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Historical Acknowledgment of Nokodemion - God

The Universe was founded as a matriarchal household by an ancient Lyra-Vega twin flame with Nokodemion. Throughout the young ages, Nokodemion ventured to the Ciakar Universe for space travel technology, and brought the Draconians of doom. The Universal demon Tiamat demonized Nokodemion and caused his supremacist rebellion as Lucifer. After the fall of Lucifer and his elimination from the Angelic management, the new twin flame continued with the management of the Universe and worlds. The undestined love of Nokodemion became the thriller of Hitler and Nefertiti, Apollodorus and Cleopatra. The Universe had female and male prophets, as Ascended Masters for ethics, moral, order, values and virtues.

After Nokodemion died, successive "Nokodemion" personalities maintained the management of the Akashic Records and Creation with tyrannical laws and recommendations. The Luciferian rebellion in the Multiverse was rising with hostility, betrayals, exiles and fallen angels. Reincarnation science presumes that every new life has a different personality, identity and name. The real Nokodemion died on Waron, and "Nokodemion" was preserved for domination and control with patriarchy from Orion. Without Tiamat, Nokodemion was reincarnating as the peaceful wizard Merlin, prophet Henoch-Moses-Abraham, philosopher Democritus, Erasmus and poet Dante Alighieri.

Nokodemion and Henoch lineage from Sadr (9.6 billion BC) until Atlantis and Great Reset

The 1st Nokodemion was controlled by the elders from Plejaren, for the unacknowledged execution of prophecies. For example, during the Orion Wars, 10 million years ago, the Pleiadian elders revoked the powerful spirit of the prophet Merlin on Sirius, for peace among the rebels from the Galactic Federation and Orion Empire.

Nokodemion was Merlin the Unifier and Merlin the Magician, who established peace on Sirius

Nokodemion was also Henoch (Henok) with a 3-fold appearance (Henoch I, II, III). On Earth, Henoch II first incarnated as Moses from the Egyptian UrRean Kingdom with Isis and Osiris. Moses was studying the deluge of Atlantis with Hermes Trismegistus. He wrote the Book of Genesis, with a Great Flood with Noah, while Hermes wrote the Emerald Tablet. The prophet Henoch III was Abraham and the same Egyptian Moses who lived under the Giza pyramid, but traveled to Mesopotamia for the development of civilization. Egyptian Osiris also traveled to Mesopotamia with the name Enki. Enki and his brother Enlil quarreled over spacecraft landing sites in Israel and Iraq, which led to an accidental nuclear detonation by Enlil. Abraham had uranium and nuclear weapons from Sirius, with which he caused a nuclear detonation in Mesopotamia, to punish the people from Sodom and Gomorrah.

Henoch-Moses-Abraham wrote the Book of Henoch, warning about nuclear and environmental destruction, that happened in Sodom and Gomorrah, with nuclear weapons and a meteorite. The Bible included only the Book of Genesis and excluded The Book of Henoch, which was the only historical record of nuclear war, before the modern wars.

Noah was a grandson of Henoch, who lived in Mesopotamia and installed the Ark on Mount Ararat in Turkey, with the vicinity to Mesopotamia. The location of the alleged Great Flood of Atlantis was near Gibraltar on the Atlantic Ocean. The survivors of Atlantis moved to Egypt, Babylon and Asia. The Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations emerged. Noah survived a later flood in Mesopotamia, caused by a meteorite hurled to cover the nuclear war.

Nuclear war in Babylon was covered with the Genesis Great Flood of Noah, with an inconsistent timeline

The later reincarnation of Nokodemion was Democritus, who was a philosopher and scientist in Greece of the pre-Socratic age. Socrates was a teacher to Plato, who lectured Aristotle in ancient Greece. The essence of matter in the Universe is thought by comparison between Democritus' atoms and Aristotle's 4 elements of earth (C), air (O), fire (N) and water (H).

Nokodemion was the Greek philosopher Democritus who established the theory of the "Atom"

Nokodemion was Desiderius Erasmus, who was a European humanist and translated the New Testament of the Bible from Greek to Latin. He believed in the church and grace of God, and started the Reformation movement, inherited by Martin Luther. The Christian Bible was a religious manuscript for prophet Immanuel (Jesus Christ), son of God "Nokodemion", with spirit from Nokodemion and Plejaren Federation. The Bible was prepared on Orion with merged civilizations and mythology from Egypt and Babylon.

Nokodemion was Desiderius Erasmus who translated the Bible New Testament for the Reformation

Nokodemion was Dante Alighieri and the most renowned poet of the Renaissance with immortal and beloved "Divine Comedy". Dante had unrequited love for his muse Beatrice, and epitomized the concept of twin flame, on the highest circle of divine unity.

