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New Book "Love Was War: New Time of Peace"

Earth’s Luciferian world order with religion, international finance and military-industrial complex has ancient roots and etymology from the Universe. Our Universe is an electromagnetic sphere composed of plasma, stars, planets and species, experiencing life and consciousness with manifested future time in physical space.

Lucifer's infamous rebellion with Tiamat disrupted the ancient Angelic order of the matriarchal Universe and created the Anunnaki with Multinational Peacekeeping Troops. Anunnaki ruled the Universe with a trinity of religion with prophets Jesus Christ or Muhammad, international finance and NATO.

The top secret of the capitalist economy was a principle of electricity, whereby electromagnetic time was alchemized to money. The true identity of Lucifer was the most highly guarded secret, which allowed his clones George Soros and David Rockefeller to enforce ancient legacies of tyranny, domination and control.

The new top secret of Lucifer's identity, his NATO legacies, rebellion and Nazi loyalists is finally revealed with the Biblical apocalypse.

The metaphysics of electricity and war are a solution for peace and prosperity in the expanding Universe with matriarchal Suns, stars and mothers, who give birth to new life and new time.

Before every war, was a love story.

Before the war in this plasma Universe, was an electromagnetic twin flame, disrupted by Lucifer’s rebellion with the shapeshifting male Alpha Draconian hydra dragon Tiamat.

After a war, comes a new time.

After the war in this Universe, time was always regressed to past empires for Codex balancing.

Without Lucifer, new time is finally free for sovereign sentient species and households.


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