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NATO's Guilty Conscience Needs No Accuser

Plejaren Federation is the extraterrestrial organization heralding NATO, EU, UN, Vatican and multilateral globalism. Plejaren's purpose and goal on Earth is assistance to the Codex mission of the ancient prophet Nokodemion, who later included 7 additional prophets, as Henoch, Elia, Jesaia, Jeremia, Immanuel (Jesus Christ), Muhammad and Billy Meier. Plejaren Federation, Billy Meier and the FIGU Institute preserve Nokodemion's identity and story as a holy grail of ancient life wisdom, whose teachings influence the ethical and moral behavior of people in the Universe. The Vatican and the Federal Reserve also preserve God's story of the "Father, Son and Holy Spirit", with Christian churches for banking and taxation of petro-dollar and international currencies.

Meanwhile, after reincarnation cycles, the true Nokodemion has changed lives, until the last life of Peter Vincent Pry, with clones George Soros and David Rockefeller. Presented with the true triad of multilateral clones, Plejaren's purpose and goal on Earth immediately become apparent as the bedrock of the war economy, Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) and Military Industrial Complex (MIC). Furthermore, Plejaren Federation's logo is NATO's logo, hidden in plain sight.

Hiding the holy grail of Nokodemion's Codex with the 7 prophets as Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Billy Meier and clones, for millions of years, is a heavy conscience duty and expensive spiritual debt. Ironically, the primordial reason why Plejaren maintained the story of Nokodemion has been the Codex mission, for balancing the spiritual debt, but they accrue perpetual new guilty conscience. Codex balancing is synonymous to Vatican's debt economy, of incalculable debts and endless money printing, until the last hyperinflation and ice age.

The original spiritual debts were created millions of years ago, when Nokodemion's warriors from Waron, Lyren, organized a "Spiritual Invasion" to teach "Creation" on colonies such as Earth's Antarctica. Instead of teaching spirituality, they violently captured, tortured and murdered people, as in the Nazi Holocaust, which accrued spiritual debts. Codex assumes that those ancient murderers and their victims will eventually balance the life energy, in a new life, on the same time and space configuration. For millions of years, the Codex mission has been methodologically and spatially impossible, but the residing hegemons maintained the Codex story for domination and control with the war economy.

The guilty Codex conscience of Plejaren Federation, NATO, EU, UN, Vatican and globalists must be expressed via an unsuspecting third party, so they invented the construct of "unidentified phenomenon", "terrorism", "war", "national security state", "alien invasion", "pandemics". NASA's director Werner von Braun organized the fear-mongering threats and events, such as risks from the "Russians, terrorists, rogue nations, asteroid (Apophis) and aliens". Millions of war profiteers from the governments, corporations and media profited and are profiting from "warning" about the premeditated threats, and later "reporting" when they happened.

NASA's cowardly "conflict-resolution" strategy with 5 fear threats for CIA's "National Security State" Russians, terrorists, rogue nations, asteroid and aliens

During the most fearful terroristic event of the bombing of the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001, encrypted on USD bills, the multilayered journalists reported before it happened. Earth Alliance's Donald Trump (Nazi General George S. Patton) warned it will happen in his book "The America We Deserve", published in 2000. Throughout their "warnings" and "reporting", they essentially express the underlying crime plotted with Plejaren's Bible and Henoch prophecies, but coated with multiple layers of complications, new names, new warriors factions and uniforms, new geographic locations or axes.

An example of Donald Trump's guilt levying by "warning" about terrorism from the Bible and Henoch prophecies

America's Catholic NATO and CIA and Russia's Orthodox mightiest army are two sides of the same petro-dollar coin for balancing Codex spiritual debts with the Bible and Henoch prophecies, and ICC and MIC. The United States and Russia, together with the participating countries in World War III, are not enemies, but close allies executing the Bible and Henoch prophecies, from the same Plejaren Federation NATO. After World War III, the same countries planned to continue to a new space war environment with the Artemis Accords, this time with the regressed timeline of Star Trek. Incidentally, Plejaren's revered Nokodemion was Picard during Star Trek.

America's Catholic NATO and CIA, and Russia's Orthodox mightiest army are two sides of the same petro-dollar coin for balancing Codex spiritual debts with the Bible and Henoch prophecies, and the ICC and MIC.

Plejaren Federation report the premeditated crime details in the Contact Reports with Billy Meier, with a motive of unidentified UFOs, ufology and alien encounters.

During the last occasion of guilt reporting, Plejaren essentially confessed that the weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin has been closely collaborating with Plejaren's NATO, for the terrestrial wars, until the latest war in Ukraine, from the Bible and Henoch prophecies. Ufology and aliens are a war-profiting field throughout the world, exploited by charlatans, who maintain the "unidentified phenomenon" construct, for domination and control with market manipulation. Pressurized from the peer group of new war profiteers, Plejaren recently reminded about an earlier encounter in June 1981, by Skunk Works test pilot Harold “Hal” Farley Jr. with Asket's UFO. They also reminded that Billy Meier has similar encounters with aliens, who provide him the "warnings" about Earth's destruction, such as the San Francisco disaster in the future, also seen in Hollywood's movie "San Andreas".

"Asket also told me that she had entrusted Wendelle Stevens with the date and location of an upcoming secret test flight concerning a secret new type of fighter aircraft called F 117A, which would take place in the month of June 1981 in an area called ‘Groom Lake’. This tempted him, with their help, to enter the area and remain hidden, and then, when the test flight was carried out, to take a large number of photographs at the risk of his life. If he had been noticed by the many guards who secured the whole area, then, as Asket said, he would have been shot immediately without a call."

The 1st secret flight of a new type of Lockheed Martin fighter aircraft Nighthawk F-117A (79-0780) on 18 June 1981, had a premeditated encounter with Plejaren's friend Asket's UFO, above Groom Lake, Nevada (Area 51), photographed by Wendelle Stevens.

Plejaren Federation are NATO with the ICC and MIC for war economy, with Nokodemion's Codex story

In this cowardly war and unidentified mystery environment, the war profiteers continue deceiving gullible audiences, hiding behind Plejaren's and NATO's story of Nokodemion, God and his clones. Because there is no perfect crime and they are fully controlled, discovered and exposed, with their unintelligent and unwise guilt reporting, the war profiteers enable easier prosecution of premeditated crime with details about the crimes and participants.


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