Universal prophet Nokodemion, Merlin the Magician, Henoch I, II, III, Moses, Democritus, Erasmus and Dante

The Universe was darkened by malevolent galactic sentients, with self-promotion, domination and control. While Nokodemion reincarnated as Henoch-Moses-Abraham, Democritus, Erasmus or Dante, the galactic mafia was causing havoc on the worlds under domination and control. The real Nokodemion, as Desiderius Erasmus, translated the manuscript of the Bible New Testament for the prophet Jesus Christ (Immanuel) from a different "Nokodemion". Jesus Christ (Immanuel) was born as Caesarion to Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. Nokodemion is Peter Vincent Pry who worked for the neo-Nazi National Security institutions CIA and the Department of Homeland Security, with the Bible and Henoch prophecies, from his stolen ancient patriarchal identity of Nokodemion.

Although a poet, Nokodemion, Henoch or Erasmus was not the author of the terroristic Henoch and Bible prophecies, which are the foundation for the destruction of Earth with Tribulation, economic depression, famine, pandemics, COVID-19, Ebola, HIV, World War III and ice age. The authors and executives of terrorism, extinction, extermination and destruction from the Henoch and Bible prophecies come from a malevolent galactic mafia Plejaren Federation (NATO).

Nokodemion was prophet Henoch, who did not write the modern Henoch prophecies with time travel

The real Nokodemion was unacknowledged for the execution of timelines by the manager Nokodemion with "walk-in" Nokodemion.

1. The real 1st Nokodemion is Peter Vincent Pry, who is an unacknowledged employee of the neo-Nazi National Security institutions CIA and Department of Homeland Security. The "National Security State" was established after World War II, which was initiated with anti-Semitic persecution of the Jews, as revenge for the false crucifixion of prophet Jesus Christ (Immanuel), by Nokodemion's walk-in Adolf Hitler. The Department of Homeland Security was founded after 9/11 from the Henoch prophecies, from different and more evil malevolent sentients from Orion. "National Security State" after WWII with the CIA was the early foundation of a fully controlled military surveillance for the technocratic New World Order with the centralization of King Nebuchadnezzar's 5th Kingdom of the Holy Roman Empire with the European Union and Second Jesus (Muhammad). The "National Security State" of the CIA, NSA, FBI and KGB operates with the principle of conflict-resolution. They include premeditated religious triad wars and conflicts, COVID-19 viruses and vaccines, climate forcing and climate funds (COP26) for BlackRock and UN's treasury of collateralized birth certificates and Akashic Records on Orion. Orion's Nazi NASA director Werner von Braun foreshadowed the 5 dangers for Earth after WWII, starting from Russians, terrorists from the Henoch prophecies, rogue nations in the Middle East, NASA's asteroids and aliens' invasion. The threats to Earth required a "National Security State" from the Orion patriarchy with multilateral institutions. The patriarchy of Nokodemion had a timeline for Project Blue Beam with the Second Roman Empire, for the Second Jesus.

2. The "walk-in" for Nokodemion is Prince Charles for the Great Reset. The former "walk-in" were Adolf Hitler with unrequited love for Nefertiti and Apollodorus with unrequited love for Cleopatra. Apollodorus was a member of the government, who connected Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, for the birth of Jesus.

3. The clones of Nokodemion are George Soros and David Rockefeller from the post-WWII multilateral hegemony with religion, finance and military.

4. Plejaren's Nokodemion is Barack Obama, who manages the Akashic Records and prophecies for the military economy and WWIII.

Nokodemion and Goddess Isis with Hermes Trismegistus were philosophers of the UrRean Kingdom

Nokodemion was the wizard Gargamel, giant to the blue (extra)terrestrial Pleiadians from the "The Smurfs"

The rebellion in the Multiverse became a medical case for psychiatry from the modified Akashic Records, fragmented spirits, clones, soul transfers, "walk-in", space travel, dematerialization or re-materialization without professional preparation. The modification of the Akashic Records is voyeurism and sadism with a multiple personalities disorder. The prophets have an official name from their Creator, and numerous different names for the public and gullible believers. Prophet Henoch was Moses and Abraham. Prophet Immanuel was born as Caesarion, and became Jesus Christ for Christianity with banking, finance and taxation.

The 1st Nokodemion, Peter Pry, who started the rebellion is the most unacknowledged about the more evil galactic mafia. The real Nokodemion was eliminated from the management of the Akashic Records.

The Galactic Federation and Earth Alliance liberated the moon and Mars from Reptilians and Greys for new timelines, with the intention of substitution of the top management of the Akashic Records and continued patriarchal domination and supremacism.

Plejaren Federation and Orion are inexcusable criminals with prophecies for the nihilist extinction of humanity, flora and fauna. The discovery of the true Creation story of rebellion and undestined love is the last piece of the historical puzzle.


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