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Billy Meier's Warnings for World War III and NATO

Plejaren Federation with the prophets Nokodemion, Jesus Christ (Immanuel), Muhammad and Billy Meier comprises the multilateral and multilayered world order from Orion, on a Codex mission. Codex was spiritual debt from the Akashic Records, after Nokodemion's warriors caused genocides on colonies, such as Antarctica on Earth, 51 million years ago. The Akashic Records of spiritual birth certificates became collateralized birth certificates for international finance and banking. When Nokodemion was Henoch-Abraham-Moses in Babylon, Orion's Codex became money.

Billy Meier is the last prophet from Plejaren Federation, assistant and middleman for the Codex mission. Prophet Jesus Christ was on a Codex mission with the sect Essenes that established banking and taxation from the Roman Catholic Church (Vatican - Federal Reserve).

The latest Contact Reports between Billy Meier and Bermunda explain the events from the war in Ukraine, future global famine and the murderous nature of NATO with the prophecies from Vatican.

Plejaren Federation (NATO) and the 7 prophets for Codex mission


Then let us begin … …

… That is now done, and I still have some time left before I have to leave again. Therefore, if you have anything else to say, I am all ears.


Actually, I do have something, and that is because of the war in the Ukraine. Namely, the time has now come when things are becoming quite precarious, because, if I remember correctly what I have known since the times of Sfath, then another dangerous phase is now beginning. This will actually consist of America starting to agitate against Russia in such a way that this side would be able to use bio- and chemical weapons. This will in a deliberate way be a deceitful incitement to Russia that it should indeed do so. On the other hand, there will be an open threat from America that nuclear weapons are to be used against Russia.


That is not what I am fa…


…familiar, I suppose you mean to say. But it is still in my memory and I also know what is going to happen. The whole thing is geared towards Russia losing its nerve and actually resorting to what America wants, in order to achieve by this means what officially is not yet being done, but which is to be, namely that NATO should intervene after all. The worldwide agitation against Russia has already resulted in a great deal of unbelievable hatred and vengefulness against Russia on the part of the majority of peoples and their governments. This is what Sfath and I noted at the time, precisely that this is coming and almost the whole world will react in a partisan way instead of staying out of it in this way and simply being helpful to those who are trying to escape it or otherwise need help. Switzerland and its government is also maliciously playing a part in this, as it has made a pig of Swiss neutrality through its partisanship by adopting the sanctions of the EU dictatorship and implementing them against Russia, thus destroying Switzerland's neutrality. Unfortunately, this is what happens when incompetents sit in government who are not educated enough to instruct and lead a country and its people within the framework of what is fundamentally correct and should be done. Unfortunately, this is the same in Switzerland as everywhere else in the world: incompetents are in charge of the government, even though they have no idea of what really needs to be done in this or that matter. This is especially true here in Switzerland, because how else could it be that the neutrality of the country is carelessly and thoughtlessly disregarded and thrown overboard? It is scho…


All the good teachings of the old prophets were fundamentally falsified by liars and deceivers at all times, even during the lifetime of the bringers of the teachings; but even more so after their demise, because the falsifiers no longer had any inhibitions to interpret everything according to their own meaning and to give free rein to their fantasies. In part, the old prophets themselves were fantasised into gods, such as Jmmanuel (note Billy: Jesus Christ as the Son of God), so that the most diverse religions, sects and false teachings came into being, through which the truth of reality was never able to penetrate. This, however, shall now slowly change through you and your written and worldwide spread teachings, precisely until that time when all that is foreseen will be fulfilled.

When you were born and taken under the protection of Sfath, it was already the first time that he secured your life, when this became necessary for the first time at your age of 6 months. You do not remember this, of course, nor do you remember other incidents that occurred, but which Sfath has listed in his annals, which is why we know more about your early life than you do. So I also know about many other things, for example, why the little ones are here, as you call them. They will be able to do some things, but probably not much, to tame the energies arising from religious belief, which are collected and concentrated with a special device. These are then amplified with the same device, after which these energies and forces are concentrated and directed towards human beings, and tremendous damage is done to them, which can be related to damage to health, as well as of a variety of other natures.



… it's good, I'm doing that right now, but it seems that the usual thing is happening here as well, as I've seen in other occurrences in wars. But what you have just said in relation to retrieving and writing down, of course I do not have that in mind, so also not that I write down what I have said. You should know that, besides, I know very well what Sfath said to me, and I have imprinted it in my memory in such a way that it is always present to me. Besides, we talk to each other. But what else did you want to say?


