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NATO and UNSC: Soulmates of War

The proverbial God, Nokodemion, Lucifer was the ancient founder of NATO, as "Multinational Peacekeeping Troops" for the Trojan wars with shapeshifting races. Lucifer also had a household of the Universe with 4 galaxies, until the Archdevil Tiamat-Baphomet-Whore of Babylon, started the chaos, rebellion, blasphemy and extinction. The Draconians used "Divide and Conquer", which was preserved even during the Roman Empire, influenced by Anunnaki from Babylon. Incidentally, Lucifer and Tiamat had their share of blasphemy, and extinction, and founded Anunnaki on Sirius and Orion. When they reached Earth, they were already eliminated by an even more evil mafia, that was stealing the story of rebellion, domination and control. They later lived as Abraham and Sarai/Moses and Sephora in Babylon. This galactic mafia from Orion is now called Plejaren Federation, also known as the Galactic Federation of Worlds, Dark Fleet-Earth Alliance and NATO.

NATO is Plejaren Federation, and the management of their blame game is replicated from the natural laws of physics and creation of time, with matter and anti-matter. On Earth, time is money, so NATO and Anti-NATO create money with the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC). Plejaren invent and control the prophecies and scenarios for both NATO and Anti-NATO. Plejaren's rhetoric is Anti-NATO and pro-Russia and China, aligned with the New World Order.

NATO and Anti-NATO Plejaren

NATO is also affiliated with its soulmate organization, the United Nations Security Council, especially the 5 permanent members. The P5 of UNSC symbolize the 5 heads of Tiamat, the Biblical Beast, Dragon, Whore of Babylon. That is why Luciferian institutions as EU and UN worship the Whore of Babylon. The New World Order promotes the Mark of the Beast with ID2020, with Chinese technology from Orion.

World War III is a scenario from the Bible and Henoch prophecies, for Plejaren's prophets, on a Codex mission. The P5 of UNSC are Russia, China, US, UK and France (EU). The Anglo-Saxon members of UNSC are crucial NATO member states and founders of the EU. By analogy of the soulmates Lucifer and Tiamat, NATO and UNSC, NATO is not an enemy to Russia. They are true soulmates and business allies, sharing the profits with weapons and aerospace corporations from MIC and ICC. It is likewise for all globalist soulmates involved in premeditated wars with MIC and ICC. Plejaren's prophet Billy Meier explains that Vladimir Putin is an equal war-maker, but at least his role is not US lackey, as Volodymyr Zelensky.

Therefore, Russia is not fighting a real proxy war against the US via Ukraine, but it is only acting the Bible Revelation 18, "The Fall of Babylon", allegorical of nuclear war in 1 hour, with Russia's most modernized nuclear weapons and ICBM as Sarmat- Satan II. On the Arctic front, Russia will not be fighting a real war with Finland and Sweden, and will be acting the explicit Henoch prophecies. Finland's and Sweden's accession to NATO is dramatic provocation for the Henoch prophecies.

The Bible Revelation 18 "The Fall of Babylon" in 1 hour, allegory for nuclear war between US and Russia

"Woe! Woe to you, great city, dressed in fine linen, purple and scarlet, and glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls! In ONE HOUR such great wealth has been brought to ruin!"

The Henoch prophecies excerpt for the war with Finland and Sweden

"The aggressors from the East will force the French Army to join their military forces and lead a war of conquest against the northern countries of Europe, invading and conquering Sweden and Norway. Subsequently, these northern countries will be annexed by Russia. Military forces will also attack Finland, whereby many will be killed and an enormous destruction will be caused."

After the Hollywood movie for WWIII, the same globalists already prepared the Artemis Accords, secretly agreed on Jupiter's floating station in July 2021. Ukraine is among the earliest signatories of Artemis, and their corrupt government already made its exit from the Henoch prophecies, by visiting Billy Meier and framing Zelensky as a war criminal-scapegoat.

