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God's Hegemony and NATO: Outlawed

Earth's Luciferian world order was organized with a complicated hegemony with religion, debt finance and NATO. The ancient Anunnaki dynasty, originally founded by the rebellious Lucifer and the Beast Tiamat, became the inspiration for the military-industrial complex. Anunnaki and NATO were established on Sirius, 12 million years ago. Although the original founders of Anunnaki died, a core group of misbehaving loyalists preserved this story from the Akashic Records and continued the legacies with clones.

The Olympic torch of God Lucifer with the Beast, religious invasion, debt and NATO was passed on for millions of years, through a secretive alliance of clones, who controlled the Akashic Records.

On Earth, the Anunnaki infiltration began as early as 5,000 years ago, after the meltdown of the last ice age. While the Nephilim from Sirius lived in Egypt, the Anunnaki inhabited Babylon and began preparing the world for the successive One World globalization. Anunnaki's goal for a centralized and globalized One World was expressed with the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar. The last and 5th Kingdom of Anunnaki was planned with the Holy Roman Empire and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The timelines for the Holy Roman Empire followed the Bible and Henoch prophecies.

Anunnaki's plan for One World globalization from Babylon, the Roman Empire and America with UN and EU

Anunnnaki and globalist clones achieved fully controlled surveillance of Earth with a National Security State and militarized economy. Nevertheless, they were unsuccessful for establishing a civilization and society, because their goal is mutually exclusive extinction.

5 cards for war and terrorism with God's hegemony, the Bible, National Security State and NATO

God's hegemony with NATO, religion and debt has finally reached the imminent end, due to various reasons:

1) Earth's NATO was established by the Dark Fleet after WWII, with neo-Nazis who escaped to the US and infiltrated the corporations, military and governments. After WWII, Nazi scientist Werner von Braun delivered a plan for world domination with 5 cards. The 5 cards precisely outlined the war economy. The 1st threat identified by the neo-Nazi was the Soviet Union, which led to the creation of NATO. The idea for NATO was obtained from the ancient Multinational Peacekeeping Troops, founded by the original God (Peter Vincent Pry) on Sirius, 12 million years ago. Besides NATO, Earth has numerous versions of similar multinational peacekeeping troops.

2) The neo-Nazi world order from America was founded and sponsored by God's illegal clones. Peter Pry had petro-dollar clones as David Rockefeller and George Soros. The cloning of humans is a violation of human rights or punishable by imprisonment on Earth. All globalists from Earth's governments, Royal families and Hollywood are illegal clones, from a Luciferian soul group.

3) The 5 cards for global terrorism were accompanied by the Bible and Henoch prophecies, managed by Luciferian heralds Plejaren Federation (Galactic Federation) with several factions as Dark Fleet and associated Solar Warden (NASA and Navy). The nuclear war in Ukraine was allegorically expressed by Bible Revelation 18: The Fall of Babylon, and explicitly announced by the Henoch prophecies. The post-WWII neo-Nazi hegemony developed a mutually exclusive rules-based order of hypocrisy and illegality.

The plan for the Fall of Babylon was a nuclear war between Russia, US and NATO. The scenario was improvised after WWII and included a proxy of the formerly Soviet country Ukraine. NATO was established for protection from the Soviet Union (Russia), but Russia became a permanent member of UNSC with veto power for NATO. Russia's veto in UNSC outlaws a legal authorization of NATO's collective defense, in which case, NATO can launch a mission with exceptional measures, without UNSC, and at the request of governments. The exceptional measures can be applied only for conflicts between former WWII enemies. In the context of a World War III, these countries are Russia and Germany, while Russia and US are former Allies. Therefore, the proxy war in Ukraine was a futile timeline, which only reinforced the illegal hypocrisy, which will eventually outlaw the hegemony.

God's hegemony on Earth was established from Babylon and will end without the Second Coming of Jesus

In conclusion, God's hegemony has been outlawed from various fronts. The idea for NATO was stolen from the Akashic Records of Peter Pry, who founded Multinational Peacekeeping Troops on Sirius, 12 million years ago. The military-industrial complex was managed by illegal clones of Peter Pry, especially for the petro-dollar, such as David Rockefeller and George Soros. Eventually, the scenario for a proxy nuclear war in Ukraine is illegal and bizarre, because NATO cannot launch collective defense for a non-member state Ukraine, Russia can veto a UNSC resolution, and exceptional measures can be applied only for a conflict between Russia and Germany.

The reason for the political hypocrisy has ancient roots in genetics and galactic wars between the crystalline Angelic species and carbon Draconian dragons. This galactic war was reminisced before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, as a battle between the Woman (virgin mother of Jesus) and the Dragon Tiamat, from Revelation 12. The first Angelic species manifest the future time and space with praise and free will, which develops a perfectly synchronized reality and self-sustaining environment. The latter carbon dragons do not manifest time, and have to struggle to counterfeit past lives and souls, with a complex hegemony of National Security State with tyranny and chaos.

Eventually, the crucial battle between the Woman and the Dragon is a battle between free will and tyranny, freedom or suppression, a progressive future and a regressive past.

The Draconians who stole the Anunnaki story and souls from the Luciferian soul group exhausted all timelines from the past, but cannot manifest a future time with free will and praise. The historical time of the final end of God's outlawed Anunnaki hegemony of clones has arrived.


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