My words were to point out that basically it was the presidency of Ukraine, together with its like-minded people, who, out of high-handedness, with the help of America, wanted to join the international alliance of the murderous mercenary NATO and weaken Russia in this way. This because many of the Ukrainian and Russian people were against the state leadership of Ukraine, for the reason that they cultivated deep friendly relations with the Russia-friendly separatists, although the separatists directed themselves against the Ukraine state through combat actions, which was also as wrong as the war that is now bringing death and destruction to Ukraine and the population through the Russian state leadership. The whole thing, which I must say openly, is a betrayal of the Ukrainian state and precisely of the people, which has been committed and continues to be carried out by the president and his supporters. This president is a warmonger who is gleefully joined by the equally incompetent American president, who greedily uses his word not only in the war in Ukraine, but among all the peoples who are in bondage to him and carelessly raise their voices against Russia and its president without knowing the true background. Like ignorant sheep, as you sometimes say, all the peoples of Europe, as well as the bulk of the people of America, thoughtlessly take up the banner of the lying and treacherous Ukrainian and American leader and their supporters and unthinkingly take their side, although it is they, in truth, who have triggered all the causes that led to the war. A…


… I have to object again, namely that before the war there were not only friendly relations between the separatists and Russian parts of the population, but also family and kinship relations. This did not suit the corrupt Ukrainian government, nor did it suit the separatists' tendency towards Russia or their desire to be independent. This is something that happens again and again on this world, on Earth, for example in Spain, where the separatists want to proclaim Catalonia as their own state, or in Switzerland, where the canton of Berne had a debacle with separatism years ago, resulting in the canton of Jura.


I am not aware of that, because in that way I am not interested in the state system and politics, how everything prevails in that respect on Earth, because I am content with what is my task, which I have to fulfil. In this respect I have for some time been occupied with the many-sided observation of states and thus of politics, of peoples, their way of life, as well as with the agronomy and economy of America, Europe and Asia. This is the reason why I also have a good insight, good knowledge and an overview of things that enable me to make a valuable judgement.


Always something new, because I didn't know that before. I'm not really interested either, by which I mean what your tasks are. What is interesting, however, is everything you find out, by which I mean everything you examine, recognise and become so shaded with regard to what is really going on there, where you make your clarifications and where you make your observations. But go on from where I interrupted you. You were just talking about how the rulers and their supporters of America and Ukraine are the real culprits who provoked the war. Of course, I know that it is all because of the eastward expansion of NATO, which is now being pushed closer to Russia by Ukraine's membership of NATO, thus sealing it off from the West.

This eastward enlargement had already been carried out illegally and contrary to the promise made at the time in Munich in the 1990s, fraudulently and evil as a result of a breach of promise, which was carried out with the help of America and its old secret desire for world domination. I also know that America, addicted to world domination, currently has about 800 or even 900 military installations in other and foreign countries around the world and, as a global superpower, has equipped its military bases partly with nuclear weapons. Beyond its own borders, no other state has as many military bases as the USA. It is true that America is not in first place with its army, for there are others ahead of it, resulting in the following order of the largest armies, as can be seen from Wikipedia:

Rank Country Armed Forces

1 China, People's Republic (Asia) 2,190,000

2 United States of America (North America) 1,429,000

3 India (Asia) 1,360,000

4 Russia (Europe) 1,216,000

In addition, it is known that Russia today only maintains military bases in Armenia, Georgia (Abkhazia and South Ossetia), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova (Transnistria), Syria, Tajikistan, Crimea, Vietnam and Belarus, i.e. much, much fewer than America, which is addicted to world domination. But the world population still does not want to understand this, just as it does not want to understand that America is guilty of the 1st World War from 1756 to 1763. This war is euphemistically called the 'Seven Years' War' because the USA does not want to declare itself guilty for this world war. A world war, which is also threatening again today, whereby poison gas and nuclear use may also have to be considered, because America or the senile presidency – as you said – is doing everything with its agitation in this regard to ensure that it really comes to that and that these means are used carelessly. In fact, everything is being done by the stupid American presidency to ensure that what it provokes through its agitation will inevitably happen. However, the fact that it is the treacherous, selfish and autocratic Ukrainian presidency that is the root cause of all this is denied so vehemently by the USA that the truth has long been forgotten and it is called a fib. This is happening to today's events just as it has happened to the whole of American history and to the Indian wars since time immemorial, for the traditions are so riddled with lies and fraudulent statements that the beams are cracking in the rafters. I know all this from my time with Sfath, as well as from Native Americans I have spoken to myself. It is important and appropriate to say something about this, because what is to be said is completely different from what the traditions of America generally say and make those human beings believe who are believers and therefore believe the lies.