Before the Artemis meetings on Jupiter, throughout the entire 2021, the solar system had very dynamic wars on the Moon and Mars, but NASA is lying with the Moon-to-Mars return mission marketing. Plejaren's Galactic Federation of Worlds and Earth Alliance (Dark Fleet defectors) were liberating Antarctica, the Moon and Mars from Dark Fleet, Reptilians and Greys. Their true operation was a substitution of defectors, equally, as it has been happening for millions of years on the warring Universe, with elimination and rotation of scapegoats. The scapegoats are always well-secured and preserved, because the directing mafia returns them later, as repurposed and rebranded factions for the nihilist wars.

The original Trojan wars with shapeshifting Draconians were serious and unpredictable. The modern Hollywood wars are pathetic and desperate indignation from clones and lost souls, who live in the stolen life of Lucifer and Tiamat, who are themselves long lost souls.

Lucifer and Tiamat, NATO and UNSC hegemony of World War III

Billy: There you are, greetings and welcome Bermunda. It was quick of you to come, but I would have told Ptaah yesterday if I had known. I just asked Bernadette about it today, which came up.

Bermunda: Greetings also to you. I know that Ptaah was here yesterday, because he told me that, and also that I should come to you on call. What's the matter?

Billy: It is this, the contents of which Ptaah is to judge. It is a stick, but I have to show you its contents on the computer. One moment please – – Yes, now you just have to find what …

Bermunda:… There are so many folders on it, I cannot find what you said.

Billy: No problem, I will take it over to Bernadette and have her show me where to find the correct folder. – – – Here I am again; Bernadette knew where to find what I was looking for. Here – – there it is …

Bermunda: Good, then I want to transfer that to my device. But everything is a bit much, so I will do it later, because first I want to talk to you. Ptaah pointed out to me that he had already told you yesterday that you should keep to it with regard to wearing respirators and keeping your distance from persons with whom you do not live in the direct or close group area, as you should also be careful with pets and other animals and creatures, because a Corona infection can be transmitted through them. The new mutation of the Corona disease that has already developed and is still developing, he explains, is much more easily infectious than the variation that has been spreading. It is no more dangerous than the previous one, he went on to explain, but it is more aggressive and infects even persons cured of the disease and, of course, those who have been or continue to be treated with the inadequate vaccines. And further he explained …

Billy:… he should not worry, because it is the duty of all of us, so to speak, to abide by his well-meant and, moreover, expert advice, even if many fellow human beings look at us stupidly and whisper behind us.

Bermunda: Yes, that's what he was pointing out in particular, what I was trying to mention earlier. He said that you should not let yourselves be put off by persons when they smile at you etc. because you wear breathing masks, because these would offer a certain security against infections, and not only with regard to the Corona epidemic. However, it cannot be ruled out that one or the other person will be infected by the Corona epidemic despite all precautions, unfortunately this cannot be avoided, because the ways of infection are unfathomable.

Billy: There is also currently monkeypox, which is contagious and can spread pandemically and which has already been recorded in various countries, and already in Switzerland. It is also important to note that human beings have become weary of the pandemic, so to speak, and are lulling themselves into a sense of security that they will not be affected by the corona epidemic. But people also think they are safe because we have irresponsible rulers in the world who proclaim the wearing of masks and keeping their distance from the infection of Corona from person to person as superfluous. And this is why it is held that way by populations, even though the Corona epidemic is on the rise again and the new mutation is spreading, simply called a subspecies of the Omicron variation and thus trivialised.

Bermunda: The same observation also corresponds to ours. But if I may say one more thing regarding Ukraine, which you do not want to talk about anymore?

Billy: If you must?

Bermunda: Yes, I think so. – It is incomprehensible to me that the leaders of various states supply weapons to this war criminal Selensky, trust and believe him and thereby prolong the war. It is also incomprehensible, not only for me but for us Plejaren as a whole, that the majority of the peoples also hold the same wrong views as the state leaders. It is incomprehensible for us to take sides with this man Selensky, because he is obviously a war criminal in his obsession with power, who unconscionably walks over corpses and neither has any compassion for any human being, nor does he take any responsibility for what he spreads in his addiction to power. It is absolutely incomprehensible to us that the leaders of various states and parts of their populations are so prejudiced in favour of this war criminal who, moreover, as America's satellite, is realising its plans, which not only wants to humiliate Russia, but to destroy and ultimately dominate it.

