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"The Big Ones Are Let Go, But the Small Ones are Hanged"

Plejaren Federation and Earth Alliance are counting days to the end of the petro-dollar and ice age. Because Earth's timelines from the Bible and Henoch prophecies are completely exhausted, they have nothing to talk about, except the repetitive facts about the American deep state (scapegoats Dark Fleet), Ukraine's war criminal Zelensky, irresponsible politicians sending him weapons and the COVID cases.

While repeating the same facts about the Henoch prophecies, Billy Meier is also reminiscing of a hypocritical truth, which concerns the entirety of Plejaren Federation and Earth Alliance.

"The big ones are let go, but the small ones are hanged".

Billy claims that there is injustice and secrecy about crimes, because criminals from the governments are making and breaking the rules, without punishment. The majority of rulers make their own rules, regulations and legislation, which are enforced by unwise puppet governments and used for terrorizing and depriving freedom. Secrecy prevents intrigue, conspiracies, attacks, plots or war crimes as murder, rape and torture, to be disclosed and punished.

In this Universe, Rothschild are controlling the Akashic Records with an ancient story of Lucifer and Tiamat. With the holy grail of God Lucifer on Orion, Rothschild are depriving free will from the highest Universal government as Plejaren's High Council with an autocratic regime and galactic tyranny. Trickled down to Earth, the regulations and legislation are a Nazi tyranny in a matrix of clones, Vatican, NATO and international finance.

Before Rothschild, the Universe had a Spiritual Court of Equity for ruling over soul groups and spiritual inquiries. Cloning human beings was considered as a gross violation of Universal laws, as it is a violation of Earthly human rights. The 1st Mayer Amschel Rothschild was born as clone of Mozart, who was a son of the Prime Creator. Rothschild inherited the Luciferian Codex mission and caused the most genocidal regime in the Universe.

The ending Universe of Rothschild is a hedge fund with clones playing chess in a psychiatric asylum

For 2 centuries, Rothschild clones have been making Universal and terrestrial regulations and legislations, rigged for stealing properties, expropriation, exploitation, blackmailing, corruption, human trafficking of DNA, slave labor and extinction. Earth's regulations and legislation are hypocritical and favor the big ones, who are never punished, because they ruled the Akashic Records with clones from the Roman Empire and Star Trek. Finally, the time has come when the Akashic Records are disclosed with authentic reincarnations and clones, and the pathetic Rothschild are found in their favorite place for torture, a corner and dead end without the Second Jesus. Because human cloning is prohibited, Rothschild's entire hegemony is illegal and outlawed from the Akashic Records.

The Universe without Rothschild is a household with free will and life with nature

Quetzal:That was really interesting, and it also proves that you are indeed not only observed but monitored in the Centre as you have been since time immemorial, and obviously not only by …, but also by … It is as it has been since time immemorial, and you know that as well as we do, because we have been observing since you moved into the Centre that it is really like that, which is why the police are immediately notified if, for example, someone is with you whose official registration and permitted presence expires. If it is something else, then the police will intervene immediately and take action against the FIGU and its members. But we should not talk about that in more detail.

Billy:Already what you have said will again trigger an unpleasant reaction in …, as well as in … But that has always been the case since we moved here in 1979 and built up the Centre. Not only were we harmed and thousands of francs of damage done because we were foreign fools, but we were also constantly under attack by the police and the authorities and the canton of Zurich, and I was even threatened with legal action because I protected our members by shooting a crazy 'long-eared' animal that attacked and injured FIGU members. I shot it from the garage at a distance of about 100 metres as it ran towards Sirrwies. The animal was then taken by the gamekeeper Franzi and sent to Bern for examination, where it turned out that it had a brain tumour, which made it aggressive and attack human beings. Nevertheless, there was then court weather, because it is apparently forbidden in Switzerland to shoot a wild animal with a rifle for the protection of human beings – even if it goes crazy as a result of a brain tumour and attacks and injures human beings.

But as far as surveillance is concerned, that is still the case since we have been here, because there is a constant effort to control us and to put nasty 'gags' in our way. Recently, we are even said to be responsible for the disappearance of domestic animals that are let out into the open in the village and presumably torn and eaten by foxes, for we have quite a few here in our forest areas. Once, when I had to go to Sädelegg for a contact in the morning around 1:30 hrs, I observed a veritable armada of young and older foxes that were apparently having a rendezvous on the meadow at the edge of the forest. These animals seemed to know no shyness, consequently I could observe them calmly and count their 27, as many as I had never seen as a pack before.

