogged story of Jesus' false crucifixion that never happened.

Ethics and moral wisdom of good and evil from malevolent Gargamel and gullible benevolent Smurfs

Gargamel was shrinking from evil deeds towards the good Smurfs, who were always forgiving and hopeful for him. Even though Gargamel wanted extinction of the Smurfs, and shrank to their size, they taught him how to regain his original position, with good deeds and thoughts.

After billions of years of galactic wars and conflicts, the wicked and crooked Vegans are extinct and fallen hydrogen races. The benevolent, hopeful and strong crystalline races are the majority. The highest conflicts in the Universe remained between hydrogen and oxygen (crystalline and indigo) races for electricity conductivity and consciousness manifestation of timelines.

If the benevolent races in the Universe had punished and exiled the malevolent misbehaving criminals in the Universe much sooner, they would have prevented the death of planets and stars. The problem in the Universe has been a lack of discernment, perception, authority, the justice system and criminal punishment.

The last wars between the Galactic Federation and Reptilians on the moon and Mars liberated the planets, but did not eliminate the ancient plague. The planets and timelines are liberated with the truth of historical rebellion and opportunities for new Universes by wise and educated people.


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