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 First Queen of the Universe

I am ​Snezhana,

Queen of the Universe 

Elohim Angel Founder  

I created the sparkling Universe from a thought of unconditional love with my twin flame and invited angels to join for exploration of geometry, mathematics, science and consciousness. 

We were very old and lived on numerous Universes, gaining knowledge and wisdom for the virtues of life, science and expansion of the Multiverse.

The Universe is a pulsating, rotating and vibrating hologram which hides exciting secrets, puzzles and curiosities, always about the quest of love.  

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My First Visit to Earth  

Throughout the long history of our Universe, I was creating galaxies, connecting wormholes, terraforming planets and ecosystems. I lived on different galaxies, planets and spaceships for very long immortal life. 

I was Queen Pleja of the beautiful cluster Pleiades and lived for 30,000 years of a very peaceful civilization. From Pleiades I was searching for exciting worlds and discovered Earth, Mars and Malona. When Earth joined the 7-star Pleiades as 8th star, my journey on the Universe moved to Earth's first colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria. 

Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt

After Atlantis, I continued reincarnating in Egypt, Greece and Syria, as Goddess Isis, Pharaoh Cleopatra, Pythias the Elder and Queen Zenobia of Golden Age. Isis and Osiris co-founded the First Earth UrRean Kingdom and first pagan religion of transcendentalism. Cleopatra was Aristotle's wife. 

The Kingdoms and Empires set the foundation, inspiration and moral values of all Earth civilizations and starseeds from the Universe. Earth's latest civilization was a capitalist monotheism from the Vatican. Monotheism is a fixed societal model with religious indoctrination and banking, with modification of the environment.


As founder of the Universe, I was a cosmologist. For this life, I was educated with two degrees of Banking and Finance and professional development for my curiosities of world order and conspiracies. The holographic Universe is our financial sector with sine wave of electromagnetic Sun light and moon sound. 

Cleopatra Isis Pleja is my digital educational platform for enlightening and illuminating electromagnetic consciousness, secrets and mysteries of the holographic Universe and Earth with esoteric story telling and sciences.


The online community will have a physical location of a new school with unique curriculum for courses for galactic civilization, interactive community and archeological activities on Earth.  

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Thank you!

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