Quetzal:I know about the hare and the foxes because Semjase had told me that at the time because you told her.

Billy:I did not know that, just that she told you.

Quetzal:It came out like that in a conversation.

Billy:But that was about 45 years ago.

Quetzal:It is indeed. – But what I want to address because I am very concerned about the enormity and unreasonableness and the criminal act of the Swiss leadership regarding the violation of neutrality: Switzerland has completely gambled away its neutrality and has become an enemy state for Russia, as well as for various other states. And this happened as a result of the carelessness, stupidity and ignorance of completely irresponsible persons who are at the head of state. However, these persons are obviously absolutely incapable of governance in many respects, have a completely wrong way of thinking and do not know that neutrality in no way permits any modifications, changes or renewals, etc. Neutrality also prohibits the aberration of a so-called 'cooperative neutrality', which is in question and is supposed to allow military exercises to be carried out in a 'peaceful and neutral manner' with the NATO organisation. This is also a breach of neutrality, as it has also been done by Switzerland taking over sanctions against Russia from the European Union and applying them. It is incomprehensible not only to me alone, but also to all our peoples to whom we are accountable through planetary information regarding observations and our experience on Earth. The reactions of the peoples, which of course we also receive and also disseminate and make openly available, are unanimously the same, namely that neutrality cannot be manipulated in any way and never allows sanctions to be taken and applied, or 'co-operative neutrality' and manoeuvring participation or the like in a war intervention organisation such as NATO or otherwise.

Billy:That is clear and obvious, but those stupid people who decide and carry out the opposite in Bern do not care about them, because they only live according to their power behaviour, and that just does not need reasonable and appropriate thinking, but only stupidity and thus a non-thinking, i.e. a simply idiotic and senseless doing and acting in complete irresponsibility.

Quetzal:This is really irresponsible, as is also supplying arms to Selensky in Ukraine. To this it is to be said that it is mainly the USA that incurs national debts, which its own people have to pay again through horrendous taxes. This is only to make Ukraine hegemonically dependent on the USA and to drive it so hopelessly into debt that it will remain dependent on the USA and in its debt for decades. This is in addition to the fact that the USA can thereby make its might present in Ukraine. The American government is letting its own country 'perish', excuse me for saying so, but for the sake of hegemony it is running up billions of dollars in debt by supplying weapons to Selensky and thus making him dependent on the USA. This is while plans have been secretly made for some time in his entourage to assassinate him. In addition, I have to say that I have witnessed the Ukrainian military sabotaging its own country by committing acts of war and destruction, which are then blamed on the Russian military. This even includes the murder of human beings from their own people, as well as the evil rape committed by the Ukrainian military, after which the victims are murdered. But this also happens on the other side, just as it happens in every war on Earth. So there is no difference in this respect, as it is the same with all mercenary groups that carry out their murderous activities all over the world, so there is no difference between the regular military and the mercenaries, so every state has such degenerate murderous and raping combat troops, most of which are partially maintained financially by the state of origin, or are even completely in its service and are paid by it. Such murderous troops, which might also cause destruction and even involve the state leaders in their power, act viciously in many states of the Earth and usually on behalf of state leaders, whereby it is always about the leading power and about money and thus about wealth. The majority of state leaders give and take for themselves all the provisions of rights and jurisdiction, of entitlement and of justice, which are denied to the peoples and which are brought to punishment if they act in the same way as that fallible majority of state leaders who disregard all justice. Effectively …

Billy:… Excuse me for interrupting you, but we say to this: "The big ones are let go, but the small ones are hanged", or "The small ones are hanged and the big ones are let go." This corresponds to an old folk wisdom, which in the Christian world goes back as far as Luther's Bible, to the 6th Book of Moses, 1st to 18th, as also in the Jewish Pentateuch 5th and 6th, or in the Koran of Islam Sura 4, the Women, 1st to 176th.…

All of this ultimately reflects the experience that the majority of rulers make their own rights and therefore also receive their rights in court as people who have done wrong. Consequently, not all people have the same rights, but are not picked on in court and by the authorities etc. if they are not simple citizens, but are 'better-off', rulers, officials or, as I said earlier, simple human beings.