Billy: If you really must and you want to hear what I have to say?

Bermunda: It would be important to me because we all know that with Sfath you

Billy:… good, good, so be it. – Well, I have known since the 1940s, when I was looking at some of the future with Sfath, what was going to happen, but he made me promise that I would not say a word about it. And I keep that promise, as well as every other promise. But I may at least say what the effective connections are, namely that this Selensky really is a war criminal and a servile lackey of the USA, behind which since 1787 – well, you know. I am not supposed to talk about that openly anymore. In any case, the reality and its truth is, as you already mentioned, that it all boils down to the fact that the US is using this Selensky to get closer to its world domination-addicted plans, namely by allowing Selensky to drag out the war and humiliate Russia – and thus Putin, of course – by supplying weapons to the dumb and dimwitted. Of course, Putin is no better as a war-maker than anyone else who acts in the same way, but he is ahead of Selensky in that he is not a lackey of the USA. So he is not secretly waging war for America, but on the contrary for Russia, which the USA is 'getting at' through meanness, lies, fraud and deceit, etc. and by 'wanting to bring NATO into Ukraine', against which Putin is of course defending himself – unfortunately with war, which is causing many deaths and destruction as well as extermination and extermination. All this is not recognised, not seen and not understood by the governments and the parts of the populations of those countries that are pissed off by the war criminal Selensky, who unhesitatingly supply weapons to Selensky, or who impose sanctions against Russia. The widespread partisanship of the dumb and dimwitted who are believers in Selensky, precisely the fallible, the rulers and parts of the populations of the countries, leads them to supply weapons and raise Selensky to the skies, or to impose sanctions against Russia, because they can neither see nor think and are actually dumber than straw. There is nothing more to be said about this, because the stupid and dumb, i.e. the earthlings, who neither see nor think, let alone have logic, understanding and reason, are truly beyond help, because they do not recognise reality and its truth even if it were fed to them with shovel diggers. They are all also those, mainly those in power, who make big words of alleged sympathy – possibly on television, so that the whole world can see their greasy lies – when a disaster, a murder or mass murder or something else happens somewhere, when human beings are in distress and misery or succumb to death, etc. They are also the ones who are not in power. Those in power and some politicians are quick to appear in public and express their alleged sympathy for the human beings who have come to harm or otherwise suffer and are disadvantaged in a hypocritical and lying way, although they do not care at all what has happened to the human beings who have fallen into misery and disadvantage or otherwise come to harm. Semjase has already clarified and established this with several hundred rulers and politicians as well as with other earthlings, when she got to the bottom of this pretence and wanted to know exactly to what extent the publicly acted 'testimonies of compassion' were genuine with all these rulers, partly politicians and private individuals. She found out that only a fake compassion and sympathy is shown in order to preserve one's own position and to give oneself the appearance of a supposedly very responsible person in government or politics, etc., in order to increase one's reputation among the population.

Bermunda: We have fathomed that ourselves in more recent times, what you just said and what apparently Semjase has already noted.

Billy: If you still have time, I would like to move on to climate change and overpopulation?

Bermunda: If it does not take too long?

Billy: The other day there was something on TV again about how climate terrorists and other climate advocates are stupid and dumb and don't think for a penny and always do nothing but great and manifold harm with their actions. They denounce car traffic of all kinds and thus obstruct traffic, with which no benefit is achieved. The climate terrorists blame car traffic for large parts of the CO2 emissions, only to fly somewhere on holiday by plane, which blows CO2 into the air. But terror is still being organised and damage is still being done, often costing hundreds of thousands of francs. This, while the real cause of environmental pollution and climate destruction is not addressed or fought, namely overpopulation, which will soon amount to 10 billion human beings and which the Earth will no longer be able to support in the long run.

