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Making Peace with Nature - 80% Undermined SDGs

The Great Reset from the World Economic Forum is accompanied by multilateral stakeholders for artificial communism with vaccination and transition to a central bank of IMF. The Great Reset measures environmental, social and governmental goals (ESG), synonymous to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

The Great Reset and SDGs are prepared as economic and environmental responses to the COVID-19 epidemic and climate change. The economic recovery of the depression for Tribulation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Muhammad) is possible only after vaccination with mRNA. The extraterrestrial goal of vaccination and quarantine is to erase DNA and monitor the electromagnetic frequencies for Codex restructuring. The terrestrial goal of COVID-19 and climate change is economic depression, solved by monetary stimulus from the Federal Reserve, for creating inflation, depreciation and deleveraging of fiat petro-dollar debt. The deleveraging of accounted debt is executed by black military projects with incalculable and unaccountable debt from the military-industrial complex.

The example of the fiat deleveraging portrays the nihilism and mathematical inconsistencies of the Plejaren Federation who control the Akashic Records without free will. The Universe and Earth are governed by prophecies and military strategies.

Nokodemion and the 7 prophets prophesized and warned of environmental destruction and pandemics as AIDS and Ebola. The virus COVID-19 has homologous RNA as HIV, while Ebola is recurring in Africa. The viruses from the Plejaren Federation are healed by vaccines with mRNA for artificial lifeforms. In addition, the mRNA is erasing the primordial DNA of the vaccinated people. The chemical composition acidifies the blood pH causing scorching from increased solar and cosmic radiation from the Pleiadian Photon Belt. Equal to deleveraging, vaccination is a nihilist and inconsistent timeline.

“COVID recovery and our planet’s repair must be two sides of the same coin.” - UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

The Great Reset ESGs and SDGs targets for economic recovery are conditional on vaccination and healing of COVID-19. The latest report from the United Nations Environment Programme "Making Peace with Nature" is a blueprint for climate, biodiversity and pollution emergencies. The report tackles the progression of the SDGs and expresses the hollow nature of SDGs and ESGs.

"For too long, we have been waging a senseless and suicidal war on nature. The result is three interlinked environmental crises: climate disruption, biodiversity loss and pollution that threaten our viability as a species." - UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

New report from the United Nations Environment Programme: "Making Peace with Nature"

COVID-19 medical emergency preoccupies government budgets and political action, thus preventing the acceleration of economic and social transformations for assessment of the planetary emergency. The electromagnetic duo of COVID-19 and climate change, loss of biodiversity and ecosystem integrity, are expected to undermine the SDGs execution by 80%. The endangered SDGs are pertaining to the reduction of poverty, hunger, water, cities, climate, pollution and waste from economic growth:

  • Environmental decline impedes progress on economic development and ending poverty (SDGs 1 and 8)

  • The Earth’s capacity to supply food and water weakens in the face of environmental decline (SDGs 2 and 6)

  • The deteriorating environmental health of the planet undermines human health (SDG 3)

  • Environmental change accentuates inequalities (SDGs 5 and 10)

  • Environmental degradation impedes efforts to promote peace (SDG 16)

  • Environmental degradation hampers efforts to make cities and communities sustainable (SDG 11)

The undermining of SDGs alludes to execution risks for the ESGs of the Great Reset. The Paris Agreement was already ruled to have missed goals, by a case brought from Greenpeace France, Oxfam France, the Nicolas Hulot Foundation and Notre Affaire a Tous. Economists and investors are prepared for the last irrecoverable economic depression of the monetarist economy.

The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres claims that "2021 is a make it or break it year". To achieve a successful year, the world has to align to new goals, in leu of extraterrestrial acknowledgment for the reason for COVID-19 and climate change quarantine.

Earth's gases were densified for 646 billion years and the solid body took form for 46 billion years. Life began with the solar system, 4.5 billion years ago. The artificial society imposes nihilist requirements for fast speed with artificial technology, nanotechnology and 5G. The biological life follows a random walk by free will.

Environmentalist propaganda for the execution of SDGs: "Making Peace with Nature"


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