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Bible Tribulation and "New Earth" Reconstruction

The matriarchal Universe was founded by a couple of mathematicians from Lyra and Vega Universes. On Milky Way, Lyra-Vega was a constellation that hosted a very successful civilization for 22 million years. After Lyra-Vega, the races continued with Universe exploration on the star systems of Milky Way and reached Sol.

The ancient primordial management of the Universe used atom making and construction machinery for Creation and expansion of the Universe. Creation with atoms, solidification and densification of gases for habitation with minerals, flora, fauna and people lasts for billions of years. Earth's primordial gases began densifying 646 billion years ago with solid body 46 billion years ago. The earliest lifeforms appeared 4.5 billion years ago when the solar system Sol with 3 Suns was created for Codex clearance.

Earth experienced 4 main geological ages with variations of flora and fauna. The first colonies and settlements inhabited the continent of Antarctica from 51-54 million BC by Getreuer groups of 144,000 for teaching new Creation laws and recommendations by Nokodemion. When they visited Milky Way in 51 million BC, life was still flourishing on Lyren until 26 million BC. The Destroyer Comet dissolved Lyren and forced the Lyrans and Vegans to move on Milky Way.

The misbehaving loyalists of Getreuer, Nazi and Black Nobility continued rebelling on the Universe with fallen and exiled Angelic management. Every new war demanded a Codex for spiritual equity that was balanced on blank Akashic Records planets and new people, for a theatrical plot of the Prime Creator Nokodemion. After 9.6 billion years of galactic wars, the rebellious loyalists destroyed the abundance of planets, star systems and Suns from scientific Creation. Astrophysicists warned humanity of "heat death" of the Universe without maintenance or Creation of new infrastructure.

In order to balance the Codex, the Getreuer and Black Nobility required innovative strategies, such as reconstructing planets and people. The Tribulation from the Bible is precisely such operation for renovation of Earth's landscape and DNA of people, for the goal of blank Akashic Records planet. The "New Earth" was seen from the Akashic Records by Edgar Cayce, after numerous landscape alteration events, conducted by HAARP's tsunamis, floods, earthquakes. The new people on "New Earth" are vaccinated with mRNA for erasing original DNA and memories, and installing nanotechnology or RFID chips for mind control.

"Earth Changes" seen by Edgar Cayce's Akashic Records for "New Earth" with new people with vaccines

The activities of the Tribulation are planned after the rise of the Antichrist or Beast. The Tribulation is the extinction plan for disobedient Jews and believers of Jesus Christ, punished by Nokodemion from Alcyone. Getreuer hope to balance Codex from the galactic wars by reconstruction of a planet, instead of new scientific Creation with atom making machinery. Scientific Creation lasts for hundreds billions of years, while Getreuer reconstruction requires fast speed of 5G, AI, nanotechnology, narcotics from WWII.

The 7 Seals are expressed in Revelation 6 and announce the trade war of America and China, civil war, famine and San Andreas earthquake. The Seals 1-4 are the 4 Horses of the apocalypse.

  1. Antichrist and Rider on a White Horse, Messiah, who will promise peace he cannot deliver (Rev. 6:1-2)

  2. War and civil upheaval, Rider on a Red Horse, who will promise peace that will not last (Rev. 6:3-4)

  3. Famine and poverty, rising inflation and food shortages, with Rider on a Black Horse ( Rev. 6: 5-6)

  4. Massive Death of 25% of people, with Rider on a Pale Horse (Rev. 6:7-8)

  5. Religious martyr and sacrifices of believers (Rev. 6:9-11)

  6. Great earthquake that will change the landscape (Rev. 6: 12-17)

  7. Introduction of 7 Trumpets

The 7 Trumpets are announced in Revelation chapters 8 and 9. They are 7 judgements and events as "The Dreadful day of the Lord".

  1. Third of all vegetation will be burned with fire from the sky (Rev. 8:7)

  2. Third of all oceans will be polluted, and third of all marine life will be dying and turned to blood, with destroyed ships (Rev. 8:8-9)

  3. Third of the freshwater will be polluted (Rev. 8: 10-11)

  4. Third of the Sun, moon and stars will be darkened (Rev. 8: 12)

  5. Demonic torment of non-Christians for 5 months (Rev. 9:1-11)

  6. Third of humanity will be killed by a demonic army of 200 million (Rev. 9: 13-21)

  7. Introduction of 7 Bowls/Vials

The 7 Bowls are announced in Revelation chapter 16. The events follow the 7 Trumpets, with more complicated and consuming events.

  1. Plague for those who will receive the mark of the Antichrist (Rev. 16:2)

  2. The entire sea will be polluted and sea life destroyed (Rev. 16:3)

  3. All freshwater will be polluted (Rev. 16:4)

  4. People will be scorched by the Sun’s intense heat, from a solar event (Rev. 16:8-9)

  5. Darkness, plagues, food and water shortages, nuclear contamination of seas and misery (Rev. 16:10)

  6. Euphrates river will be dried up, to prepare the way for the kings from the East, who will march from Jerusalem to Armageddon to battle with the people (Rev. 16:12)

  7. Global destructive earthquake will change the levels of mountains and islands (Rev. 16:18, 20)

The reconstruction of Earth's landscape and DNA for Codex is synonymous to financial debt restructuring and transition from fiat dollar to digital currencies with centralized bank at the International Monetary Fund. The tsunami of the movie "The Day after Tomorrow" was symbolic for erasing memories of Wall Street and capitalism from New York.

Fiat dollar currencies had indirect control from Orion's banking hegemony with the Great Knafu Pyramid and Horus' Eye. The Sun worship of Isis and Osiris with crook and flail was substituted by Vatican's Bible and communist hammer and sickle. The crossing of the elements symbolizes the axial tilt of Atlantis, with winter and summer solstices. Mark of the Beast on the forehead (666) is direct control of the 6th chakra and pineal gland with mRNA and nanotechnology.

"New Earth" of Tribulation is a strategy for Blank Akashic Records planet for Getreuer Codex

The Tribulation and Great Reset with Catholics from the new Democratic government of the United States is managing transition to digital currencies for a bankrupt economy. The United States economy was already bankrupt in 1933 and required World War II with Holocaust I and Jesuits from the Vatican. The military industrial complex and banking hegemony organized an illusion of economy with debt cycles and fiat dollars for the duration of high-tech industrial revolution and capitalism. The new bankrupt economy requires global pandemics and Holocaust II for illusion of economy with digital currencies. The risk of nuclear World War III in America, for the fall of Babylon, from Revelation 18 was successfully stopped.

The nihilism of the monetary economy and military industrial complex is preventing electromagnetic consciousness, education and scientific Creation of the Universe. Wise and educated civilization has a duty to oppose vaccination with mRNA, experimental nanotechnology, RFID chips, nano-narcotics and artificial speed for Codex restructuring of DNA liabilities of Getreuer and Orion's banking hegemony.

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