The fact that it is only through overpopulation that the machinations of all the pollution and destruction of nature, fauna and flora, of the planet, as well as anthropogenic climate change, could come about and continue to be rampant, through all the needs, the necessities, the desires and all the luxuries of humanity, which of course must be fulfilled, is never mentioned. No one thinks about it – at least none of those who, as climate activists, organise terror and are also to blame for the fact that masses of CO2 are released into the atmosphere, firstly because they fly far away by plane to go on holiday, and then also because they themselves, as human beings, produce CO2 and thus promote and encourage climate change, which no one thinks about.

The Earth is being exploited and robbed of all its resources; the plant world, the fields and gardens are being poisoned with pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals, as a result of which huge areas of land will sooner or later simply become dead and barren. Big agribusiness, big horticulture and many private people apply pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals in their gardens and poison the world of nature and its fauna and flora, in addition to the atmosphere, which also poisons a lot to such an extent that it finally falls prey to poisoning or even final extinction. This has already wiped out about 70 per cent of the very vital insects, thousands of plants and animals and vertebrates and many other living creatures. All this, while the atmosphere has also been and continues to be poisoned with all kinds of toxic gases, thereby destroying the climate and driving it to upheaval and change. Only through this alone, through the machinations as consequences of the needs, the necessities, the desires and the luxury of overpopulation, all the misery and all the environmental pollution and climate destruction come about.

That overpopulation is the actual and real problem of all environmental pollution, all destruction, annihilation and extinction, precisely through all the machinations that are necessary to fulfil the needs, necessities, desires and luxuries etc. of humanity, which has long since overflowed in numbers, is something that only very rarely anyone thinks about, especially never the climate activists and 'climate protectors', who cause immense damage through the terror they make.

First and foremost, only CO2 is fought against, which is produced by car traffic and accounts for about 25 per cent of the total air pollution, while no thought is given to the approximately 75 per cent that is produced elsewhere, e.g. by air traffic and above all by the exhalation of human beings, who will soon number 10 billion in overpopulation, whereby oxygen is consumed in their cells in metabolic processes and carbon dioxide or CO2 is produced as a waste product. This in turn gets back to the lungs via the blood and is exhaled from there into the environment – and this by almost already 10 billion earthlings, who produce more CO2 than all the cars together. But few human beings think of this, especially not those who act as climate activists, climate terrorists, damage claimants or other climate advocates and climate hooligans and cause damage at the expense of the population, who also cause costly police operations and court riots, all of which, as a rule, the uninvolved population has to pay for. The people who cause all the costs pay at most a small fraction of what is incurred and what the damage really costs. The climate activists who cause everything, who are truly stupid and dumb climate terrorists, who are capable neither of thinking nor of logic, of understanding nor of reason, only pay court fees at most – if this is the case at all. But the fact that the real reason for climate change, environmental pollution and the entire destruction of the planet as well as that of nature and the extinction of thousands of species of fauna and flora is being brought up and something is being done about it, so that the evil of all destruction of the climate, the Earth, nature and the extinction of many species of fauna and flora stops, is something that the stupid and idiotic people who act as climate terrorists do not understand. Let alone that they would behave in such a sexually responsible way that they would forego offspring so that the entire overpopulation would rapidly decrease and the depletion of the planet would stop, so that nature and its fauna and flora could still recover in the best possible way and what is still salvageable could still be saved. But very, very few human beings listen to this, because it is easier and simpler to talk big, to never stick to it and to blame everyone else for all the hardship and misery than to control oneself, to make an effort to use one's conscience, to bear responsibility and to pull on the well-known strap of discipline and order.

Bermunda: All that you bring to the word, that is the full reality and its truth, as you always say. But now I must soon go and hasten with what I have still to do, for your speech has after all lasted longer than I thought.

Billy: Excuse me, I did not mean to put you in a time crunch. So I am going to go over to the flat now and let you do your work. Take care, Bermunda, and see you soon.

Bermunda: Goodbye, Eduard, my dear friend.

