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"A Hundred Atomic Suns" Prophecy of Nuclear War

Plejaren claim the prophet Henoch prepared the prophecies, but he lived millenniums before Earth had the geographies mentioned for 9/11 in New York, the civil war in America, and World War III from Russia. The Henoch prophecies were not written by the original prophet Henoch, who was a puppet to the Orion mafia. The Henoch prophecies were leapfrogged with a time travel machine, as Nazi Bell. The same time travel machine was used by the Nazi Dark Fleet during WWII from Antarctica, for time travel to the future 350-400 years, where they plotted the galactic tyranny from the future, forewarned by Andromedans. The TV series "Star Trek Picard 2" mentions the precise time travel, when Picard returns from the 24th to 21st century, for correcting a past tyranny.

Because Earth Alliance prepared the Star Trek future with Artemis Accords and Space Force, it is discerned that they are the same Dark Fleet, who eliminated scapegoats for nihilist substitution on Orion's holy grail of Lucifer. Both Earth Alliance and Dark Fleet are factions of Plejaren Federation with the prophet Nokodemion, older than the oldest, wiser than the wisest. It is concluded that Nokodemion is the proverbial God, Lucifer and Picard, who later had a walk-in Hitler.

We lived in the Holy Roman Empire waiting for Second Jesus, for God's wrath to the Jews who crucified his son First Jesus. Plejaren now declare that the crucifixion of Jesus by the Jews was the biggest joke of Christianity, but it served their purpose of nihilist holocaust and war for multi-trillion dollars from weapons and aerospace corporations. The Second Jesus was a Second Joke, although it is undeclared by Plejaren, but exposed from the Akashic Records, where they invented a marriage between Pontius Pilate and Cleopatra from 2012. Cleopatra also has a soul swap with Tiamat-Whore of Babylon, and Second Jesus was planned from Antony, who was demonized by Tiamat in Hollywood. (For historical reference about Jesus crucifixion, Pontius Pilate was the judge who crucified Jesus for tax evasion and Cleopatra was the mother of Jesus, as Caesarion.)

Second Jesus is the Second Joke of the Great Currency Reset with digital currencies on Starlink's blackout. Regardless of the fact that a Second Jesus is impossible, the Bible Tribulation continued torturing people with COVID, famine, wars and climate forcing, collectively causing the premeditated collapse of the petro-dollar economy. The petro-dollar economy was controlled by God's clones George Soros and David Rockefeller, who executed God's revenge to the Jews (and everyone else, because "man is guilty on Earth"). Earth is a hedge fund of guilt and blame game, where Rothschild's galactic mafia owns the time machines. The timelines are too mutually exclusive and self-destructive.

So, for example, Jewish holocaust survivor George Soros was both God's clone on a petro-dollar mission with scenario of God's revenge to the Jews with the Tribulation before the return of the Second Jesus. He was also a victim of the holocaust, precisely from God's revenge to the Jews. Therefore, God has effectively punished himself, which is the exact outcome of the calculation of self-destruction of all timelines from the Bible and Henoch prophecies. Rothschild's timelines end in annihilation and mutual self-destruction, with collateral damage to the environment and civilians. That is the consequence of theft and robbery for millions of years with stolen souls.

The planned collapse of the petro-dollar with the last hyperinflation is for the deleveraging of incalculable debts accrued from the corporations in the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate and deep state projects. It is also for restructuring of Codex frequencies with COVID and climate quarantines, although this is even more impossible than the petro-dollar deleveraging. With the Great Reset and digital currencies on Starlink , people are expected "to own nothing and be happy". It is more likely that people will own nothing, and be dead from 5G, unless it is stopped.

The Bible Tribulation caused irreparable destruction with COVID, climate forcing and war. The future Space Force Star Trek without Picard and without Second Jesus is an even more destructive extinction. The future Star Trek Artemis Accords do not have a God and prophet, only imperialist dictators, impersonating earlier personalities from the Akashic Records. If they continue with extinction, the tyrants will eventually turn against each other. The Roman Empire was not timely stopped, but Star Trek must be stopped, before Earth Alliance and the clones continue destroying all life forms.

After the Henoch prophecies, different prophecies appeared in 1976, predicting the same nuclear war on Earth. A poetic and explicit expression of the future nuclear annihilation was telepathically received by Billy Meier from the Petale spirit plane. Asket, Semjase, Quetzal and Ptaah transmitted probability calculations to Billy Meier.

Petale prophecy from 1976:

"A Hundred Atomic Suns"

Man is not interested in the truth,
but only in cult-politics and falsehood,
through which the third world-fire ablazes,
and millions of dead from mankind demands.
For this Europe will be the central point,
where glistening the deadly spark alights.
In Germany alone, where life still blossoms,
a hundred atom-suns are ablaze.
Which emblazing everything will destroy,
in screaming fire, when people will die.
Irresponsibly the world powers will twist to see,
that the Europeans the world-fire will see,
by which the lands and life will die,
when thundering atom-fires will burn.
The mighty ones of the world powers, they play,
by which the subordinates lose their life.
In safe bunkers the mighty ones will hide,
while the subordinates unprotected spend the night,
by which they are doomed to death
but the mighty ones survive in the bunker closet.
Those, the great ones of the world poker for power,
and each one of these laughs up his sleeve,
because united they throw down the deadly fire,
on to peace-searching Europe as their hire,
for the efforts of Europe for a lasting peace,
which for so long is searched for down on Earth.
Many atom-deaths will waft across Europe,
while chemical- and bacterial bombs fall down.
Radioactive rays destroy much life,
under neutron waves the lands ashake;
a slow death they torturously spread,
which for days, months and years will march ahead;
but still more manifold deaths stalk about,
and Europe slowly will be empty of Man,
because the mighty, the irresponsible ones,
will not raffle their own land off for war,
but far from their own home in Europe-land,
they quench their power-greed in the third world-fire.
So Europe becomes the play-ball of power,
when death of the world-fire laughs,
when the mighty ones in safe places,
hoard reports of victory and ruin,
about Europe and the people, who will die.

The Henoch prophecies and Bible Revelation 18 "The Fall of Babylon" predict the same nuclear war, in 1 hour


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