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Rothschild's God from Orion

The reason for the galactic wars, rebellion, eugenics and multilayered religious, banking, military hegemony with Secret Space Program was the existence of an ancient man Nokodemion from the planet Sadr, Waron, Lyren.

Nokodemion was reincarnating as different personalities on Sirius and Sol, while a malevolent galactic mafia abused the title "Nokodemion" for control of the Akashic Records with parallel realities. Nokodemion was a peaceful wizard Merlin the Unifier, prophet Henoch, Moses, Abraham, philosopher Democritus and poet Dante Alighieri.

On a parallel timeline, Nokodemion had clones and "walk-in", that eventually crossed paths on Earth's Great Reset. After 9.6 billion years, the first Nokodemion, Peter Vincent Pry, was the most conspiratorially unacknowledged and suspicious of the presence of UFO/UAPs, as per Pentagon's disclosure. Historically, Nokodemion was the Vegan man who invited the Ciakar Alpha Draconians on this Universe, for space travel, as Captain Hook was traveling with the pirates in a black ship.

Nokodemion has clones for religious, financial and military triad hegemony from Plejaren Federation, Getreuer-Dark Fleet and Orion Empire (Ciakar Draconians and Reptilians). The 7 prophets after Atlantis included Henoch, Elia, Jesaia, Jeremia, Immanuel (Jesus Christ), Muhammad and Eduard Billy Meier. Jesus Christ with Christianity and Muhammad with Islam shaped the 1st world order with religious wars, terrorism and fundamentalism. Religion affects society, education and behavior for currency markets for banking, with military. After World War II, the oil and pharmaceuticals cartel was expanded with artificial technology for fully controlled surveillance with SkyNet, social media and Big Tech corporations.

The 3rd prophet Eduard Billy Meier is an unsuspecting spiritualist from the Semjase Silver Star Center and FIGU Institute, who sees the prophecies from CIA's and Homeland Security's Hollywood movies. The Second Jesus was planned for prophet Muhammad, for reconciliation of religion with Vatican's Human Fraternity and centralization of banking at the IMF with digital collateralized birth certificates with ID2020. The Great Reset for mandated COVID-19 vaccination and climate forcing is the last wealth transfer and theft from the clones of Orion Empire, with Nokodemion's ancient story of patriarchal rebellion.

Peter Vincent Pry has clones Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, David Rockefeller and George Soros

Nokodemion was Gargamel, who started experiments for faster biological evolution and eugenics

Nokodemion's "walk-in" has been Apollodorus, Adolf Hitler and latest Prince Charles for the Great Reset

In the electrical plasma Universe, the hydrogen races do not have electricity conductivity for high-order reasoning, natural intelligence and consciousness manifestation for new timelines. They control the Akashic Records from the Archon Council for recycling timelines, with alchemy of money and time.

The Great Reset with the Second Roman Empire and the Second Coming of Jesus was the last recycled timeline in the desolated Universe with heat death, after billions of years of nihilist wars for "Nokodemion".

Hillary Clinton is Ursula from "The Little Mermaid" and controls the Akashic Records with Rothschild

Hillary Clinton is associated with Rothschild who control and dominate the religious, banking and military hegemony with Plejaren Federation (NATO/EU) and Orion (finance, religion). Rothschild have an anonymous manager "Nokodemion" for timeline management, with preferential treatment of the Akashic Records.

Nokodemion's misbehaving loyalists created a murderous Codex on worlds under autocratic tyranny. For balancing the Codex as an energy function on a time-space configuration, Nokodemion created 7 prophets, Henoch (Nokodemion), Elia, Jesaia, Jeremia, Immanuel (Jesus Christ), Muhammad and Eduard Billy Meier.

In addition to the religious keepers, Nokodemion's spirit group contained 7 teachers for humanities, music, philosophy, ethics, ethos, morality, astronomy and science. Among the 7 teachers, Grigori Rasputin was a blasphemous outlier and a malevolent devil. Rothschild's preferential treatment included only the reincarnation of Rasputin for the Illuminati hegemony and Great Reset.

The modern reincarnation of the infamous blaspheme Rasputin from Russia is popular David Mayer de Rothschild, climate activist and socialite in the United Kingdom. The climate forcing with weather weapons, EMPs and crust displacement, is prepared with the Henoch prophecies. The real Henoch, Peter Vincent Pry, is a devout Catholic employee of Homeland Security who warns of terrorists, is suspicious of aliens or UFOs, and unacknowledged of ice age.

Nokodemion's reincarnation of blasphemous devil Rasputin had preferential treatment for Rothschild

David Mayer de Rothschild is a reincarnation of the villain and blaspheme Rasputin

The remaining 6 teachers from Nokodemion are reincarnated in the United States and Slovenia:

  1. Socrates - American psychic and galactic historian

  2. Aristotle - American physics professor

  3. Galileo Galilei - Slovenian finance professor

  4. Johann Georg Faust - Slovenian finance professor

  5. Felix Mendelssohn (Olympian Vulcan) - Slovenian finance professor

  6. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Olympian Mars/Ares, Isaac Newton, Christopher Columbus) - Slovenian finance professional

Nokodemion's 6 teachers had discriminatory treatment from the Akashic Records


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