Those who have more money and wealth or who belong to the government, the authorities, their 'special services', e.g. youth welfare office, supervisory offices, adoption, alimony matters, victim assistance, child protection, order, welfare, debt regulation, land and property law, health care, private law, legal rights, human rights, criminal law or the military, can afford to go to court through all instances and unjustly obtain any right that is no longer open to the less well-off human beings in any way. Even the majority of public officials and municipal officials of all kinds feel powerful over those citizens who do not live or act exactly according to the often very erroneous laws, regulations, rules and ordinances, which are stupidly prescribed and effectively curtail the freedom of human beings. Very often, it is legislation, rules, regulations and ordinances, etc., which are hare-brained and terrorising as well as depriving of freedom in every respect, and which are nonsensically and stupidly thought up and enforced by idiots who simply rake the human beings with nonsensical laws, rules, regulations and so on. And that people speak freely and openly about it and receive information about it honestly, that what is really going on and running is made public, that is wishful thinking on the part of the people. The government, for example, releases certain information, which is also proclaimed on the Internet, but nevertheless much is concealed, so that the people are not really informed about everything and anything, as is the case with you, on the contrary, that no secrets are kept from the people by the government, just as there are no parties that represent contradictory views and pass completely crazy and insane laws and resolutions, which are then somehow to the detriment of the peoples. For example, the canton of Zurich has a portal on the Internet about 'information', which I will not list now, but at the end of our conversation, because there is still a lot more to come. Also the effective fact whether a human being is placed higher or lower in the assessment and evaluation, e.g. as a government person, official person, owner of wealth, worker, poor person or clochard etc. plays just as important a role as whether he is an ordinary citizen or any government or official person etc. In judging a human being by the bulk of earthlings resp. human beings, it is customary and the order of the day to be partial and to champion the good or the bad, just as it is also a very great importance in judging to be either 'sneaking in behind' or lying, religious, slandering, spiteful, 'lusting' resp. pandering.

According to the generally applicable laws and righteousness, however, this should not be so, because everything in this regard is based on the written legal principle that every judgement and every sentence must be passed without regard to the person of the rightful. This is already found in ancient writings as the principle of equal treatment and equal rights of all human beings to be treated fairly in court or in private. It is therefore said: "Do not look upon the human being in court or elsewhere or in any other way as if he were not a person but something trivial; so you shall hear the small and the poor as well as the great and the rich. Nor shall ye be afraid of any: for true law and equity and the truth thereof are for all, and are a thing that ensure peace and love." Unfortunately, however, only a very small group of human beings follow this importance, and these are disregarded, insulted, harassed, murdered or violently harassed by the bulk of human beings, from private parties as well as from public officials and from rulers.

Quetzal:What you cite, unfortunately, is indeed the case, as we Plejaren have known this since time immemorial, because we have been observing this since time immemorial. And what I was talking about before what you said was this, that I wanted to mention that it is also the case in Ukraine that mercenaries and adventurers from various states, and indeed also from Switzerland and from the European Union, so also from Germany and France and so on, are involved in the war. The main actors in this way, however, are American elements who, incited by their state leadership – which in turn is under the influence of the dark state leadership and partly also in the state solde – are secretly plying their bloody, destructive and rapist trade in Ukraine. This is undoubtedly the case, because we know this perfectly well, because we have investigated everything in detail. All in all, according to our knowledge, a great deal of secrecy is practised by the leaders of all countries on Earth, so that the people do not learn or know what is secretly being practised and carried out by the leaders. It is the same with war crimes, which are very seldom or never punished; consequently, murder, rape, torture and injustice can be rampant without the people ever knowing about it. This is also the case with other injustices of state leaders, whose false and sometimes even criminal or at least criminal actions, intrigues, conspiracies, attacks, plots, actions and machinations etc. are never made public and punished. America in particular is outstanding with regard to this fact, because what we have found and continue to find in the governance, in all the various secret services, in the dark management of the state and in the economy in general, is very much more than just degeneracy and evil. The emergence of the murder of enemies, conceived years ago, whereby this is done remotely by drones for the unsuspecting victims, by which human beings are insidiously shot or killed by explosions, has made itself useful for murder. The fact that this is wrong and proves that the murder commanders as well as the murder practitioners who direct these drones and carry out the murder do not care, neither do they themselves, nor the masses of those America- and Earth-humans who know about it. This also applies to the fact that America is incurring enormous financial debts in order to supply weapons to the war-mongering madman caught up in his war criminal activities in Ukraine, as other leaders of other states are also doing irresponsibly. However, all this is based on the fact that the man, the president of the state, Selensky, is in the service of the Americans, who hegemonically strive for the domination of all the states of Earth, but which is not recognised by those state leaders and all those who support America in their stupidity. The human beings in their own state and in other states are deliberately incited against Russia, as a result of which a Russophobia has arisen worldwide and even private individuals of Russian origin are physically attacked and even discriminated against worldwide or their lives are endangered. This, while the state leaders who supply weapons and large sums of money to this Selensky, their states …

