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"Leaders Summit on Climate" for Ice Age from Henoch

On the occasion of Earth Day from 22-23 April, President Joseph Biden hosted the "Leaders Summit on Climate" with 40 world leaders.

The new Democratic Administration of the United States rejoined the Paris Agreement. In February 2021, a climate case prepared by 4 NGOs in 2018 was ruled favorably against France and the Paris Agreement.

The Great Reset hegemony, signatories of the Paris Agreement, Federal Reserve (BlackRock), Vatican, EU, UN and WEF are unanimous for decreasing greenhouse CO2 gases by 55% until 2030, reaching net zero emissions by 2050 and keeping temperatures 1.5C and 2C above preindustrial levels.

Solar meteorologists and plasma cosmologists announce intensive volcanic activity and rising levels of SO2 for stratospheric sulfur aerosols and ice age. The ice age from the Henoch prophecies is a formerly classified CIA project, of "The Adam and Eve Story" and crustal displacement theories from CIA's co-founder Charles Hapgood. The globalists executives of the Great Reset can afford ice age with projects as SCoPEx, mimicking volcanoes and cooling global temperatures.

Earth Day for "Leaders Summit on Climate" preceded future UN Climate Change Conference COP26

The future UN Climate Change conference is COP26 in Glasgow, in November 2021. The accompanying UN 17 SDGs goals (WEF ESG goals) are undermined by 80%, cited in UNEP's latest report "Making Peace with Nature".

The endangered SDGs are pertaining to reduction of poverty, hunger, water, cities, climate, pollution and waste from economic growth:

  • Environmental decline impedes progress on economic development and ending poverty (SDGs 1 and SDG 8)

  • The Earth’s capacity to supply food and water weakens in the face of environmental decline (SDGs 2 and SDG 6)

  • The deteriorating environmental health of the planet undermines human health (SDG 3)

  • Environmental change accentuates inequalities (SDGs 5 and SDG 10)

  • Environmental degradation impedes efforts to promote peace (SDG 16)

  • Environmental degradation hampers efforts to make cities and communities sustainable (SDG 11)

"Loss of biodiversity and ecosystem integrity, together with climate change and pollution will undermine our efforts on 80 per cent of assessed SDG Targets, making it even more difficult to report progress on poverty reduction, hunger, health, water, cities and climate. We need to look no further than the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, a zoonotic disease, i.e. transmitted from animal to human, to know that the finely-tuned system of the natural world has been disrupted. And finally, the “toxic trail” of economic growth–pollution and waste which results every year in the premature deaths of millions of people across the world." - Inger Andersen, UNEP Executive Director Foreword

The COP26 Climate Change conference and G7 Summit are timelines for SDGs, undermined by 80%

The latest UNEP report for progress and implementation of the SDGs states they are undermined by 80%

"The Fall of Babylon" with World War III from Russia and China

World War III from the Henoch prophecies is executed for "The Fall of Babylon" from the Bible prophecies. The Henoch prophecies expect Russia's militarization in the Arctic Arkhangelsk and attack in the summer. Earlier provocations by Russia and China are creating public tensions and fears for retaliation by the United States and NATO, with tit-tat and nuclear attack on the US for "The Fall of Babylon".

All war aggressors comprise the Biblical Beast from Orion with 5(7) heads and 10 horns. The Beast is interpreted as either the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council or G7 with nuclear arms, collectively members of G20. Russia, China, US, UK, France and Germany with G20 countries are privileged partners in crime of the Great Reset simulations for "Build Back Better".

The privileged simulations for COVID-19 pandemics (Event 201), cyber attack (Cyber Polygon) or asteroid (NASA simulation) are enriching a minority of globalists from Great Reset, and destroying the global population with economic depression, unemployment, refugee displacement and psychological violence. Their terrestrial goal is financial centralization and property theft with BlackRock. The extraterrestrial goal is electromagnetic reconstruction of "karmic" timelines on Earth and Alpha Centauri, for ancient Codex from Antarctica, Mars and Malona.

The predictable war scenarios are past wars from Yugoslavia and the Middle East in Syria. Russia has already cried wolf to the international hegemony and NATO. Russia is stating fears of Ukrainian violence against Russian minorities and citing the example of the genocides in Yugoslavia's Srebrenica. Russia annexed the small peninsula of Crimea from peaceful Ukraine and continues with provocation of Ukraine by amassing 80,000-150,000 soldier troops on the Ukrainian border, while vetoing Ukraine's accession in NATO.

