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Solved dilemma of civilization and technology with time sine wave

Dec 05 2020

The dilemma of artificial intelligence and biological life is resolved by discovery of the origin of conspiracies on the Universe and importance of time sine wave.

2020 was a very tumultuous year with announced storm, expectation of Second Coming of Christ, COVID - 19, cold plasma and quarantines. The storm was identified as a combination of 2 EMP events and 2 tsunamis from New York and San Francisco. The expected prophet to stop the storm was Muhammad. The timeline was prepared by a collusive hegemony of Black Nobility, the Vatican and Fed.

The discovery of the conspiracies enlightened humanity with a revelation for civilization. Artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, 5G and EMF technologies were instigated from the cartel of Plejaren Federation (Nazi) and Black Nobility with military industrial complex.

The reason for the military industrial complex was a 9 billion years long ego conflict from unrequited love, from the earlier Angelic management of the Universe. The egoistic man Nokodemion loved the founder of the Universe. His unrequited love caused vengeance with chauvinism and slavery, that culminated to Galactic and World Wars.

The founder of the Universe is the founder of the educational platform Cleopatra Isis Pleja. The purpose of the platform is to raise awareness of the electromagnetic light and sound of consciousness and time.

Time is a social construct from a governing hegemony with modern cities. The time on the Universe is a sine wave of biological life.

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