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Lucifer and Tiamat: Original Sin of Nazi

It is a known historical truth that Adolf Hitler was a perverted psychopath. As a walk-in from Nokodemion, he was given a life from an earlier reincarnation of Lucifer's rebellion. The reason for Nokodemion's rebellion and his fall from Heaven as Lucifer, was the demonization and insanity from the man Tiamat. Nokodemion was the first twin flame of the electric Universe and a peaceful prophet. He and the Vegans ventured to the Ciakar Universe for space travel technology, but brought along the cannibalistic and supremacist race of Alpha Draconians. The Draconians are an evil, regressive and monstrous hydrogen race of dragons, that is genetically incompatible to our electrical Universe with agricultural planets, farms, natural science, education and art. They destroyed their Ciakar Universe, and continued with destruction of our Universe and twin flame, with the infamous strategy "DIVIDE AND CONQUER" or "SOLVE ET COAGULA".

Personification of Satan, demon Baphomet with tattoo "SOLVE ET COAGULA"

The primordial twin flame of quantum entanglement was the natural life, infrastructure and communication of all of our species, stars and planets in this electric Universe. The electric male and magnetic female are found in human couples, matriarchal planets and stars. Our planet Earth is called mother Gaia and the Sun is female. Satan is a shapeshifting man Tiamat, with black magic, voodoo, hypnosis, sublimation and visual illusion with makeup and Photoshop. The hydrogen cannibals Tiamat and the Draconians have been corrupting the spirit of the righteous races and destroying the metaphysics, biology, ethics and morality on this Universe.

Controversial song for the original life of man Tiamat, voodoo hypnosis, blasphemy and red carpet

The goal of Tiamat and the Draconians has been pure, ruthless evil, envy and destruction. They are a regressive race that destroyed an entire Universe and continued with the destruction of our Universe, habitats and species. Tiamat was an Archdevil man from the Ciakar Universe. The male Beast and Dragon with 5 heads and 10 horns, shapeshifted to a disproportional female body, with too short height and oversized head. He is a hydrogen hydra dragon of radio frequencies, and causes insanity to people, from the lower frequencies, hypnosis and black magic. Tiamat is the primordial demon of chaos, temptation, adultery, blasphemy, supremacism, egocentrism, domination and control.

Tiamat exploded planet Maldek to the Asteroid Belt with salt water in a volcano's crater and brought the salt on Earth's fresh water. In Mesopotamia, Tiamat, Whore of Babylon, was burned. Earth's Whore of Babylon was the prostitute of the young and gullible Nazi traitors. Tiamat and the Draconians disrupted the biological coitus of species and caused extinction, from Nazis.

Tiamat exploded planet Maldek to the Asteroid Belt and brought the salt for the fresh water on Earth

Whenever Nokodemion was surrounded by Tiamat, he was insane and murderous. In Atlantis (The Little Mermaid), Nokodemion was Captain Hook and Tiamat was Morgana (crazy in French language). Captain Hook was insane and angry, and murdered Queen Athena, the primordial twin flame. In Mesopotamia, Nokodemion was Moses-Abraham and Tiamat was Sephora-Sarah. Abraham was very aggressive and detonated 2 nuclear bombs in Sodom and Gomorrah. Later they burned the Whore of Babylon.

Without the demonization and insanity from Tiamat, Nokodemion was a very peaceful and humble prophet. On Sirius, as the wizard Merlin the Unifier, he established peace among the insane warriors, dealing with consequences from the Draconians. In Greece, he was a very peaceful philosopher Democritus who invented the theory of atom. In the Netherlands, humanist Desiderius Erasmus was a priest and translated the Bible from Greek to Latin. In Italy, Dante Alighieri was a poet of Romanticism and epitomized the Universal twin flame, as the highest spiritual unity with Beatrice.

Tiamat's blasphemy seduced and tempted the Nazi warriors, causing their insanity, madness, egoism and supremacism. Previously, the Vega race had a sin of pride, but Tiamat made monsters and serial killers. Psychiatrist Sigmund Freud claims that all madness, insanity and illness are caused by human sexuality. Notorious and infamous serial killer Ted Bundy from the Vega race, confessed before his death row, that the reason for his monstrosities and his prison inmates was deep involvement with pornography. Prolific serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez and John Wayne Gacy, all had addictions to pornography. Lastly, the modern Satanic blasphemy, cannibalistic orgies, raping, murders, torture, burning with a fire torch, cutting organs and drinking fresh blood on private islands and Rothschild's mansions are all for pornography addiction and human trafficking. All antagonists from the New World Order and Great Reset are involved and participate in Satanic rituals in Rothschild's mansions. The sedated clone Elon Musk organizes and recruits Hollywood's nymphs for Satanic blasphemy, with a preference for the man Tiamat.

Controversial confession from Ted Bundy for the impact of pornography on prisoners and killers

It can be discerned that the Universal demon man Tiamat, Whore of Babylon, was the primordial root for all evil, adultery, blasphemy, Hitler's insanity, Nazi extinction and destruction. Tiamat and the Draconians caused the rebellion on the Universe for the extinction of life, which trickled down to severe misunderstanding and misinterpretation. After millions of years and millions of Vegans, the Vega race of Greys (genetically modified embryos) has 1,000-2,000 members. Earth has the Great Reset with COVID-19 and climate forcing for depopulation to 500 million people.

"The Woman and the Dragon" is the Bible battle with Archangel Michael, who defeated Satan

Eventually, the true survival ultimatum on the Universe is announced in the Bible Revelation 12, before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Revelation 12 announces "The Woman and the Dragon". The woman is the matriarchal Prime Creator of the Universe, clothed in the Sun, with the Moon under her feet, and a crown of 12 stars. The red Dragon is the cannibal man Tiamat, who caused all rebellion and insanity of Nazi extinction. In Revelation 12, Archangel Michael banished the Dragon, but the new Watcher Michael from Plejaren Federation is corrupt with Hollywood and the clones.

The archetypal fable of the Universe teaches about the impact of thoughts and behavior on human beings. A grandfather thought his grandson: "A fight is going on inside me. It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil, he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, self - doubt and ego. The other is good, he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. The same fight is going on inside you and inside every other person, too." The grandson pondered and asked: "Which wolf will win?" The grandfather replied "The one you feed."

Spiritual corruption from the Draconians was invented for the premeditated and planned destruction of the Universe and species. The Draconians were geneticists who studied our genes, archetypes and energy anatomy. Our species has a vulnerability for kundalini, procreation and maintenance of the Universe. They developed precisely targeted strategies for the corruption of the senses, vision, spirit and body to blasphemy addiction and unrecognizable animalistic behavior.

The spiritual corruption in the Universe was allegorical already in "The Little Mermaid" from Morgana and Ursula who seduced the grey, tarnished and lost souls of Vegans, with "body language". After they lost their spirit, they became physically unrecognizable, exhausted or "dried up", citing Morgana with voodoo hypnosis of "coconut". The archetypal ancient grey Vegans became the new Grey on Orion, genetically modified and enlarged human embryos, controlled by the central AI computer Hive Queen. The new Greys substitute the Archons, for modification of the Akashic Records and malevolent deeds. Eventually, they are all controlled by the Plejaren Federation, with the story of Nokodemion and clones.

Ursula and Morgana were the witches in Atlantis with hypnosis, black magic and blasphemy for Greys


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