On a parallel timeline, Russia withdrew the troops from Ukraine, but continued attacking American soldiers with lasers for provocation of the United States. For response against NATO and the West, China allied with Russia, for a mission of domination of the artificial Universe. Russia is pretending as anti-globalist and anti- transhumanist, while the President Vladimir Putin has installed a nanotechnology chip.

Ukraine is a peace seeking country and has clearly expressed it is being forced in a war by Russia. On the Bible timelines, the Beast from Orion is attacking the lambs, and washing their robes white.

Georgia Rally for First 100 Days and Georgia Guidestones of Nazi Commandments

President Biden will visit Atlanta, Georgia, on 29 April, for a drive-in rally, commemorating the first 100 days in office and future agenda. In June, the Administration will travel to the United Kingdom and Belgium for G7, NATO and EU summits. The G7 and EU summits will tackle climate change policies, employment and infrastructure agendas with the SDGs and Great Reset ESGs.

For the escalating tensions with Russia, President Biden invited meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, during the NATO summit in June.

Georgia Guidestones are 170km away from Atlanta, of the future Presidential drive-in rally for first 100 days

The symbolic rally in Georgia is reminiscent of Hitler's Nazi rallies in Zeppelin Grandstand in Nuremberg, before World War II. The Georgia Guidestones are located 170 km from Atlanta. The 10 commandments for depopulation agenda to 500 million people are precedence from Plejaren and Orion Nazi cartel with God Nokodemion ("walk-ins" Hitler and Prince Charles). Before the 1st Nokodemion, the Universe was a peaceful household of free will, exploration of life and science.

Nokodemion and Plejaren Federation with worlds of 550 million people shape Earth's extinction timelines

"The Little Mermaid" is allegorical cartoon from Atlantis in 12,000 BC and before the new Codex

"The New Heaven and the New Earth" on Mars

The Biblical new Universe for China's hegemony is planned on Mars. The red planet has been long inhabited by colonies of people, conducting secret business meetings between Illuminati's NASA and SSP factions.

NASA was created by Orion's Cabal (Illuminati) for black military projects and competition with Nazi technology of Plejaren Federation. NASA's incentives are continued public misinformation and market asymmetries for domination and control of commerce and patents.

NASA's latest public announcement is a successful 40 second flight of the helicopter Ingenuity on Mars' thin atmosphere, with 96% carbon dioxide. Ingenuity was a celebrated achievement as Apollo's landing on the moon by Illuminati astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

NASA's Ingenuity flight was celebrated achievement as NASA and Hollywood's Apollo 11 moon landing

The moon was Earth's companion for holographic sound frequencies from Andromeda. The frequencies were demonized with chemtrails by planes, redirecting satellites and lunar eclipses. The moon hosted civilization colonies earlier than Hollywood's historical "small step for man, giant leap for mankind".

NASA manipulated Mars' atmosphere and photoshopped a red sky. Mars' atmosphere is breathable with light blue sky. SSP super soldiers on Mars wear patrol suits for supplemental oxygen from technology as Rover's MOXIE (Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment).

MOXIE is a technology that warms CO2 to 800C temperatures for separation of molecular oxygen and carbon monoxide. NASA's experiment of 2 hours warming created 5.4 grams of oxygen, sufficing for 10 minutes subsistence for astronauts.

NASA's Rover with MOXIE technology for conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen and carbon monoxide

New Universe and Soul Groups

New Universe Creation has a very favorable momentum with disclosed truth of rebellion, speculation, crime and extinction. The 1st Vegan Nokodemion died in 9.6 billion BC, with a secret of unrequited love, foundation of Nazi Codex, modern "karma" and Plejaren-Orion banking prophecies for extinction of species and destruction of planets. The Vega misbehaving loyalists and Draco-Reptilians are extinct races with eugenics in spaceships.

Black Nobility from Orion and Plejaren Federation control the Universe with fully controlled military tyranny

The criminality of the ancient Universe and Codex for finance is a blessing in disguise for reversed alchemy of money to time (Sun sine wave as Earth's Schumann resonance).

Earth's society, economy and finance has educated multitude of new Prime Creators with managerial capabilities for organizations of people with mission and vision.

New Universes are already on Earth and waiting to be empowered and developed on the Multiverse with stories, sciences and constitution.

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