Billy: I wasn't expecting you. After all, it has been years since you have been here. Quinto is your name, if I remember correctly? But welcome and greetings. You actually surprise me, because when I was informed that someone was coming, it wasn't you, it was Bermunda, your daughter.

Quinto: It was meant to be a surprise, but it actually was. However, greetings also to you, and I am glad to see you again and to be able to talk to you about some things that interest me very much.

Billy: The joy of reunion is also on my side. It seems to me, though, that you didn't just come here to talk to me about something?

Quinto: You are obviously still very attentive. Yes, it is so, for I am on Earth because I have a job to do here that I am commissioned to do.

Billy: Aha – if I remember correctly, you deal with politics and stuff, don't you?

Quinto: Yes, that is correct, and I am commissioned to look into the war going on, which is unfortunate, between Russia and Ukraine.

Billy: Then you come here and you are going to get into a wasps' nest.

Quinto: A wasps' nest, what is that? But I have been here for 3 days and have been able to clarify many things in that time.

Billy: Bermunda did not tell me you were coming here, besides, it is to be explained that a wasp's nest is just a nest or a wasp's burrow, and a wasp corresponds to an insect that likes to sting when it is bothered. But your background is, we would say here, professionally conditioned, because you deal with politics and so on. So I am sure you have figured out a few things as well?

Quinto: I have, yes, because I have been really very active. Everything is very unpleasant.

Billy: And, may we know what you found out?

Quinto: It is really no secret, and I think you have also made certain findings that are similar or the same as mine. The leaders of the various states that are supplying various weapons for the warfare in Ukraine are not in favor of logic, reason and rationality, but are blind to reality. This fact shows that these state leaders are incapable of their office and do not realize that they are being misled by this man called Selensky who holds the presidency and might in the state of Ukraine. Moreover, I have also clearly established that he dominates and uses for his personal purposes, through his showmanship, all those leaders of various states who are important to this power-obsessed man and who are accompanied by underhanded whispers from the state of the USA. The leaders of various states, who are biased by the actions and lies of the man Selensky, are incapable of thinking and thus of judging his personality and his real intentions, which is why they are also unable to grasp that the man has actually taken over the leadership in their states and is directing the state leaders who are in bondage to him according to his will. This man Selensky undeniably directs the leaders of the various states according to his intentions, without these state leaders realizing this, consequently everything happens according to his ulterior aspirations and he receives the demanded weapons and can realize his equally devious plans. As a result of his actions, many human beings will die and destruction will be caused, but this will not cause the man any pain. Moreover, those plans will also be realized which are secretly prescribed by the state leaders of the USA - and in addition to them further in the background. All those leaders of the various states, however, who supply weapons and other war material to Ukraine or to this man Selensky, are effectively so blind to reality as far as human judgment is concerned that they are unable to recognize that they themselves no longer decide on the decision to supply weapons, but that this is done by the man Selensky. The real decision-makers and leaders of the arms-supplying state leaderships of the various states are therefore no longer the real decision-makers and leaders, but it is without any doubt this man Selensky and, moreover, also underhandedly the USA. in particular, I have noticed that in Germany the interference of the man Selensky has led to the fact that he, together with the regular leading power, is really the force that determines what should be with regard to the regular responsible state leaders concerning the arms deliveries of this state to Ukraine. In truth, he has brought discord into the minds of the state leaders through his determining work, consequently a disunity has come from it, which creates discord in their ranks. This works to the advantage of this man Selensky, which he is able to cover up by his mendacious begging, namely that he can direct the state leaders according to his will and in his and the USA's favor and continue the war as long as it pleases him and the USA.

Billy: From this point of view, I have let the whole thing pass through my mind several times, but I thought that the rulers of the various countries would also think about it once and thereby become more clever. Now, however, everything you say seems so logical to me. I really only understand that now that you have said it and I am looking more closely at all this Selensky's fuss from this point of view. However, Switzerland also comes to mind, where, so to speak, neutrality was criminally made a pig of, because irresponsible elements, above all apparently the Federal Council itself, took over and applied sanctions against Russia from the EU dictatorship.