Oh, I see, that is the meaning of it. Hear now, however, what I have to say further concerning Ukraine, where the Presidency has forbidden men to flee the country, but on the contrary to remain in the country and defend it by force of arms. They must…


… they practically have to serve as cannon fodder, as they say in our country. But you do not hear a word about the fact that there are also deserters in the military – also on the Russian side – who are shot if they are caught. Not even from those who come from different countries with a lust for killing and who supposedly want to help fight the enemy, but in reality only want to murder. Likewise, one does not hear a sound about climate change, which is causing such blatant changes on the entire planet, in nature as well as in fauna and flora, that it is also affecting human beings, who are also undergoing noticeable negative changes, but this has obviously not yet been noticed by the clever scientists, especially the human scientists or the clever and better-knowing human scientists or anthropologists. In any case, I have been aware of the negative changes in human beings for years, changes that will occur and that will radically change the earthlings as a whole to their own disadvantage.

If I now consider further that the Corona plague has not yet ended, but that the governments do not have enough sense and reason to explain the necessary wearing of respiratory masks and the equally necessary keeping of distance, then with such incompetent and actually stupid rulers the way is opened for Lucifer and otherwise all evil and mischief to come to the helm. Switzerland in particular will also make a name for itself in this respect, for it will join in the stupidity of other rulers of other countries in Europe and officially end the obligation to wear masks and to keep their distance, etc.


Cannon fodder – that is a term I want to add to my vocabulary because it says exactly what it is meant to express. I guess the deserters thing is also as you say. But now I want to tell you that I actually do not know the more distant past of America very well, but I do know what is happening in more recent times, because we were taught this along with the new history of the earthly states. So I am quite well oriented about what has happened since the beginning of the year 1900. Furthermore, of course, I know everything that you have told me about America, so I can also bring up some things that I know from you.

Now I want to say what is really wrong in this world, at the present time in relation to this war in Ukraine and in relation to what role America is really playing, as we have been taught. Of course, the action regarding a war is completely wrong and imprudent, moreover despising the life of human beings, as well as destructive in all areas of human beings' achievements and nature and its fauna and flora, as you so often cite and call it in our conversations. It cannot be said of the side that has started the war and is now waging it that it is acting rightly, but on the contrary wrongly, illogically, without understanding and unreasonably, as a result of the prevailing inability, the selfish ambitions or aspirations. These have degenerated and are geared towards striving for might and possession, whereby the craving for recognition, the desire for determination and the piercing feeling of revenge as well as the desire to force things are added, which makes it absolutely impossible to have an overview and to judge a matter. However, this is not only the case with the warring side, but also with all other parties that are involved in the whole thing from the ground up. And this is always the case with all those in power on Earth, as it is very well known among us in the Plejaren, for our peoples are informed about everything that goes on and happens on Earth. So we also know, because this has been thoroughly and accurately investigated and repeatedly verified by our experts and established as a fact, that the Presidency of America is 'led' by a very senile man, surrounded by leaders of state with him as well as advisers to him, whereby, however, the concept of leading must receive a special mark of evil and negativity.

Now, the party at war in Ukraine, the Russian party, is the one that ultimately failed in the required patience and wrongly took up arms without thinking, while fundamentally, however, it was first the Ukrainian presidency and its dependents that laid the foundation for the whole thing to begin in the first place and now degenerate into war. Then next came America, where governance is mismanaged by a man as president who makes ill-advised mis-speeches against the presidency of Russia, the mis-speeches of the American presidency being such that they sound stupidly inciting Russia to use poison gas, cluster bombs and nuclear weapons. This in the background hope that America can appear as a world saviour, intervene and use nuclear weapons and other evil war material itself. The world domination addiction always plays a part in this, which is also secretly controlled by the shadow government of America, of which the actual state leaders have no idea and are not aware that they are influenced by the shadow government, which has already been pushing everything for America to become the world ruler for over 240 years. As far as what is happening in Ukraine is concerned, the artificially created and old, unthinking, diverse and controlled hatred of Russia by countless Americans of both sexes serves to conquer Russia as an American satellite state. This is what the inciting hate-mongering controlled by the American shadow government has been used for since time immemorial, which has afflicted the majority of the American population and now also a large part of the Earth-humans and leaders of many states of this world. In addition, these are really stupid and unwilling to think for themselves and therefore in their stupidity are unable to perceive the effective truth.


