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The Great Reset of Nibiru and Ice Age

Pope Francis published a new interview-book on 16 March, with Italian journalist Domenico Agasso. In “God and the World to Come”, Pope Francis stated that the world requires a "New World Order" and Great Reset after the COVID-19 pandemic. “We can no longer blithely accept inequalities and disruptions to the environment.”

The New World Order with ID2020 has widened economic, social and technological inequalities, and the environment has an irreversible ice age.

“God and the World to Come”

Mount Etna is Europe's most active volcano, with a recorded 15th eruption in March 2021. Around the world, 55 volcanoes with multiple eruptions are releasing sulfur dioxide. Aerosols cool and lower temperatures, without evaporation for drought, freeze snow and floods.

Volcanoes with multiple eruptions are contributing to a fast ice age, as "year without a summer".

Isis, Hermes and Moses were philosophers of the UrRean Kingdoms, the foundation of the Bible

  • Solar flares and CMEs

  • Albedo effect from snow storms, reflecting sunlight and heat

  • Volcanoes and stratospheric sulfur acid aerosols, reflecting sunlight

  • Orbit of Milankovitch cycle

  • Chemical and industrial CO2

  • Deforestation without O2

  • Urban heat


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