Quinto: I am also aware of that, and as a result of this thoughtless, unreasonable and irresponsible action, the State of Switzerland is now no longer neutral, because neutrality has not only been violated by this action, it has been annulled and rendered null and void . Neutrality, after all, in no way permits anything that is not absolutely in conformity with it, such as sanctions that imperatively interfere with the order of another state.

Billy: I also understand that to be the case, because as I understand it, neutrality does not permit anything at all that, in this case purely politically speaking, affects the order, security, policies or laws, etc. of another state. The only thing that neutrality allows is that advice may be given, but also only if this is desired by the side or party etc. concerned. Neutrality, however, applies in every area of ​​life, in every community, in politics and everywhere.

We in Switzerland quite obviously have people in the federal government as well as in the National Council and the Council of States who are not educated enough and are also too stupid and dumb to know and understand what neutrality actually is, what it means and what value it has, not only from a political point of view but also from a private one. There is truly no difference, because neutrality always remains the same, because neutrality or neutral (taken from Latin 'neuter' = 'neither') means absolute balance, as well as sexlessness, impartiality, unchargedness, etc. Neutrality was created by Switzerland mainly for international politics and for an impartial stance in the event of conflict between foreign states, and only at the Congress of Vienna on the 20th of November 1815; this was despite the fact that neutrality had already been mentioned once in 1647. Since the founding of the Confederation in 1848, permanent neutrality offered Switzerland a special position under international law with regard to its security and foreign policy, which was recognized as a permanent legal dimensions in international law. However, this neutrality has now been made a pig of by Switzerland adopting and applying the sanctions against Russia instigated by the EU dictatorship, which means that not only has the neutrality treaty been violated, but Switzerland's neutrality has been has been made a pig of. Consequently, the misguided members of the Federal Council, the National Council and the Council of States can twist and turn everything of the committed breach of neutrality as they like, but also with their lying stupid ' explanations' that neutrality allows sanctions, they cannot cancel and undo the violation of neutrality. Not even with the lie that Switzerland, with its evil, mean, unjustified and neutrality-breaking actions, has done the work of détente and good as a 'bridge-builder' and conveyed something for peace, justice and freedom. The whole thing with the sanctions taken over and unleashed against Russia really has nothing to do with a chance for peace promotion, neutrality and security policy, as the dumb and stupid politicians in Bern claim, even impudently lie about, because they are really so stupid , uneducated and incapable of knowing and understanding what neutrality really is. The destructive actions of those culprits in the Federal Council, the National Council and the Council of States, who are dumb and stupid.

Quinto: It is incomprehensible to me that in Switzerland there are persons in charge of the state who are not supposed to know what the explicit values ​​of neutrality are and that these are violated by the adoption and application of sanctions. It seems to me that what you are saying is really addressing a serious violation of neutrality committed by Swiss leaders?

Billy: Yes, it is not a bad joke on my part, because it was done by Federal Berne as I said.

Quinto: Is that so?

Billy: Yes, I am not joking with you.

Quinto: What you said is incomprehensible to me because a neutrality cannot simply be violated and changed at whim. Neutrality is a fixed and unalterable fact that cannot be changed in any way and does not allow anything that would somehow cause harm. This especially not in political terms of Switzerland, because as you said, a political-international treaty of neutrality was signed and decided by Switzerland, consequently this has its validity and in any case may not be changed or circumvented with any iota. A true neutrality never allows this.

Billy: That is clear to me, but not to a part of those in power in Bern, whereby precisely parts of the Federal Council, the National Council and the Council of States had their dirty fingers, wrong thoughts, ignorance and lack of education involved.

Quinto: It is incomprehensible to me that such persons are placed in such offices as competent state leaders, which effectively should not be.

Billy: You can say that again, because I am of the same opinion. Such people simply do not belong in government, and that's what I stand for. But you wanted to talk to me about other things, which I think relate to the Creation-energy teaching?

Quinto: You think correctly, because that is what it is about.

Billy: Good, go ahead...


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