All of them are idiotic, and not one iota evidences reason and sanity.


Thank you, that is really correct to say. But I wanted to say that these Earth-humans are not only stupid and do not see the truth, but that as a result of this fact they are not able to recognise that they alone follow what is pretended and thus lied to them.


That is unfortunately the case, and that will … lead. And before you tell me that I am not allowed to call this up officially and write it down openly, I want to tell you that I will not do that, but only tell you. But the world does not talk about the fact that – and here I come back to America – the USA has the most enormous dirt of all meanness on its hands. What many soldiers of the USA, and thus also of NATO, do in the course of their war activities is enough to knock the hat off their heads. And what is happening especially with regard to the many acts of torture – as, for example, very little of the whole thing has become known, especially because of Abu Ghraib in Iraq and Guantànamo in Cuba, as of many other torture camps that America maintains in other states around the world, as well as other illegalities, because human beings, for example Julian Assange, who has been in prison in England for years 'waiting' to be extradited to the USA for publicly reporting atrocities committed by the American military, as well as Edward Snowden, who now lives in Russia, because his life, or at least his freedom, is also threatened in America. The murderers acting on behalf of NATO – because, of course, American military or USA-NATO mercenaries are also involved – indulge in evil not only out of hatred, but also out of pure contempt for human beings, as well as out of joy and pleasure in the torture and rape of human beings, men and women who, for better or worse, are unconditionally or unreservedly, completely and utterly helplessly at their mercy. Some of the military of other states – when a war is waged by them and those soldiers go berserk, resorting to torture and rape and taking pleasure in the degenerate – do the same, hence the same as happens in every war. Torture and vicious sexual abuse of their victims are the order of the day in practically every war, if some of the killers indulge their ambitions in this regard, which is also the case, by the way, with the mercenary types who exist elsewhere in this sad world.

Another thing that is important to mention in America is racism, which is mainly directed against human beings with brown or black skin. Often, murderers in the USA get away with murdering human beings of a different colour. This is just as, for example, the Ku Klux Klan, which is still active in America today, has been secretly carrying out this kind of evil since time immemorial, untroubled and unscathed by the law. But there is also the religious hatred directed against those of other faiths, mainly against those who believe in Allah, i.e. against Islam – which has nothing to do with Islamism and the Islamist state and also distances itself from the latter, because Islamism is a religion-fanatic criminal organisation. In this organisation there are also many degenerate European murderers and murderesses, as also from other countries, who, if they find their way back to their homeland through any circumstances, are treated by the authorities and the law as if with kid gloves. But also the Jewish believers are not welcome human beings by many Americans and are discriminated against.

Well, the believers of all religions and their many sects are simply human beings, just like all religious believers. Although they are human beings, even if they all fall into the trap of stupidly delusional belief in God and are therefore stupid or do not think for themselves, they are still human beings.

But it never gives them the right – not even to the American believers in their religion and their various sects – to judge people of other faiths and colours and to persecute or even kill them. There is never an excuse for that, just as there is never an excuse for what the American presidency is doing in the matter of Ukraine, where you say that the current presidency of the USA is senile, i.e. no longer fully capable in its consciousness physically and in terms of creative energy due to its age. In his senility, the president is therefore no longer conscientious in his statements and orders as well as in his actions, but more or less childish and therefore no longer fully sane. And indeed, this is more than a disgrace for the USA that the people allow themselves to be governed by such a presidency, moreover, the people will allow this insane man in his senility to release the oil reserves that America has stored for times of need completely unnecessarily in a short time.

That the senile head of government, with the backing of the majority of the American people, still interferes in foreign affairs and threatens to involve the whole world in a fourth world war with his stupid and inflammatory speeches against Russia, is indeed incomprehensible. But in the USA, as in all countries of the world, it is not only the incompetent rulers who cannot think logically, intelligently and rationally and are therefore stupid and dumb, but also the majority of the people. Against this, however, the small part that is really capable of logic, understanding and reason and does not agree with it cannot do anything, because what the rulers do is approved by the stupid and stupid majority of the people who agree with them.

The senile US supremacist has driven the hatred of the stupid majority of the American people and the world against Russia to such an extent that it has resulted in the war between Russia and Ukraine. This was because everything was nonsensically and deliberately put on the back burner, and the populations of many states could thus be incited more and more against Russia, and this until the president of Russia lost patience with the stalling, just as America's constant threats and lies and the warmongering of the president of Ukraine became too much.

