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The Mathematical Alchemy of Time, Money and DNA

The modern civilization after the Perihelion of 3600 BC was shaped by the archetypes of the First Ancient UrRean Kingdom. The epoch of Isis and Osiris and pagan symbolism with visual language established the foundation of the Latin alphabet and Arabic numerical numbers. The different civilizations in Mesopotamia, by the Anunnaki and Reptilians prepared the world with Mosaic Code, uranium temples and finance.

The origin of money is from Babylon, by Anunnaki, after it was initially introduced by the Galactic Ascension Machine as a substitute for consciousness. Money is an alchemical invention for the substitution of consciousness and value for control. The mathematical expression of the alchemy leads to an electromagnetic sine wave.

  1. Earth Time = Money = Cash Flow = "Blood" = DNA = Currency

  2. Universe Time = DNA = Electromagnetic Sine Wave

  3. Currency = DNA

  4. Earth Financial Accounting = Universe DNA Codex

  • UrRean DNA = Hydrogen + Carbon + Oxygen + Nitrogen + Copper + Magnesium + Zinc + Iron + Ether

  • Capitalism DNA = Hydrogen + Carbon + Oxygen + Nitrogen+ Ether = 72% + 12% + 6% + 4% + 6%

  • Holocaust Extinction DNA = Hydrogen + Carbon

Timeline of Isis and Cleopatra for carrot - stick strategy of Vatican's economy and Hollywood's marketing

On Earth, the capitalist economy followed a military-industrial complex and hegemony with wars, religious conflicts, democracy, free trade agreements and globalization. The new frontiers were searching markets for currency transactions for the banking institutions and consumerism for corporations of Black Nobility.

The strategy of carrot - stick by the Vatican's economy and Hollywood's marketing was established from the Bible. Isis and Cleopatra was the central archetype of the carrot-stick, which is replicable and verifiable in the global society.

After multiple debt cycles of boom and bust, the last economic collapse is portrayed in the Bible as a Tribulation for 7 years. The Tribulation of poverty and famine is the stick of the economy and eviction of the technologically and structurally unemployed. The marketing of Hollywood and the United Nations is the carrot with false promises for "No Poverty" and "No Hunger".

The last market of the military-industrial complex is a chemical war on the kundalini infrastructure, especially targeting the Sun. The pandemics of COVID-19, cold plasma and vaccines are chemical weapons for acidifying the blood pH and preventing electromagnetic transmutation.

The last chemical war is for currencies and profit maximization of the medical and pharmaceutical corporations. The forecast for money profits has risks for loss of the oxygen constituent of DNA. If humanity loses oxygen, the DNA would demote to an acidic carbon and hydrogen base without access to Akashic Records for intelligent reasoning and discernment.

The hydrogen races are regressive and parasitic with dependence on energy and food from humanity. The Reptilians from Babylon truly eat human flesh as organs and drink blood. They unplugged our chakras to primitive 1st and 2nd for domination and control with colonialism and capitalism.

Astronomical clock for calculating Earth's time on Pleiadian sine wave

The crisis of extinction of oxygen as the last constituent of intelligence is very urgent. Numerous people tried to oppose the extinction agenda with Extinction Rebellion or protests. The reason for the extinction and the military-industrial complex is an archaic ego and God's rebellion. This notion is a peaceful solution for all citizens of Earth who are dependent on oxygen for an intelligent civilization, education and labor.

The governments are myopic and short-sighted with an interest for order, meritocratic achievements and social stewardship. The business sector is greedy for profit maximization, ambiguous technologies with hostile electromagnetic frequencies, 5G and nanotechnology. The citizens are dependent on the governments for order, peace, safety, education, employment and habitat.

The collective myopia arises from ignorance and quarantine of a galactic education, due to multiple timelines of the shadow government and banking. The Plejaren Federation (Nazi), Anunnaki and Archon who organized the hegemony pushed humanity to the brinkmanship of extinction.

From 2021, humanity has the last opportunity to face the challenges of oxygen depletion, ecology, climate, education and order with electromagnetic consciousness. Our time is DNA, and we have to revert the alchemy in favor of the biological lifeforms without pressure for money. The nihilist race for artificial intelligence, 5G, nanotechnology with fast speed is self-destructive and chaotic.

The hegemony creates timelines for Earth with a prophet and manuscript. The last prophet Muhammad was predicted for the 9th Mayan wave for clearance of Codex, for crimes humanity never committed. Earth does not require a prophet for the diversion of electromagnetic consciousness, but rather an education for natural sciences and implementation of Codex for our societies and commerce.


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