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Before Every War...was a Love Story

Before every war, was a love story, currently preserved in Germany's Altes and Neues museums, the home of Lucifer-Adolf Hitler. The love story of this Universe was destroyed by a shapeshifting man Tiamat, who became the origin of Trojan wars and the archetype of Nazi. During every war, there are many war profiteers, who eventually eliminated even the original protagonists of the love story. After millions of years of passing the Luciferian Olympic torch and changing names of military factions, the last "liberation warriors" are called Earth Alliance, defectors from the same Nazi Dark Fleet.

The thriller of the Universe between Picard, Crusher and Troi became the reason for Biblical and Henoch wars

Lucifer's rebellion with Tiamat and holocausts recorded spiritual debts on the Akashic Records, as Codex, which are inherited by clones and prophecies, playing God, for millions of years.

The thriller movie has ended long ago, but the story of Codex is extrapolated for too long by war profiteers

Mayer Amschel Rothschild was a clone who inherited the holy grail of Codex. Then, Babylon's and Rome's Codex hegemony established after Jesus Christ from the Roman Empire, became international finance. God's last Luciferian clones are George Soros and David Rockefeller, who controlled the petro-dollar war economy with NATO, EU, UN and Vatican.

After Picard and Crusher, Hitler loved Nefertiti and Apollodorus loved Cleopatra, the mother of Jesus Christ

The Bible and Henoch prophecies for the global pandemic, climate forcing, World War III and ice age were created with time travel on Orion. The original villain Lucifer, was eliminated by galactic mafia long ago, and as Desiderius Erasmus only translated the Bible from Greek to Latin for the Reformation.

The reason for World War III from the Bible is God's Tribulation and punishment to Jews, for crucifying Jesus Christ, before his return with the spirit of Muhammad. The real Jesus, born as Caesarion, was never crucified, but died of natural death. The Second Jesus, neither as himself (who is reincarnated in France) nor Muhammad is returning to save humanity from God's trials and tribulations.

The reason for World War III from the Henoch prophecies is even more nihilist and unjustifiable destruction. Plejaren claim that the Henoch prophecies were written 10,000 years ago, prophesizing nuclear war and ice age, on territories and countries that were not established then. 10,000 years ago, Earth was under the last ice age, which melted 5,000 years ago, during the Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations, the foundations of the Bible.

The Bible and Henoch prophecies from Plejaren Federation are nihilist extinction and a war for a lost and stolen cause. First of all, if someone should be balancing his Codex, it is the real Lucifer, reincarnated as late and deceased Peter Vincent Pry. Second, if someone should be fighting a quarrel in the household, it is the real protagonists of the story, who in turn, are very peaceful.

Those who are fighting a very expensive and cruel war are cannibals, capitalists and clones stealing the Akashic Records, causing the last extinction of humanity. Ancient people had levitation capabilities, but after millions of years of nihilist wars, people are not flying anymore, but barely surviving on a sadomasochistic Universe. After this last and most ridiculous World War III, humanity will be eternally extinct.

Plejaren Federation exhausted all stolen timelines, scenarios and repetitive rhetoric about the pandemic and America's deep state. The world is waiting for a nuclear war, and Jesus is not returning to save humanity, because his return was the most mutually exclusive timeline. Because all Plejaren's timelines are very mutually exclusive and impossible, nuclear war will end with mutually assured destruction.


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