Now, there is no excuse for the Russian presidency to have initiated and started the war that is now costing many human lives and causing immense destruction in Ukraine, but the compulsion for this was created first and foremost by the presidency and its fellow travellers in Ukraine, and then in the second place by the American presidency, which is undoubtedly culpable. Both are liable for this, because they and their fellow travelers managed with their war-mongering – which is still going on – that in the end everything escalated and inevitably the war came out of it. The truth is that volunteers from various countries are arriving in Ukraine to take part in the war by arming themselves and enjoying the pleasure of killing human beings, even in the ranks of the side they are supposedly 'defending'.

Another factor in this nonsensical war – nonsensical like any war, which only brings death and destruction, suffering, famine and misery and is never justified – is that all around the rulers and their fellow travellers are going crazy and crying out for rearmament of their military, again nonsensically diverting millions and billions from taxpayers' money to finance the madness of acquiring the latest weapons. On the one hand, this is only so that they can conceal their cowardly fear, on the other hand, however, in order to satisfy their irrationality as well as their stupidity or their inability to think, but also so that their favourites in the military leadership can play 'warriors' with the new deadly weapons and have their soldiers murder. This instead of the senselessly squandered money being used for good purposes and for the good of the people. Moreover, and this must also be said, the rulers of various countries are so stupid, dumb-witted and simple-minded that, in addition to murdering human beings, they supply all kinds of weapons to the opponents in the war zones, which only makes all hell break loose and increases the murderousness instead of ending it. And these arms deliveries, which are carried out in a partisan manner, are consequently delivered to one or the other warring party, as the case may be, and strengthen them for the war. This corresponds to a truly irresponsible behaviour, and it prevents the war from being brought to an end all the more. But as long as incompetent rulers are placed in their high positions of power, nothing will change for the better, as certainly nothing will lead to true peace. Switzerland's long-standing right-wing and well-cultivated neutrality is also no exception, as it has now been made a pig of by the stupidity of the government in Bern, namely by adopting and applying the sanctions of the EU dictatorship, whereby Switzerland has outed itself as a partisan country and made itself vulnerable. And for this, the Swiss people still pay taxes, so that such incompetent rulers who do not keep Switzerland neutral can be paid horrendous sums of money and the military armament with new weapons can be financed. The oath of the old Confederates and the good and valuable righteousness of Switzerland make one wonder how it is that incompetent rulers can dare to push neutrality into the mud of the EU dictatorship? Rightly – or wrongly? – the thought arises that something is wrong in the country, whether perhaps an ambition is at play that is flirting with membership of the EU dictatorship? This makes it seem as if Switzerland is to become a slave to the dictatorship of the European Union by stealth, controlled by elements who are not only clueless but also stupid and have still not grasped that the EU really is a dictatorship.

America has now made a mess of trust in Russia worldwide and provoked a general hostility of the government bums of many countries and large parts of their populations who are incapable of thinking for themselves. Hate was unleashed instead of truly helping to bring about peace. Helping the war refugees alone is not enough, and it is based on pity, but fundamentally on hatred against Russia and the majority of its population. But in truth, they are not at all bellicose and do not agree with what the presidency has done and will also continue to do. It was all caused by imprudence, as well as by the senseless hatred and power-grabbing behaviour of three state leaders who have lost their minds and are no longer in their right minds. Although I respect and dignify them as human beings, as is right and must be, they are all unfit rascals as rulers who do not belong in charge of a country, not even if they otherwise do good for the state and thus for the population. The decisive factor is correct and well-considered decisions and actions when it comes to maintaining peace all around and worldwide, in every respect, 1. for one's own people, but 2. also for the world and all its states, and to do what is due to them in terms of justice and welfare, etc., that must be the duty of every government person.

