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Codex and "Karmic Timelines" of World War III

World War III is a timeline of the Henoch prophecies, from Plejaren Federation. Earth had 7 prophets after Atlantis, for assistance with Codex, levied from ancient colonies in Antarctica, Mars and Malona.

Antarctica was the first location of colonization by the core group of 144,000 Getreuer from Sadr, Waron, for teaching Creation by Nokodemion. Mars and Malona were inhabited by people. After numerous cataclysms, the souls from Mars were transferred on Earth's Akashic Records and Codex.

The ancient Codex was caused by information asymmetry on the Akashic Records, by Nokodemion's undisclosed unrequited love from the matriarchal founder. Nokodemion's secret and rebellion created opportunity for information manipulation with prophecies, deities and religion.

Reason for Codex from murders on colonies of worlds

Throughout the years, Nokodemion's secret progressed with "walk-in" personalities as Apollodorus and Adolf Hitler. Apollodorus brought Cleopatra in a carpet to Julius Caesar, for the birth of prophet Immanuel for Codex from Plejaren and banking from Orion. Hitler loved the bust of Nefertiti during World War II.

Nokodemion plagiarized the spirit form of the wisest matriarchal founder of the Universe

History of Nokodemion

History of Nokodemion and Henoch

The current Nokodemion during World War III is a Draconian man, who does not know about the mythology and creates military industrial timelines. Nokodemion works with CERN for exploration of the Standard Model of the Universe with subatomic particles, artificial intelligence, nuclear fusion reactor, mRNA, GMO and nanotechnology.

The goal of Nokodemion and his allies is hostile takeover and reconstruction of artificial Universe, on pretense of information asymmetry. The economics comparable is the "Efficient Markets Hypothesis" of 3 forms of stock market efficiency, such as strong, semi-strong and weak form. Artificial and coerced market inefficiency with information asymmetries from insider trading, corruption and elitism created income inequality and bankruptcies of the economy. Galactic information asymmetries caused heat death of the Universe.

Nokodemion on Earth: Apollodorus with Cleopatra, Hitler with Nefertiti, Draconian Satanist in CERN

The ancient Codex methodology has been long lost with migration from galaxies. Modern "karmic timelines" of the military industrial complex apply David Hawkins electromagnetic consciousness scale on Milky Way.

There is a cognitive dissonance between the old Codex of dead Getreuer warriors and modern "karmic timelines" of nihilist super soldiers from the 5th Reich of Secret Space Program. World War III is a consequence of the undisclosed and unacknowledged historical mythology and chronology of events.

144,000 White robed Multitude from the Bible with pretense of ancient Codex for monstrous murders

Chronology of the 144,000 groups with commanders

The 7 prophets of Nokodemion after Atlantis, for assistance with Codex from colonies

Chronology of Nokodemion's spirit lineage with 7 prophets and derivatives

Nokodemion's mission was planned to last by 3999 for Codex or karmic clearance with Henoch prophecies

Mission requirements for Plejaren visiting worlds with Codex

The Henoch prophecies are ice age and World War III for China's domination of the artificial Universe

The Henoch prophecies are organized for China's hostile takeover and reconstruction of the Universe. The Nazi cartel from Vega's Plejaren Federation and Draco's Orion Empire dominates the Multiverse from the Akashic Records with galactic mafia, blackmailing and corruption.

China's genetic lineage is Vega Aryan for former migrants from Atlantis

Hypocrisies from Plejaren Federation and the prophets, supplying Earth with NATO's weapons and GMOs

World War III is aggression towards Ukraine as a White Lamb, by the Antichrist Beast from Orion.

World War III is unrequired prophecy and timeline for aggression, domination, control and takeover of a former problematic household of Zeus and Hera. The Creationist myth of Zeus and Hera was mired with blasphemy, adultery, betrayals and wars. The household does not exist on a Multiverse of free will.

China is entitled to the artificial Universe and is advised to establish peace, stop World War III and maintain diplomatic relations on the Multiverse with new Creators of new Universes.

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