Billy:… said in German, are letting their states perish, just as they are also letting the prices of food, goods and commodities go up without doing anything about it. War always means that the prices of all goods are irresponsibly driven up, even though this is only greedy money-making and various bigwigs can rake in wealth en masse. The price increases – I have known this since my youth and from the last world war – are only a means to an end, which is called the procurement of war material. So every food or good that is bought at a high price only serves to finance the war. But talking about it even more is probably useless, because the truth does not want to be seen, let alone really heard and known. Somehow there is something like an erotomania among the Selensky believers, consequently it is no longer possible to think clearly. Selensky seems to many human beings, when he 'preaches' on television and calls for weapons, like a living holy apparition, an idol. But it is all just an illusion that resembles a pareidolia, which is really only a mirage and bursts as soon as reality is recognised. And this is a fact that I can geomantically attach, because sooner or later the truth will become recognisable to many human beings.

Selensky is greedy for his power and for control over human beings, moreover he is confusedly religious, because this means for him not only self-gratification as well as money, which he thereby gains and can enrich himself. He is widely called a NAZI, and that is truly no wonder, because his slimy way of appearing on television and begging for weapons brings back memories of the last world war in my mind. He does not notice that in doing so he creates hatred against himself in his own ranks and creates enemies who want to grab him by the throat when the opportunity arises. He lets the human beings of his country fight against the Russians and literally let them die miserably for the sake of his lust for power. He himself is apparently so stupid that he does not notice in the slightest that the US powers are using him as a means to an end, which only serves to support America's hegemony mania. But all those stupid people who supply weapons to Selensky or want to make a pig of Russia with sanctions also do not realise this. Shamefully, this also includes Switzerland, because certain stupid and completely irresponsible elements of the Swiss government – who are even willing to completely abandon the old neutrality under the guise of a 'cooperative neutrality', which ultimately belongs to the European dictatorship and NATO – have no idea what neutrality really means and is. But talking is useless, because such stupid elements cannot be taught the truth, because they are not only stupid and megalomaniac, but also self-important, religious and obsessed with power.

Well, what I said about the Swiss government – which will certainly bring me and the FIGU back to being attacked, state and military as well as official surveillance and harassment of visitors, etc. and difficulties, as well as official measures – that is predictable. Switzerland is not as free as the old Confederates fought for, neutrality has also been irresponsibly made a pig of, as a result of which hostility from foreign countries has already arisen against the Swiss country, mainly against the Swiss government.

Quetzal:Vindictiveness is unfortunately an evil that is widespread among Earth-humans. This is also the case with regard to the wrong leadership of state leaders, as well as politics, which is controlled by parties and, moreover, by confused personal ambitions and ambition, which are ambitious and lofty, but completely unnecessary and possibly restrictive of the freedom of human beings. Through the system of partisanship, healthy freedom of expression is never given or possible, but is burdened by party opinion which is truthfully not thought through, but consists of mere assumptions which give no guarantee of correctness.

Billy:There can really be no guarantee of correctness because the opinions presented oratorically by would-be intellectuals in illogic by foolish speeches as well as beliefs and lies as rationalistic, i.e. as thoroughly considered and calculated, as well as rational, i.e. reasonable and expedient, which are then propagated and put to the vote, are no more than mere unproven assumptions and therefore conjectures. No attempt is made to really understand everything, but simply to invoke and seek by hook or by crook to impose and force everything through by hook or by crook.