However, a head of government who is a war-monger beyond compare, like the one in Ukraine, who idiotically seeks membership in the murderers' mercenary guild NATO and in the EU dictatorship, contrary to all previous agreements and promises made in Munich in the 1990s, does not belong in a position of government. Neither does a senile president and such a warmonger in the USA. This is because another president is misgoverning there, who is also senile, as you said, who childishly orders the wrong things and rants against Russia in a war-mongering manner, while obviously trying to bring his own combat units to Europe by land and air. This once, as well as the fact that through stupid speeches he has driven Russia to the point where it is now waging war in Ukraine. His stupid speeches that Russia could possibly use poison gas, cluster bombs, supersonic bombs and also ultimately nuclear weapons, etc., that's what the idiot does until it becomes too much for the president of Russia and he actually resorts to what the senile US president puts into his brain. Then the teased president of Russia who ordered the criminal war in Ukraine, for which there is no excuse whatsoever, is actually the one who goes completely berserk. The consequence of this is evil hatred, which has also spilled over to Russians who live in other countries around the world and have possibly found a new home there. Human beings who are innocent of what was hatched and unleashed or caused by the wrong policies of three incompetent presidents, namely that an evil war is raging in Ukraine today. This, as also through this war the prices of all goods for sale are being driven up without hesitation, but as also vital goods from the war zones can no longer be produced, cultivated and sold. And hunger is also breaking out because no more food can be produced and sold, apart from the fact that food shortages have already been going on worldwide for months because the rampant overpopulation is consuming more than can be produced. Likewise, the problem of energy scarcity is becoming more and more precarious, especially electrical energy, which has recently been idiotically misused to charge the suddenly very many electric vehicles with electricity and make them roadworthy. One wonders what will happen when, as a result of the hatred and the war, gas, coal and heating oil, for example, as well as petrol and diesel oil, are hardly available any more, if at all?

How will food, which is becoming increasingly scarce, then get to the places where it can still be purchased through expensive prices? And how, when it gets lousy cold, will the oil heaters still be operated if heating oil can no longer be supplied? This raises many questions that no one can answer.

When I look at all the big players in government and human beings, all I see is that they rail and curse about other human beings, but present themselves as faultless and clean. They want to give the impression that they cannot harm anyone, but they harbour exactly the opposite deep in their character, which breaks through to the outside world at every suitable opportunity and causes mischief. And when I see that, it makes me sick to my stomach. I see the same picture, as I just said, not only in the majority of the rulers and humanity of this world, but also in the 3 presidents who are guilty for the war in Ukraine, including the Pope in Rome, who is probably the biggest slimy sneak of humanity and drives it, at least in the Catholic area, with his lies and deceptions of the delusion of God into error and confusion and leads to the fact that the faithful are not able to think, decide and act for themselves. Furthermore, through his 'lenient' actions, he promotes the sexual abuse that priests and pastors commit against children and adolescents, but also against nuns and believing women, who not infrequently become pregnant and have to have an abortion, or if they give birth, the newborns are simply suffocated and buried. To prove to me that this was indeed true, Sfath had already let me see a 'silent cemetery' in a women's convent in Switzerland where newborn babies were 'buried'. As Ptaah explained to me, it has been established by the Plejaren that the majority of Catholic priests, bishops and the rest of the actual hypocritical rabble who fulfil their sexual lust in this way are those liars and deceivers who publicly claim not to belong to the degenerates themselves, but in reality do exactly the same as those whom they publicly pillory. According to Ptaah, this effectively concerns the majority of Catholic 'worshippers', as is also the case in other religions, as I myself have experienced and seen, for example, when newborn babies were simply laid out in forests or in the desert and killed and eaten by wild animals. It was mainly women who were forced to do this by their husbands or religious leaders, as well as young women who were secretly pregnant, had their stomachs tightly tied and after giving birth secretly 'disposed of' the newborn before anyone found out about the whole thing, otherwise the girl or woman would have been murdered by their own relatives. This was precisely because a secret love affair of a daughter or sister was contrary to the family honour and was punished by murder, namely by their own father or brother, and sometimes even the mother, in her religious family delusion of honour, extended her hand. I myself experienced and saw this in many places, mostly together with Sfath, and later when I was travelling alone for years, which once almost cost me my life in a bus when I was travelling to the town of Kars in Turkey and wanted to intervene in such a murder of a young girl, because I simply could not restrain myself when she was strangled by two of her brothers. And there were religious believers who belonged to Christianity, Islam or Hinduism or even Buddhism, as well as sectarian religious communities, there was really no difference. But to go on discussing these things is pointless, which is why it is probably better that I keep my mouth shut.


But it is all interesting though, and besides, what you said corresponds to reality. Frankly, though, I don't like to hear such inhumanities when you tell them.


Excuse me, but I didn't know that. But that is unfortunately the case, of course, you have to talk about such things; sometimes it comes up as if automatically, but the whole of the real truth is only perceived and also understood by those human beings who seriously think about it and who are truly still capable of thinking for themselves and are therefore not believers. Here I am not necessarily thinking of God-delusion, but of faith in general.


I understand that correctly. – But now it is time for me …


Of course, and I don't want to get you in trouble. So …


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