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Hitler's Zeppelin Grandstand and White Temple of 144,000

The origin of religion and deification on Earth has ancient and post-Atlantean roots. Atlantis was the last multidimensional extraterrestrial colony, when Earth was traveling around Alcyone with 5D consciousness. The survivors of Atlantis escaped to Egypt, Babylon and Asia and built the ancient UrRean Kingdom and Babylonian Empire. After 4,000 years, the civilizations of Egypt and Babylon merged with organized religion and banking hegemony from the Vatican.

Getreuer, Anunnaki and Archon controlled the new banking and military-industrial complex from the Plejaren Federation and Orion Empire. The first Roman Empire with the prophet Jesus Christ had a mission to connect the church and state, for taxation, money and government investments. Jesus was born as Caesarion (Immanuel), son of Julius Caesar, Pontifex Maximus of Rome and Cleopatra of Egypt. Julius rejected Jesus Christ who escaped to India and established early Christianity. Christianity is a very opaque and mysterious religion with confusing propaganda, such as the crucifixion of Jesus and antisemitism.

On one hand, Jesus was collecting taxes for the church of Tiberius Caesar and God. On the other hand, he refused to pay taxes and proclaimed himself as King of the Jews, which infuriated Pontius Pilate and led to the false crucifixion. Jesus had a very dynamic life with the Akashic Records in Ireland on Earth and the Milky Way. He died of natural death and the crucifixion was abused for antisemitism by the Third Reich of the Holy Roman Empire.

The Third Reich of Adolf Hitler rekindled Christianity and reconnected the church and state with church taxes. After 2,000 years, antisemitism was reinstated as motivation for racial persecution of the Jewish minorities on the European continent. The Third Reich needed the war for the introduction of a new timeline for high-technology and modern capitalism from Wall Street. The bankers from Wall Street and the industrial cartel of IG Farben financed Hitler's rise to the Third Reich for world domination.

Hitler was a "walk-in" for Nokodemion and behaved as God on Earth. After World War I, the League of Nations was promoted as the political expression of God's Kingdom on Earth. Hitler opposed the League of Nations and established the Third Reich as the Biblical Kingdom of God, prophesized by the Bible Book of Daniel, for King Nebuchadnezzar's feet of iron and clay. Hitler claimed that his Third Reich would last for 1,000 years and create a new world.

The Third Reich indoctrination of the Holocaust began in Germany's city of Nuremberg in the state of Bavaria. Hitler commissioned the architect Albert Speer to build the Congress Hall after the demolition of the Nuremberg zoo. They built a triumphal stadium for parades, ramparts and towers bearing flagpoles for spectators, a 370 meter-long colonnaded grandstand with a golden hall and gilded ceiling mosaics, swastika reliefs and rostrum for Nazi propaganda.

The Zeppelin Grandstand held a crucial symbolism of the Getreuer from Bible Revelation 7. The hall resembled the White Temple of Alcyone with 144 pillars on a platform of 1,000 feet. The 144,000 White-robed Multitude were washing their robes white in the blood of the Lamb and ruled with the Lamb for thousand years, of the New World Order.

The stadium Zeppelin Grandstand hosted week-long rallies, tanks firing flak at airplanes thundering over the field, men displaying virility with tree trunks, and girls dances to showcase the future mothers of the supremacist race. Hitler's loyalists visited Zeppelin every September from 1933 to 1938, until the 1939 event was canceled before the start of World War II.

After the US troops declared victory over Germany and captured the territories in 1945, they hosted their parades with an explosion that destroyed the golden swastika on the entrance of the grandstand. In 1967, Nuremberg authorities bombarded the 144 double-row pillars without maintenance and damaged the rest of the building. The Zeppelin site was preserved since 1973 and open later in 2007, with damp corrosion, broken stairs, dry rot and mildew.

The remnants of the site became the second-largest Nazi-era building and a sports field for US troops after the war and concerts for American celebrities as Bob Dylan, Tina Turner and Rolling Stones. The Zeppelin remained a controversial site for the city of Nuremberg, faced with a decision whether to conserve the ruined site or have a managed decay. Preserving the complex of 140,000 square meters symbolized the glorification of memories of the Third Reich Holocaust and Hitler's megalomania.

The city of Nuremberg decided to conserve the ruins of the current state and enable full access to the public for historical education. The state of Bavaria estimated costs of €85m, half-funded by the German federal government and half-funded by the state of Bavaria and Nuremberg.

The Documentation Center will expand with information stations around the site and the grandstand hall will receive a new "project room". The purpose of the renovation by 2025 is to inspire the citizens of Nuremberg to visit the site for leisure and educational activities.

Remainder of Zeppelin Grandstand rostrum and stairs


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