Quetzal:How you can just parrot that, I could not, because mental movements of that kind are a learned explanatory skill that requires critical thinking in terms of reason, truth and objectivity, and justifies that what has been resp. is being worked out intellectually is absolutely infallibly correct.

Billy:Only then, when the rationalistic and rational have produced true results and everything is correctly defined, does the knowledge of correctness arise, which can then be applied resp. implemented and become reality in order to achieve the goal. However, this is only possible when the facts that arise can be recognised as reality and realised as such. Moreover, the knowledge must really correspond to knowledge, i.e. not the implication of a conviction, which effectively is nothing more than an 'over-scrounging'. Reality alone is valuable in order to rationally resp. prudently check the truth content of the knowledge resp. the effectiveness of the goal correctly and then also to implement it in reality resp. to produce the knowledge as a final result.

It is completely wrong when philosophy claims that no one can be said to be rational if they 'merely' think something true. Exactly the opposite, however, is the case, for if thinking is not rational, then nothing new ever comes into being. Therefore, thinking resp. 'tinkering' must be classified as rationality resp. reason, and the knowledge that emerges through thinking must be converted into reality, such as a functioning machine, etc. So real knowledge arises out of thought and creates facts, which in turn are realised in real terms as deeds, thus something functioning in the realm of the material.

Quetzal:Talking about it is probably also useless, because the earthly so-called philosophers of both sexes will deny everything you have just explained, because their strength is not reasoning, but unreasoning.

Billy:And while we are on the subject of unreason: What do you think regarding the Human Counting Clock, which currently indicates around 8 billion (8,000,000,000) Earthlings, when in reality, according to your annual records, there are already over 9.2 billion (9,200,000,000) Earthlings?

Quetzal:This is not surprising, for Earth-humans want to 'know' reality and its truth as they imagine it. The effective reality and truth are only those that are accepted. This is also proven in the case of the Corona epidemic, which is 'fought' with means, lies and empty promises that cause many deaths. Also the number of deaths due to the Corona virus is set so much lower than what corresponds to the truth as a result of lies. Our records 6 days ago are known to me in this respect, and they amount to 8,314,088 Earth-humans who have died of the Corona virus, very many of whom have succumbed to death as a result of unsuitable vaccines. Also, it should be mentioned, our research has shown that various of the Corona vaccines attack the DNA and also cause various types of cancer, as well as damage the nervous system and impair and damage the brain in its functions.

Billy:Then a question: do you actually still have primordial creatures on Erra, as we do, that supposedly or really exist, such as the Yeti?

Quetzal:Nothing is known about this on our planet. But in the annals of Sfath I read that he and you in Siberia not only found footprints of 40 cm and then a…

Billy:… please, not that. It's nobody's business and I do not want to talk about it either.

Quetzal:Suit yourself. But now I must go again, because I have already overstayed my time to be here. Goodbye, dear friend.

Billy:So be it, goodbye, Quetzal.

Principle of Publicity

The principle of publicity that applies in the Canton of Zurich aims to make the actions of state authorities and offices comprehensible and transparent to outsiders.


The actions of the state authorities should be comprehensible and transparent to outsiders. This is the aim of the principle of public access in the Canton of Zurich. On the one hand, it obliges public authorities to make information of general interest available to the public on their own initiative, i.e. to pursue an active information policy. On the other hand, every person has a fundamental right of access to information held by state agencies. Requested state agencies are obliged to answer such requests.

State agencies should actively provide information on all topics that contribute to the formation of opinion and the protection of democratic interests and the rule of law, i.e., for example, on

• Mission statements and objectives

• Important plans of action

• Legal practice documents (resolutions of the government council, directives, legal opinions, anonymised appeal decisions, consultation documents and results, expert reports and accountability reports).

State agencies are also obliged to publish information on their structure, their competence and their contact persons, as well as to disclose their information holdings. This is intended to improve the public's understanding of the structure of the administration and its actions, which will make it easier for the public to contact government agencies.

Access to information

Who may request information

In principle, every person has a right to all information held by public bodies (of the Canton of Zurich). This right is unconditional: it is not necessary to state any reasons worthy of respect or to assert any interests worthy of protection. Consequently, a person who submits a request for access to information also does not have to prove his or her identity. The competent state authorities must always respond to corresponding requests ("information access requests").

What information can be requested

In principle, all information that accrues to a government agency in the fulfilment of a public task can be the subject of an information access request. This is independent of the form of presentation (texts, images, plans, etc.) or the information carrier used (paper, electronic media, etc.).

Access to your own Personal Data

Other regulations exist for access to one's own personal data, as the principle of public access is not at issue here. Further details can be found at the Data Protection Commissioner of the Canton of Zurich.

Exceptions to access to information

Individual categories of information are blanket exempted from access to information, namely:

• Records that do not result from the sovereign actions of a public body, but from participation in economic competition (for example, from the activities of the Zürcher Kantonalbank).

• records that have not yet been completed (e.g. drafts)

• Documents which, although relating to a public task, are intended exclusively for private use (e.g. the personal meeting notes of a participant in a case discussion)

• motions, co-reports and statements on Government Council business.

Access to information from pending proceedings is not granted; it is governed by the relevant procedural law.

What may prevent a request

Before granting access to the requested information, the competent authority must check whether there are any important reasons why the request should not be granted.

• It may be that a legal provision (in particular a special secrecy provision of the subject area concerned) prohibits the specific access to information.

• Likewise, public or private interests may speak against it.

A public interest exists in particular if

• the requested information concerns positions in contract negotiations,

• the disclosure of the information impairs the opinion-forming process of public bodies,

• the effect of investigative, security or supervisory measures would be jeopardised,

• the relationship with the communes, with another canton, with the Confederation or abroad would be strained,

• the implementation of specific official measures in accordance with the objectives would be impaired.

Conflicting interests of private third parties may include the protection of their privacy (data protection) or their business interests (e.g. business secrets).

If other interests actually conflict with the request for access to information, the state authority weighs up the interests. In doing so, it may only refuse access to information if the overriding conflicting interests cannot be adequately taken into account in any other way, for example by anonymising or covering (blacking out) sensitive passages.

Within what time limit access to information is granted

A government agency must respond to a request within 30 days. Within this period, the person making the request must either be given the requested information, be refused access to information by means of an order, or at least be told why the decision will take longer and by when it can be expected.

If the request is approved, access to the requested document – as it is currently available – will be granted. Documents that are incomprehensible to laypersons will not be explained and no further information will be provided in the sense of legal advice. Nor can a document be requested to be produced, prepared or translated for access to information.

What Costs may arise

Access to government information is not necessarily free of charge; on the contrary, a fee is generally charged. However, if more substantial costs are to be expected for a request, the public body must inform the applicant in advance. The person making the request can then decide whether to adhere to the request or to forego the requested information.

Exceptionally, no fee is charged if

• access to information requires little effort or the fee does not reach the amount of 50 francs,

• the expenditure results exclusively from the consideration of special needs of human beings with disabilities.

Requirements for an application

In principle, a request is to be submitted in writing; only in this way can a written reply also be expected. Smaller enquiries about the activities of public bodies can be made informally (e.g. by telephone or e-mail); normally there will also only be an informal (e.g. oral) reply.

The request must describe as precisely as possible which information from the sometimes huge stock of information of a public body is specifically meant. Information such as the following can be helpful in identifying the requested document

• Title

• Date of creation (or)

• Business case number (or)

• a brief description of the subject matter

The requested office can only respond to the content of the request if it is clear what information is required.

Where to submit a request

A request for access to information is to be addressed to the office that holds the information. There is no office in the cantonal administration where requests can be submitted centrally. Nevertheless, a request that has obviously been submitted to the wrong office will be transferred ex officio to the responsible office. Many information holdings are located in the State Archives. There you will also receive assistance in finding documents relating to your own person.

Legal basis

The principle of public access is regulated in detail in the Information and Data Protection Act (IDG) and in the associated Ordinance (IDV).

The duty of public bodies to provide the general public with adequate information and the right of interested persons to have access to state information are fundamental principles that are already laid down in the relevant provisions of the Cantonal Constitution (KV):

Art. 17 Access to official documents

Every person has the right of access to official documents, unless overriding public or private interests prevent this.

Art. 49 Transparency

The authorities shall provide information about their activities on their own initiative and on request, unless there are overriding public or private interests to the contrary.


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